Weekly News 7/7/19

07.07.19- You are receiving this weekly email as a courtesy of the author, or as a member and friend of the NAWCC. You can also view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC
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Fellow citizens, we cannot escape

history. We … will be remembered in

spite of ourselves. No personal

significance, or insignificance, can

spare one or another of us. The fiery

trial through which we pass will

light us down in honor or dishonor, to

the latest generation.

- Abraham Lincoln

Lots of activities and events have recently proceeded this morning. Yesterday, July 6, the NAWCC Museum hosted its opening event and exhibit entitled Timeless Testaments: Civil War Watches and the People Who Carried Them featuring 18 unique watches (and other civil war battlefield artifacts) with documented provenances linking them to significant Civil War events and participants. On July 4th we commemorated the Declaration of Independence of the United States. The Continental Congress declared on July 4, 1776 that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain and were now united, free, and independent states.

Prior to that holiday we just remembered the 156th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. Prior to that remembrance, we gathered together for the 2019 NAWCC National Convention in Springfield, MA, repeating an annual event practiced by our organization for 75 years, established in 1944. The central theme that emerges from this setting is “Generations.”

The picture above features one of our members from Cyprus, David Shiakallis and his family. Seated on his lap to the right is Vanessa, his daughter, featured in this email from around the same time last year. You may remember her, “the 7 (now 8) year old who loves watches, loves the NAWCC and loves her daddy, David, who came all the way from the island to come for one day to the NAWCC National.” Well, David’s mother and Vanessa’s grandmother, Mary, now also loves the NAWCC. She could not believe that our community would be so welcoming, and inclusive of her family, and particularly her granddaughter.

Mary was won over and is now another big advocate of the NAWCC, in Cyprus! Three (3) generations of Cypriots, all in favor of and standing behind the NAWCC, cheering. You never know how a small act or gesture of appreciation or kindness can leave such a big impact and become a legacy for the NAWCC lasting generations.

What we do now for the NAWCC can last for generations. Today, after 75 years of history, we remember and celebrate the actions and dedication our early members had for our organization, three quarters of a century ago. The legacy they left behind became our institution’s current stories of time, a message to the members of tomorrow to keep building and growing. The foundation they laid we continue to stand upon and create new opportunities to raise the structure higher and wider.

The survival and growth of our NAWCC depends today on how you and I view our future and what we hope to leave for the next generation to carry forward. While the foundation is a strong one, it still needs plenty of continual rehabilitation, expansion, financial support, and operational funding from you and me. Leave a message you can be proud of for the next generation, that creates your own heritage in the association, and leaves a lasting mark for the members of tomorrow to be encouraged and inspired.

Susan Zeager from Bainbridge, PA had an idea. When her sons and all their grandchildren visited (from Washing DC and Chicago), Susan would read them books and stories based on Nursery Rhymes. So, she convinced her husband Herman, that the family needed to visit nearby sites associated with the themes from her readings with the grandkids. The first bedtime rhyme was “the wheels on the bus…” Ergo, the Zeagers rented a tour bus. What was the second tale about that launched their themed tour? Can you finish “Hickory, Dickory Dock…?”

The Zeager clan and their bus driver are pictured below outside the NAWCC World HQ, just having finished their weekend visit to our museum, which they enjoyed and many of the kids purchased their trip souvenirs, courtesy of grandpa! We hope we will enjoy many more visits from the Zeagers for generations to come.

The day finally came, July 6, 2019, when Clint Geller and his guest scholars in the fields of U.S. history and horology (the study of time and timekeeping) presented their lectures on how time measurement changed during and because of the Civil War, and the state of the watch-making industry in the United States at that point in history, under the title: “Timeless Testaments: Civil War Watches and the People Who Carried Them.”

The audience was treated to numerous perspectives and discoveries around the subject, revealing new facts and discoveries of how the American Civil War changed and transformed the social, cultural, industrial, historical, and environmental progressions of the American experience. Below are pictures featuring the author signing copies of his companion book to the event and exhibit: The Appreciation and Authentication of Civil War Timepieces, and presenting before the audience, Dr, Cheryl Wells presenting, and Lecturer Al Mackey talking with NAWCC member James (and Jane) Fisher.

The book will be available for sale at the Museum Gift Shop. Special, early bird member price Hardcover $44.99; Softcover $34.99

Thank you Jones and Horan for sponsoring this event and this book.

GLOBAL TIME ZONES (as reported by Barron’s online)
A World Record has been set at auction for a watch made by GEORGE DANIELS, his legendary “SPACE TRAVELLER I”, sold at auction for £3.6m ($4.6m) at Sotheby’s London recently on July 2nd. The result is also a record for a timepiece by an independent watchmaker and the highest price achieved for a watch at auction this year.

One of finest timepieces of the 20th century, the ‘Space Traveller I’ was also of huge significance to George, as it was conceived to honour the astronauts he so admired. Described as ‘the most important English watch of modern times’, the Space Traveller I is not only one of the most technically accomplished watches of all time, it was also of enormous personal significance to Daniels, who treasured it and often wore it as a showpiece. The Space Traveller was built with both solar and sidereal time, equation of time, and phases of the moon, as well as utilizing Daniels’ famous independent double wheel escapement, which has captivated collectors since its inception in 1974.

See: https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/viral/why-is-this-watch-worth-dollar46-million/vi-AADRWXf?ocid=se


NAWCC Member Don Saff's new book finally was released from Customs, having been tied up for 3 weeks with our friendly Customs agents, so we are still anxiously awaiting arrival of them with the hope that having paid off (with the duties fees) our governmental agents, we get them this week at the Museum and HQ, “From Celestial to Terrestrial Timekeeping: Clockmaking in the Bond Famil features vast sums of undiscovered information and yet-to-be seen images culminating from years of writing and researching by Saff on the Bond legacy. Don is offering to sign an insertable, numbered plate with a personalized message, for you or a friend. Special, early bird member price at $57.59. For additional information, call 717-684-8261, ext. 211; giftshop@nawcc.org.

Volunteers and Contributors to the Success of the National

We again express our appreciation to so many individuals, businesses, and institutions for their volunteering, donating, supporting, loaning, and participating in this year's National to make it a memorable one in TIME.

Some of the unsung heroes that we missed last time mentioning and appreciating included those who loaned their objects and physical and mental energies into making the FANTASTIC exhibit a success, like Russ Oechsle (sorry Janet, I misspelled your last name again last week), Rich Newman, Tom McIntyre, Jon Hanson, Mary Jane Dapkas, Chris Bailey, Dave Gorrell, Ian Roome, The American Clock and Watch Museum, Robert Chaney, Bruce Haynes, Philip Morris, Ray Snouffer, David Ewbank, John Delaney, John A. Delaney, Kirt Crump, and Lu Sadowski.


New to the NAWCC, creation of NAWCC publications team members, Keith Lehman and Jessica Giaquinto, is the NAWCC Watch and Clock Podcast. Episode 1 covers updates from the NAWCC Texas chapters, upcoming events within the organization, and a feature interview on the 2019 NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium, this year held in Nuremberg, Germany, “Time Made in Germany, 700 Years of German Horology” resulting from the planning, efforts, and resources of our German colleagues Josef and Susanne Stadl, and the officers and directors of the German Society for Chronometry e.V., (the Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Chronometrie), the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, and of Fortunat Mueller-Maerki and Bob Frishman, Chair of our NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium Committee.
The podcast can be heard on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4juyOwlEe11T2fcgACmKEZ?si=8FVYpJOTRM66eh-KaTGYGw
And Apple iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nawcc-watch-and-clock-podcast-episode-1/id1470077208?i=1000442685097

Thank you for showing that YOU CARE!



Given time and length challenges, I will re-print some items called “REWINDS” These are important items that continue to be updated or reprinted so as not to be forgotten.

The NAWCC Champion Program
The NAWCC is looking for NAWCC Champions, those who believe in the programs, exhibits, events, and services that our organization provides to its members and the public and who financially supports these efforts towards building and growing our horological community, and preserving and sharing the stories of TIME. Those who pledge and commit to pay $10,000 a year for 10 years to the NAWCC are recognized as a Champion of the NAWCC and the NAWCC community. The Champion distinction is honorary; however, an NAWCC Champion will be entitled to:

· Recognition as a Champion in the Watch and Clock Bulletin

· Recognition at the National Convention Donor’s Reception

· Automatic enrollment in the NAWCC Tempus Vitam Regit Society

· 10 years of regular membership (Any contributory member will be recognized by the title membership such as: Brass Champion, Gold Champion, etc.)

· 10 years free registration to the NAWCC National Convention

· Special VIP invitations to every Museum exhibit opening event/reception

· 20% discount on all NAWCC Museum Store/Gift Shop purchases, including educational classes

· Exclusive, “behind the scene” tours of the museum and archives collection

· Permanent recognition on a designated plaque in Columbia, PA

· Those who commit to become a Champion of the NAWCC by the end of 2019 will be recognized for all time as a FOUNDING CHAMPION of the NAWCC!

July 6th
- Exhibit Opening Seminar EventTimeless Testaments: Civil
War Watches and the People Who Carried Them NAWCC Museum, Columbia, PA. On display will be 16 unique watches (and other civil war battlefield artifacts) with documented provenances linking them to Civil War participants. Several were presented and/or used during the recipients’ war service. Several others were presented after the individual’s war service had ended, as grateful tributes by comrades in arms with whom the recipient had faced hardships and lethal peril. A sampling of other watches from the Civil War period, both domestic and foreign, provide a perspective of the kinds of watches likely to have been found in the pockets of Civil War soldiers, both privates and generals, both Union and Confederate.

If you wish to learn about advertising and sponsorship opportunities for this event and for the program booklet, please contact the NAWCC Executive Director at twilcox@nawcc.org, (with copies to jbyers@nawcc.org, sgallagher@nawcc.org, and editor@nawcc.org).

October 3-5 - Exhibit Opening Event - “S-TOWN HOROLOGY: AN EXHIBIT CELEBRATING THE TIMELESS TALENTS OF John B. McLemore” , NAWCC Museum, Columbia, PA. This exhibit is a licensed partnership with S-Town, which will exclusively display never seen before artifacts and personal items of the featured character from This American Life, Serial Productions, Brian Reed produced, seven chapter podcast, “S-Town.” S-Town follows an Alabaman horologist named John B. McLemore, who sent an email to the creators of This American Life, back in 2012, asking for help in a murder investigation. This led Brian Reed, producer of the podcast to McLemore's hometown of Woodstock and kicked off a series of events that feature family feuds, hidden treasure and a puzzling mystery, all emanating from John B.’s personal, end-of-life story.

Fair Warning: The podcast series does contain material that may be considered to be inappropriate for the young, the impressionable, and so not recommended for everyone. While John B. McLemore was a former NAWCC member and world renowned, clockmaker and clock restorer, the podcast recounts a side to his personality and lifestyle that may be questionable or offensive to some. This exhibit and the NAWCC neither condemns, vilifies, judges, nor sponsors or endorses the character and personal choices John exhibited, as portrayed to the listener.

On the contrary, our exhibit seeks to recognize and celebrate the horological skills and talents that John brought out in his work with clocks and timepieces, a theme that is central to the NAWCC community. So as you consider the story of John B. McLemore and the full scale of his legacy, we ask you to focus on those things that we all, as a horological community, can appreciate. Our exhibit will be curated with that sole goal and perspective.

In a recent phone conversation with Reta, John B.’s cousin, she expressed gratitude to the NAWCC and me for holding this exhibit. She stated that “this was the best thing to ever happen about all this attention” regarding John B. She is extremely happy and will be attending the October opening with her husband.

Our hope is that to the non-horologically-oriented listener (97 million of them) we can reveal to them why John B. was so intrigued and pre-occupied with clocks and gearwork, and invite them into our community by way of their appreciation for a darker side of the story of John B.

One of John B.’s podcast featured friends and clients, “Bill,” is also an NAWCC member and is graciously loaning 45 priceless timepieces that John B. restored and maintained for Bill. Also in the exhibit will be John B.’s personal items and personal photographs. Joining Brian Reed and Bill will be other characters from the podcast, including Rita, and Woodstock residents. S-Town has been a huge success, with more than 40 million downloads in its first month and over 97 Million downloads since its March, 2017 launch. Many critics declared it the best podcast of 2017. There will be a commemorative exhibit book for sale by the museum.

If you wish to learn about advertising and sponsorship opportunities for this event and for the program booklet or the Collectible Exhibit Book, please contact the NAWCC Executive Director at twilcox@nawcc.org, (with copies to jbyers@nawcc.org, sgallagher@nawcc.org, and editor@nawcc.org).

Time Made in Germany — 700 Years of German Horology

The 2019 National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors’ annual educational symposium will take place September 12-15 in Nuremberg, one of Germany’s oldest and most prominent cities. The NAWCC will partner with its German colleagues in the Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Chronometrie to present an historic comprehensive examination of seven centuries of clock and watch making in Germany.

This event has been regarded by many well-known, international horologists as being the most significant gathering and sharing of information with the global horological community in recent memory. Our appreciation goes to many who are attending and supporting this event, one in which the NAWCC is firmly dedicated to see become the historical symposium in one’s lifetime that should not be missed.

Fortunat Mueller-Maerki and Bob Frishman have been offering their time, talents, and treasures planning and promoting this event for years on both sides of the ocean. Josef and Susanne Stadl, and the officers and directors of the German Society for Chronometry e.V., have organized and arranged with the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, to host this wonderful forum.

Dr. James Nye and our English counterparts, the Antiquarian Horological Society, are heavily promoting this event and offering scholarships for attendance. The extremely generous support by Stefan Muser and Auktionen Dr. H. Crott, Mannheim, Germany of over 20,000 Euros will ensure that the presentations will be offered in simultaneous English translation using the very latest in UN style headset translation technology. Other German supporters including WEMPE, Junghans, and Johannes Altmeppen have also generously provided funding for the event.

Hosted at one of the country’s foremost museums, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nurnberg, there will be 13 eminent speakers addressing topics from the earliest mechanical clocks to modern atomic timekeepers. A hardcover book containing English versions of all lectures will be available for pre-purchase when registering in advance, and can be picked up or purchased at the event.

Lecture topics include: “Monumental Astronomical Clocks of the Late Middle Ages”; “The Burgundy Clock, The Earliest Spring-Driven Clock” (on view at the museum); “The First Use of Clocks for Astronomical Observations”; “The Origins of Clockmaking in the Black Forest”; “Luxury Pocketwatches from Glashutte in Sachsen”; “Clockmaking in Germany During the 20th Century”; and more.

Registration is just $245, with an additional $95 for the closing banquet and $65 for the hardcover book of proceedings. Go to https://www.timemadeingermany.com/ for both US and European registration information.

If you wish to learn about advertising and sponsorship opportunities for this event and for the Program Lecture Book, please contact the NAWCC Executive Director at twilcox@nawcc.org, (with copies to jbyers@nawcc.org, and editor@nawcc.org).

Thank You To Everyone Who Has Donated!

I appreciate your feedback and look forward to deliver information that will keep you inspired, encouraged, and informed. If you don’t get the email messages on Sunday and want to, please update your contact information, including your email addresses to our membership team, care of Christa Eckert at ceckert@nawcc.org.

You are also free to and encouraged to forward and share this and any NAWCC messages to friends, relatives, and all others you believe would be interested in hearing about the NAWCC. This can be a new and easy way for you to grow our membership and invite others to your chapter meetings and NAWCC events.

Keep up the good work you are doing and the support you lend to our work and efforts. WE ALL can make a difference for our passion and the NAWCC perpetuating that passion to all generations for all time!

We are the world's largest museum, research library, educational institution, and international community dedicated to clocks, watches, time, and timekeeping.

We are committed to being the premier educator and advocate for horology and everyone interested in the stories of time.

We share the stories of TIME…

You can now view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC website under the Message Board. This new area for Executive Director postings will also allow for communicating NAWCC specific updates, timely notices, and messages to the membership on the Message Board and opening a little more space for horological informative and educational matters on the Sunday morning posts.

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