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Weekly News 11/4/18

11.04.18- You are receiving this email as a courtesy of the author, or as a member and friend of the NAWCC. You can also view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC website
under the Message Board. Also access former emails. SEE BELOW for more details.

“If you have to ask when is the right time to act with integrity, you don’t get it at all.

Dear Friends of Horology:


It has been a long, difficult, and discouraging week in which, upon further reflection, warrants that this message be repeated because it is one which we should regularly revisit for our own good. It speaks of a characteristic incredibly valuable and crucial for the survival and growth of our community of horology as a whole, a characteristic that is hard to achieve but never should be abandoned for sake of ease or convenience. A value to which we should all strive to hold each other accountable to practice no matter what. Ignore this one, and you might as well forget them all.

If you have been following the recent Sunday postings in a consecutive manner you will notice that each successive entry includes a reference to the letters of the alphabet beginning with “A”. We have reached the letter “I” this week. This weekly exercise is an attempt to remind us of the qualities, characteristics, and practices that the NAWCC will need to adopt if we want to create a community that is inviting and attractive for others to join, young and mature. It is a way for us to encourage and spur each other on to good works for the survival of our organization and for the benefit of growing our community now and in the future.

Therefore, our next letter in the alphabet is I and stands for integrity. Integrity is a type of characteristic that is hard to define without including descriptive terms of what it looks like. It is easier to describe Integrity than it is to objectively define it.

Some quotes talk about integrity in terms of truth, trustworthiness, consistency, and being honest with yourself. Others talk about being internally and externally consistent in line with following a set of values. Still other quotes discuss making hard decisions and choices in the face of opposition or skepticism or unpopularity.

C.S. Lewis observed “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Integrity leads a person to confront difficult circumstances by applying virtuous means and methods not for any personal gain, other than living with the satisfaction of knowing they did the right thing.

No one is born with integrity – or without it. It’s a behavior-based virtue that anyone can develop over time. You can choose to embrace integrity in your life by following your moral or ethical convictions in a consistent manner and by doing the right thing in all circumstances under every condition. Can we chose to take actions and adopt attitudes that rise above the level of comfort, convenience, and self-service; beyond just “good enough”; and maintain them even in the face of detriment and personal cost?

Our capability to build our NAWCC community with new members and new participants is critical; it is dependent upon how we present ourselves to those who do not understand the passion, excitement, and interest we hold for time and timepieces. Those who are uninformed or uninspired will need to see and hear other reasons and other incentives to motivate them to wander into our world and invest the time to experience and explore horology.

The youth of today see through the facades of superficial values and inconsistently led lives. They are turned off by hypocrisy and the lack of authenticity. They are looking for connections to things that have deep meaning, are real, feel honest, and engender committed participation. They look for something reliable to follow and with which to invest their time; worthy of their trust.

Our organization stands at the crossroads of change, change needed to lay the groundwork for the next generations to join us and take up the charge, leading horology towards a stronger future. This change of direction will not happen on its own. It requires being Pro-Active and taking risks with Bold and Creative initiatives, programs, and events that have not necessarily been ones with which we are comfortable or familiar. Are we ready to Dedicate ourselves to undertake these actions with Excellence by a superior customer-focused mentality and make our events Fun for others, not just ourselves?

Can we undertake new Governing principles that are implemented in Humility, not with arrogant, superior, judgmental mentalities that look down on others because they dress differently, lack sophistication or education in horology, and collect or are fascinated with gear or horological-related items or non-common areas, not customarily found on our MART tables, or among our clock and watch publications?

Do we act with Integrity in embracing, respecting, and supporting all aspects of interest in clocks, watches, time study, timepieces, gear-related subjects and artifacts, and all the various wonderfully diverse stories of TIME, even if they are not within our particular story?

Vortic found, restored, and re-purposed an original, circa 1920 South Bend
Watch Co. pocket watch movement featuring a Harley-Davidson logo in a wrist watch. Featuring19 jewels and a beautiful bridge design, this movement has been expertly restored to its original condition and is keeping great time.

This watch is as one of a kind as it gets, and there is nothing similar. Because of its uniqueness, Vortic partnered with Harley's HOG Magazine and the popular watch culture magazine, Revolution, to promote an on-line fundraiser auction in support of their favorite cause: The NAWCC National Watch and Clock Museum. The funds raised will support future research projects and exhibits featuring historical watches like this one. We hope you'll consider supporting us by sharing this information with your watch and Harley-Davidson loving friends and by bidding on this watch.
FOR MORE INFO.GO TO: Watch&Clock Collectors | eBay Stores

This watch will be on display at the NAWCC Museum, Columbia, PA from Sept. 22, 2018 until Nov. 8, 2018 when the Watch Auction will go live at the “Whiskey and Watch” special event on Thursday night, November 8, 2018. The Watch Auction will then remain open for 10 days.

John Cote, NAWCC Board member recently shares another South Bend watch movement on our Facebook page:
"Here's a little South Bend grade 298 with a private label dial for a jeweler in Greenville, IL. South Bend made some pretty watches."

I agree!

After 12 and one half years of faithful and exemplary service to the NAWCC as its controller, Charles Auman will be retiring at the end of the year. More to come on his stellar career with us in later posts. For now, we are posting for the following position of NAWCC Controller, if you know of any talent out there that is qualified and interested:

Position is responsible for directing the financial activities of the organization: financial reporting, budgeting, cash management, payroll, employee benefit administration, capital investments, assisting the Executive Director and other Managers with financial aspects of the organization, and other activities associated with ensuring the organization's financial well being, stability, and adherence to all applicable legal requirements. Directs preparation of the budget. Prepares and interprets the financial results of the operations for the Executive Director in reporting to the Board of Directors. No relocation expenses are available, must work on-site.
Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university in finance or accounting, CPA a plus. Must have strong non-profit accounting background and/or training or equivalent combination of experience (5-10 years) and education. Strong computer skills, especially in accounting software MIP Sage, familiarity with association management software a plus. Excellent interpersonal skills. Proven record of consistency, integrity, confidentiality and trustworthiness. Please include cover letter.
Great working environment and benefits.
Job Type: Full-time

On November 8th, at the NAWCC National Watch and Clock Museum, we will launch Whiskey & Watches, an evening event during which we treat attendees to lessons in spirits, mixology, and rolling Dominican Republic cigars while expert watchmakers show and explain the intricacies of distinguished watch movements. Drew Zimmerman and Bernhard Stoeber, of Rolex fame, will be in attendance sharing their high end wristwatch knowledge and expertise. Register while there is still room.
Item Detail - Whiskey & Watches

EDUCATION (Still Time and Room to sign up)

November 4, 5, & 6, 2018: Servicing a Pocket Watch for the Beginner II WS-201. This 3 day workshop at the NAWCC School of Horology building in Columbia, PA, is the next step in basic pocket watch repair. The participant will increase their knowledge on diagnosing problems and understanding how proper repairs and adjustments are made associated with American pocket watches. This workshop will also give the participant a better understanding on the problems a pocket watch may have prior to purchase. The participant is required to supply their own American pocket watch in running condition.
The following areas will be covered:

  • Proper cleaning and oiling
  • Identifying worn and broken parts
  • Verifying proper end shakes
  • Identifying escapement issues
  • Diagnosing hairspring and balance wheel problems
  • Make timing adjustments
Tools Needed to Bring:

  • Selection of eye loupes 10x, 4x (required)
  • Brass or bronze tweezers (required)
  • Tweezers #3, #3C, or #5 (required)
  • Parts tray w/ cover (required)
  • The Student must bring an American Pocket Watch in running condition, preferable size 12 or 16. No 18 size.

This is a hands-on workshop open to both the beginner and the advanced collector. Students should have taken WS-111 before taking this workshop or have the permission of the instructor. All materials and tools will be supplied unless indicated above.
Instructor: Tony Paster
Please contact Education at education@nawcc.org or (717) 684-8261 ext. 237 with any questions.

GLOBAL TIME ZONES (further updates)
We had mentioned an international movie project in the last few weeks where a horological documentary film project is underway by our new friend, Michael Culyba, producer and director of a new film. The NAWCC is standing behind this film maker and his team’s efforts in recently launching and reaching its goals for the crowdfunding campaign for KEEPER OF TIME, on Kickstarter to raise $100,000 by Nov. 3, 2018. See: https://kck.st/2NgGxYJ.

Michael met his goal on Thursday of last week and is 111% funded (as of last reporting with 43 hours left to tally his final results. Filmmaker Michael Culyba did a “Kickstarter Live” broadcast from the NAWCC National Watch and Clock Museum on Oct. 22, as a result of our reaching out to Michael and offering to lend our support, wealth of artifacts and information, member subject matter experts, and knowledge of the full scale of horology, not just watches. In reviewing much of Michael's contacts and resources in the descriptive promotions, it was clear the content supporting the concept Michael was trying to achieve in his film was top heavy in watches. We believe Michael's vision and goals for his film will need the extra horological resources for which the NAWCC is well known and endowed.

The Live video broadcast is still available to watch:

Recently, the NAWCC bid on and won a clock at auction on October 27, 2018 in Manchester, NH. Pictured below is "Bessie", who has arrived at her new home this week, loading and transport courtesy of Rick Merritt. Thanks is also due to NAWCC members Jay Dutton, Mark Frank, Bob Frishman, and Laurence Chelmow for their generous financial support to see Bessie end up in a good home (along with many of her James Arthur original tall case creation siblings) at the NAWCC National Clock and Watch Museum!

The NAWCC and the NAWCC Watchnews (spoiler: soon to be renamed WatchDig!) were at the Wornandwound Wind-Up Watch Event at the hip and trendy Chelsea Market, in New York City Friday and Saturday November 2 & 3. Wornandwound invited the NAWCC to join them again at their big show, having put on quite a show in San Francisco last May. Vortic Watch Co, courtesy of RT Custer (pictured lower right) shared their
booth space with us (pictured upper left). We had the Vortic Harley Davidson Watch with us from the Museum on display. (pictured below). Many people stopped by, asked about the watch, asked about the NAWCC, and some members stopped by and expressed their appreciation for the NAWCC making the effort to represent our community there among all the NYC attendees and participating watch makers. We saw some of our friends from the AWCI and HSNY and also Atom Moore and Gary Girdvainis, to name a few, walking the aisles. Long time members David and Julie Kern with Fortunat Mueller-Maerki are pictured below as well.

Given time and length challenges, I will re-print some items called “REWINDS” and leave some blank called “NEXT TIME”.


Chapter Shout-outs: "BRING BACK THE HANDS OF TIME!"


Schools have been full scale removing analogue clocks from our children's and our children's classrooms, further destroying any interaction or even familiarity of our young population with the hands and faces of time pieces. With no understanding of what an analogue clock or watch is, does, looks like, or knowing how to "use it", (i.e. tell time) analogue time pieces will become useless and irrelevant to our future society.

If we are to further perpetuate our passion, hobby, community, education, science, business, interest, knowledge, and technological advancement in horology, we MUST take action now and "Bring Back the Hands of Time!"

As school starts up again, we will be discussing an idea of a campaign for all chapters to participate. It would involve each chapter getting connected with a local school to donate a clock or clocks with hands and a face to a classroom or classrooms and the class adopt the clock and give it a name. Chapter volunteers could then work with the classes and "bring back the hands of time" to school children to teach them how to read clocks, like all of us had when we went to school.

We need help in putting together a curriculum and a user-friendly program that all Chapters can use uniformly, including how to sell this idea to your local schools, contacting and engaging the press and other local media outlets, getting FBI and other "work with children" clearances, and reaching out to nonmembers in the community that should be as concerned, if not more concerned, with this disastrous turn-of-events for the education, or lack thereof, for children telling time and knowing what a clock is!

Look for further announcements and details on a proposed, nation-wide (and possibly world-wide) chapter campaign to right a wrong and stop the tide on the further erosion of our culture's and society's appreciation, understanding, and need for gear working, face showing, hands moving clocks and watches!!!!!

Count-UP on the For All Time and Other Campaigns
Underway now is our Annual Appeal: Partners in Time which focuses on giving for today: gifts of cash and liquid assets meeting our financial needs today to keep the lights on, pay our bills, provide our events and programs, and keep our publications, education, museum, library, and archives available for the members and the public. Any extra way you contribute a donation made by becoming a contributing membership (Brass, Silver, Gold, Diamond, etc.) or paying an amount over and above your membership fee, also goes into running our daily motors in Columbia, PA.


Moments from the NAWCC History Book
Timely Reminders...
Hamilton Project Updates
Member/Museum Mysteries

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

We are the world's largest museum, research library, educational institution, and international community dedicated to clocks, watches, time, and timekeeping.

We are committed to being the premier educator and advocate for horology and everyone interested in the stories of time.

We share the stories of TIME…

You can now view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC website under the Message Board. This new area for Executive Director postings will also allow for communicating NAWCC specific updates, timely notices, and messages to the membership on the Message Board and opening a little more space for horological informative and educational matters on the Sunday morning posts.

We are also posting past posts with images on this Message Board “new” area.

For current posting, please go to: https://mb.nawcc.org/wiki/Weekly-News-4-1-2018

For past postings: https://mb.nawcc.org/wiki/Official-NAWCC-News

*As a helpful reminder, please remember that sometimes these photos need to be downloaded by right clicking in the left or right top corner of the photo, where there is an "x" or by right clicking to open the scroll list and look for "download pictures" to click on. With AOL accounts, it seems that hitting the "REPLY" button downloads the images. That may help in revealing the pictures. For our overseas friends, you might try double-clicking the picture, as a link has attempted to be attached to the image.

I am back on Facebook, so look for photos and videos posted there as well:




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Thank you for your interest in the NAWCC. To access our financial and gift planning information and planning calculators, please click here.

All the best of TIME to you.....
Tom Wilcox, Esq. - Executive Director
National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors,Inc.
We share the stories of TIME.....

p: 717.684.8261 Ext.209
If outside the US you can call or text me for free internationally on WhatsApp or WeChat at 610 213 1489.

We are the world's largest museum, research library, educational institution, and international community dedicated to clocks, watches, time, and timekeeping.

We are committed to being the premier educator and advocate for horology and everyone interested in the stories of time.


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