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Weekly News 3/10/19

03.10.19- You are receiving this email as a courtesy of the author, or as a member and friend of the NAWCC. You can also view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC
website under the Message Board. Also access former emails. SEE BELOW for more details.

Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.

- Groucho Marx

Dear NAWCC Friends and Members:

Sometimes it feels like that's all we have to do to complete all we want to accomplish not only in life, but many times, just that week: "Just live long enough."

There are many exciting and encouraging items happening in our community of the NAWCC. Being at the Mid-Winter Florida Regional, the Mesquite Lone Star Regional and this week at the Sunshine Regional really encourages me to see all the hard-working, dedicated volunteers meeting, planning, setting up, moving, engaging, and cleaning up. It makes me weary watching all their energy, enthusiasm, customer facing, and taking the complaints with the compliments and doing it for many years on their feet for many hours and days. Well done to all of you out there! Thank you for making my visits with you beneficial for my understanding and learning more about how HQ can support all your work and your Chapter's efforts. Thank you for what you do in building up and growing our NAWCC community.

I am finishing up a long week preparing for and presenting at the Board meetings hosted by the Sunshine Regional in Fountain Hills, Arizona on Thursday and Friday. It feels good to have gotten through it all with the budget process, presenting the new website status report, laying out our future development plan and our For All Time Campaign next phase.

Our HQ team did a stellar job helping to get ready for and presenting with me online at the Board sessions. Our Board members were very encouraged by the reports they heard. In the near future, HQ National will be hosting a Webinar featuring Brian Roy giving the membership an update on the status of the new website, as was presented to the Board on Friday.

Thanks goes out to Frank Wagner, Bob Schmitt, Frank Faier, and many others who spent the time and effort to make our Board meetings and lunch a very easy and pleasurable process. The turnout for the MART was solid. Many wonderful displays and exhibits, including Tom Lindner's stupendous collection of Dudley watches. Tom also has produced a book on the Dudley watches, "The Masonic Watches of William Wallace Dudley."

We also spent some time with Kunal Naik, CEO and Manuel J. Yazijian, Chief Technical Officer of Ameriquartz, FTS USA, who were set up in the MART.
FTS USA is reputed to be the only commercial source for quartz watch movements made in the United States. This fledgling new player on the watch manufacturing field aims to bring back the watch making industry to the US, making everything here, including the movement and case. Based just outside of Phoenix, we will be “watching” their progress on this ambitious and commendable goal! With Manual in charge of quality and process, as well as hiring and training all technical employees, they have a great shot at achieving their plan.

By the way, as we finish up our fiscal year of 2018-2019, we would greatly appreciate, with the deadline of April 1st, if you would PLEASE vote and get our membership involvement in the elections up in percentages. Also, our Partners in Time Annual Appeal ends March 31st. We would greatly appreciate any of those in a position to participate, to send in your contributions and donations to make our Appeal deliver a successful, record breaking one.

While giving is up 27%, there was a very generous and large one time gift last appeal that made it difficult for us to reach that goal again, but the numbers of you all giving to the campaign has been VERY encouraging and GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for supporting our work and efforts as we do our best to raise the bar in results and outcomes for our members and the NAWCC community. Thank you!

Given time and length challenges, I will re-print some items called “REWINDS” These are important items that continue to be updated or reprinted so as not to be forgotten.




The 2019 NAWCC election is in progress. We are voting on three (3) NAWCC Board Directors and one (1) Nominating and Elections Committee Member.

The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) worked very hard to find some of the most qualified members that will be shaping the NAWCC for the next four years. The candidate resumes are posted on line and appeared in the January/February Watch and Clock Bulletin. For viewing on line, go to nawcc.org front page to the banner announcing the election. The candidates represent various regions of our country, diverse horological interests and strong business and professional backgrounds.

The independent election firm, Election-America, released email ballots on January 10 to all NAWCC members with email addresses registered with our Membership Services Department. On the same day, they mailed a form (USPS) to all members that did not have email addresses registered asking them to furnish email addresses or request a paper ballot.

YOUR vote is VERY important to the future governance of the NAWCC Association. If you have not voted, please go on line and vote your choice. If you have voted, please accept our "Thank You" for your sincere interest in the future of the NAWCC.


NAWCC Clockworks Festival, April 13, 2019

The NAWCC Clockwork Festival will be held April 13, 2019 at the NAWCC Museum and World HQ building and grounds from 10 AM until 4 PM. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

The event is to entertain, educate, and introduce horology to enthusiasts of Make, steampunk, automatons, and related kinetic and gear working objects, engineering, art, science, and history. “Ask a Horologist” sessions hosted by many of our member horologists participating in the event, as well as Rose Engine turning demonstrations by Dave Lindow will be offered. We will have 2-3 panel presentations on the connection between horology and autonoma/steampunk/creative gear contraptions and the how and why to constructing these gear-related creations, in addition to a Steampunk band and cosplay creator/performers featured throughout the day.

The event is structured to gather people from all locations and interests to share ideas, build relationships, and grow interest in horology, automata, and other gear-related activities, new and old. On hand will be NAWCC members and friends displaying and presenting on their clock, automata, steampunk, and gear-inspired skills, contraptions, and creations like Gary Sullivan, Dave Lindow, and Don Dodson. Representatives from AutomataCon including Brett King, curators from the Morris Museum Guinness Collection, including Michele Marinelli and Jere Ryder, and journalist/makers, including Andrew Terranova, will also be there actively engaged and participating.


NAWCC member Gary Sullivan is going to attend and participate. He will bring his steam engine top hat and steam operated bicycle and something else he is working on. Here is just a glimpse: See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W4pRFXD_lE

We will also have on hand the Night Watch Paradox see: http://nightwatchparadox.com/ and a phono fiddler named Keith Engle offering performances at the event. This a fantastic, gearworks-oriented and educational event to understand and celebrate the connections between gears, clocks, watches, autonoma, steampunk, and horology; all different stories of TIME.

Partners In Time: Annual Appeal - Members Make It Happen!

Thank You To Everyone Who Has Donated!
If you haven't yet contributed to the Partner's In Time: Annual Appeal, there's still time --- Make a Contribution Today!

I appreciate your feedback and look forward to deliver information that will keep you inspired, encouraged, and informed. If you don’t get the email messages on Sunday and want to, please update your contact information, including your email addresses to our membership team, care of Christa Eckert at ceckert@nawcc.org.

You are also free to and encouraged to forward and share this and any NAWCC messages to friends, relatives, and all others you believe would be interested in hearing about the NAWCC. This can be a new and easy way for you to grow our membership and invite others to your chapter meetings and NAWCC events.

Keep up the good work you are doing and the support you lend to our work and efforts. WE ALL can make a difference for our passion and the NAWCC perpetuating that passion to all generations for all time!

We are the world's largest museum, research library, educational institution, and international community dedicated to clocks, watches, time, and timekeeping.

We are committed to being the premier educator and advocate for horology and everyone interested in the stories of time.

We share the stories of TIME…

You can now view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC website under the Message Board. This new area for Executive Director postings will also allow for communicating NAWCC specific updates, timely notices, and messages to the membership on the Message Board and opening a little more space for horological informative and educational matters on the Sunday morning posts.

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I am back on Facebook, so look for photos and videos posted there as well:




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All the best of TIME to you.....
Tom Wilcox, Esq. - Executive Director
National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors,Inc.
We share the stories of TIME.....

p: 717.684.8261 Ext.209
If outside the US you can call or text me for free internationally on WhatsApp or WeChat at 610 213 1489.

We are the world's largest museum, research library, educational institution, and international community dedicated to clocks, watches, time, and timekeeping.

We are committed to being the premier educator and advocate for horology and everyone interested in the study of time.


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