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Weekly News 9/15/19

09.14.19- You are receiving this weekly email as a courtesy of the author, or as a member and friend of the NAWCC. You can also view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC website under the Message Board. Also access former emails. SEE BELOW for more details.
I am sorry last week you got the repeat message from two weeks before. I sent a second email via another method to warn you but because of the confusion and my traveling, I will repeat last week's message, tagged onto this week's. This week's will be short.

I'm very proud of my gold pocket watch. My grandfather, on his deathbed, sold me this watch.

Woody Allen

Dear Sunday Morning Friends & Readers:

While the above object is an old watch, the speaker is not the famed comedian, Woody Allen. Above is Thomas Eser, honored James Arthur Lecturer for the opening night of the 2019 NAWCC James Arthur Time Symposium, the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors’ annual educational symposium held this year in Nuremberg, at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, in partnership with our German colleagues in the Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Chronometrie.

Eser gave his talk, not on his grandfather's watch, but on one of his museum's most prized and controversial objects, the Peter Henlein "circa 1510" drum watch, once reputed to be the earliest spring-driven mechanical watch on record (pictured above Thomas on the screen.) What a rare treat to be in the building and see the actual artifact!

Such was the beginning of an historic comprehensive examination of seven centuries of clock and watch making in Germany. Great thanks goes to many for their hard work and excellent research and planning to make this one of the the best, international Horologicial Symposiums in decades, mentioning just a very few of the MANY individuals who are making this event a huge success (one more day to go), in addition to the many presenters, donors, sponsors, and volunteers which we hope to recognize next week:

Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly of Nuremberg, DGC President of the German Society for Chronometry, President Josef Stadl and his lovely wife Dr. Susanne Stadl, DGC Vice President Prof. Eduard Saluz and Dr. Johannes Graf from the Deutschen Uhrenmuseum in Furtwangen, and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Chronometrie members and volunteers, and NAWCC Symposium representatives, Fortunat Meüller-Mäerki and Bob Frishman (pictured below introducing the James Arthur lecture with good ole James himself pictured above Bob at the podium.)

We are also pleased that many of our international sister organizations and their directors also are in attendance: the Antiquarian Horological Society from the UK, Chronometrophilia from Switzerland, Association Francaise des Amateurs d’Horologerie Ancienne from France, and many of our close colleagues and supporters from countries including Austria, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, and the UK.

Just to show a few of the many surprises found in the bags and pockets of some of our attendees, pictured below was a very special, custom, "simple" IWC pocket watch and a run of the mill 1745-ish fusee watch by someone called Mudge...

It is late on Friday night, so I must retire but will endeavor to add more. maybe not tomorrow night before I pack and retire to catch a very early flight on Sunday morning, but for next week. See the NAWCC Watchblog and Facebook page on the Symposium for more news and pics.

The remainder of this issue is the contents of Weekly News 9/8/19.

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