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Weekly News 2/3/19

02.03.19- You are receiving this email as a courtesy of the author, or as a member and friend of the NAWCC. You can also view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC
website under the Message Board. Also access former emails. SEE BELOW for more details.

“Do you know that one of the great problems of our [TIME] is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings than they do about thoughts and ideas?”
— Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister, UK

“It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.”
— The Character of Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”
— Bill Bradley, former U.S. senator

“As we look ahead into the 21st century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
— Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Dear NAWCC Friends and Members:

Superbowl Sunday is upon us! The NAWCC takes no sides on this one, but wishes that our West Coast Chapters and our New England Chapters (and all other members around the globe watching today) all enjoy a very good and exciting game, and hopefully some good eats and friends to add to the enjoyment!

The curious collection of quotes above do have a central theme and do tie into our 2019 focus on building COMMUNITY. Their messages go to addressing some of the issues facing the health and future of our local, geographical and on-line, common interest groups and gatherings where a leadership structure takes form and substance, and ultimately establishes control of that neighborhood.

Over time, we see protocols, policies, procedures, bias, and tenure take precedence over opportunities, innovation, creativity, new ideas, and growth. Leaders in positions for long periods tend to grow tired, become worn out, and in need of fresh and novel approaches to the same old, same old. At times, senior volunteers may see new members as not having enough time, knowledge, history, involvement, or achievements with the organization to take on responsible and active positions of leadership. “They must wait their time, get more experience, prove themselves, pay their dues, and wait as long as I did to get to where I am.”

As community leaders, we must keep on the lookout, and increase our hunting activities, to bring newbies in the door, get them engaged, move them up the ladder, allow them to spread their wings to learn and grow with responsibility, and give them the needed experience to become our future leaders. Many, many times these newbies just need encouragement and empowerment to help activate a community in a different and fresh way. And we have to give them have the room and invite them to fulfill their potential and succeed.

One impediment to this change in how we do things is that we allow our uncomfortable “feelings” about how others might feel to overrule how we need to make hard, but right decisions with changes in our executive positions. We need to be kind, but initiate serious consideration, frank discussions, and sometimes drastic action with those who may need to move into different areas of service, or into a better fit in a alternative role, or they need to mentor and train and turn over the reigns to the next generation of potential leaders.

Another possible wall to refreshing our leadership strategy could be pride. We become proud of the achievements we made or the institutions we build in certain clubs and are not ready to turn over the control to new leadership direction, or allow the possibility of changes to what we erected, or new directions which we did not initiate or want to see happen.

Another challenge to this progressive approach of leadership transformation is FEAR! The “what ifs” overwhelm the “would could be’s.” We stop dreaming big and just settle for mediocre cat naps. We hold down, tuck in, slow engines, batten down hatches, build ramparts, and maintain coasting.

The NAWCC Museum has planned a very significant, Civil War Watches exhibit opening July 6, 2019. NAWCC members are sharing their collections of “well-provenanced,” civil war patriots’ watches and possessions. The Museum is also partnering with the Gettysburg battle site museum and the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg for this event. This coming exhibit recalls to mind the famous Gettysburg battlefield assault on Little Round Top, where supply depleted and dwindling troops rallied together to perform a rather unorthodox, but well executed counter offensive that took many out of their comfort zone to successfully overcome the odds. (Apologies to our southern-situated members and Civil War experts who could add so much more to this meager account and cursory reference.)

The point is that if we resort to holding the ground and defending our position while the supplies are low, the troops are tired and depleted, and the challenges are great, we stand to lose. Or, we can step out of fear and start putting into play some aggressive and strategically “on-the-offense” plans in place and gear up for some ground-breaking moves that will give us a greater chance of gain.

Whatever the reason, it makes no difference. Some of our events and communities need an injection new energy, new ideas, new members to be engaged, developed, mentored and turned loose to carry forward the future of the NAWCC.


The 2019 NAWCC election is in progress. We are voting on three (3) NAWCC Board Directors and one (1) Nominating and Elections Committee Member.

The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) worked very hard to find some of the most qualified members that will be shaping the NAWCC for the next four years. The candidate resumes are posted on line and appeared in the January/February Watch and Clock Bulletin. For viewing on line, go to nawcc.org front page to the banner announcing the election. The candidates represent various regions of our country, diverse horological interests and strong business and professional backgrounds.

The independent election firm, Election-America, released email ballots on January 10 to all NAWCC members with email addresses registered with our Membership Services Department. On the same day, they mailed a form (USPS) to all members that did not have email addresses registered asking them to furnish email addresses or request a paper ballot.

YOUR vote is VERY important to the future governance of the NAWCC Association. If you have not voted, please go on line and vote your choice. If you have voted, please accept our "Thank You" for your sincere interest in the future of the NAWCC.

OUT AND ABOUT and Chapter Shout out

Many of our Kentucky, and closely located thereto, members, whose Chapters recently hosted a Regional in Lexington, including Board election running candidate Robert Bourton, will be involved and supplying some objects to this 2019 exhibition event:

Making Time: The Art of the Kentucky Tall Case Clock, 1790 - 1850 February 2 – June 16, 2019
Louisville, KY (January 15, 2019)
The Speed Art Museum’s 2019 exhibition season focuses on the art of Kentucky, launching on Saturday, February 2, with a first-of-its-kind exhibition devoted to early Kentucky tall case, “grandfather” clocks. The exhibition showcases twenty-seven clocks made across a wide swath of Kentucky from the 1790s through the 1840s. The majority of the clocks come from family and private collections and have rarely, if ever, been shared with the public. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully-illustrated scholarly catalog that presents significant new research on early Kentucky cabinetmaking and the state’s watch and clock trade.
The Speed Art Museum
2035 South Third Street Louisville, Kentucky 40208-1803
(502) 634-2700 Fax (502) 636-2899

Checking in at Columbia

Inclement weather got you cooped up? Starting to get that Cabin Fever feeling? Wintery blasts starting to make it hard to remember that spring is coming? Want to let your imagination take you away to fairer skies and scenery? Come to the NAWCC National Watch and Clock Museum and get a taste of the active outdoors, indoors. Every year, the Lower Susquehanna Valley Modular Railroaders Club comes to Columbia, PA to set up the area’s largest model railroad display, 44 feet long by 20 feet wide for the month of February.

There is a natural affinity and connection among pocket watches, time measurement, and railroad history. Conductors and engineers needed precise time to run the train schedules without crashing into each other, as was the case up into the 1880’s. Then, after too many crashes, conductors got together and agreed upon standard time zones and time measurement in Canada, which rolled over into the United States, and ultimately ended up in 1883 with an international meeting in Washington, DC that established the worldwide time zone system we know today. All because of conductors, railroads and pocket watches!

Collectors of train sets often have a fondness for collecting clocks and watches and vice versa. Here, at the NAWCC National Watch and Clock Museum, they can satisfy both interests at once, inside a warm and comfortable environment. They can be entertained by the multiple sceneries and setups along the 228 continuous, 3 track set up of “O” gauge and 3 continuously running trains.

The National Watch and Clock Museum welcomes this special exhibit from February 5th through March 2nd courtesy of the Lower Susquehanna Valley Modular Railroaders, who build, display, and operate layouts throughout Central Pennsylvania. This display is located in the Museum lobby and is free to the public. Museum hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00am-4:00pm.


NAWCC Clockworks Festival, April 13, 2019
We are getting very positive feedback from horologists and gear workers from our NAWCC friends and members participating with us at our first, hosted Clockworks Festival scheduled at the NAWCC Museum and grounds, April 13th.

The event is to entertain, educate, and introduce horology to enthusiasts of Make, steampunk, automatons, and related kinetic and gear working objects, engineering, art, science, and history. “Ask a Horologist” sessions and Rose Engine turning demonstrations will also be featured throughout the day.

The event is structured to gather people from all locations and interests to share ideas, build relationships, and grow interest in horology, automata, and other gear-related activities, new and old. Included will be NAWCC members and friends displaying and presenting on their clock, automata, steampunk, and gear-inspired skills, contraptions, and creations like Gary Sullivan, Dug North, Brett King, Dave Lindow, and Don Dodson. Representatives from AutomataCon, the Morris Museum Guinness Collection, including curators Michele Marinelli and Jere Ryder, will also be participating.

Other well-known personalities and experts, such as Andrew Terranova and institutions, such as C.O.G.S., Strasburg RR Museum, PA RR Museum, and the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia are being contacted to participate as well. Here are links to the website and FB event page:

We will be holding panel discussions on the connection between horology and gearworks areas like autonoma and steampunk and about how makers make what they make. We will also have an opening panel presentation on “Why we are here?”

Regional clock and watch makers, and particularly machinist types, will be in attendance as well. A special presentation of the Engel clock and French Industrial Clocks on display will be added treats for our new-to-the-NAWCC guests. This will be a very attractive happening to a new demographic that the NAWCC is reaching out to and inviting to participate in horology. Some of our demonstrations, especially in Rose Engine turning and "Ask a Horologist" will be very well received.

NAWCC member Gary Sullivan is going to attend and participate. He will bring his steam engine top hat and steam operated bicycle and something else he is working on. Here is just a glimpse: See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W4pRFXD_lE

We will also have on hand the Night Watch Paradox see: http://nightwatchparadox.com/ and a phono fiddler named Keith Engle offering performances at the event. We will have other important and relevant parties invited and participating to make this a fantastic, gearworks-oriented and educational event to understand and celebrate the connections between gears, clocks, watches, autonoma, steampunk, and horology; all different stories of TIME.

Partners In Time: Annual Appeal - Members Make It Happen!

Thank You To Everyone Who Has Donated!
If you haven't yet contributed to the Partner's In Time: Annual Appeal, there's still time --- Make a Contribution Today!

I appreciate your feedback and look forward to deliver information that will keep you inspired, encouraged, and informed. If you don’t get the email messages on Sunday and want to, please update your contact information, including your email addresses to our membership team, care of Christa Eckert at ceckert@nawcc.org.

You are also free to and encouraged to forward and share this and any NAWCC messages to friends, relatives, and all others you believe would be interested in hearing about the NAWCC. This can be a new and easy way for you to grow our membership and invite others to your chapter meetings and NAWCC events.

Keep up the good work you are doing and the support you lend to our work and efforts. WE ALL can make a difference for our passion and the NAWCC perpetuating that passion to all generations for all time!

We are the world's largest museum, research library, educational institution, and international community dedicated to clocks, watches, time, and timekeeping.

We are committed to being the premier educator and advocate for horology and everyone interested in the stories of time.

We share the stories of TIME…

You can now view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC website under the Message Board. This new area for Executive Director postings will also allow for communicating NAWCC specific updates, timely notices, and messages to the membership on the Message Board and opening a little more space for horological informative and educational matters on the Sunday morning posts.

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We share the stories of TIME.....

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We are the world's largest museum, research library, educational institution, and international community dedicated to clocks, watches, time, and timekeeping.

We are committed to being the premier educator and advocate for horology and everyone interested in the study of time.


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