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Watch Blogs

This area is for your watch stories. These are your stories not intended for collaborative publishing like the articles in the main Encyclopedia area. Try to keep the main thrust of your topic about watches so that other users will find it easier to locate.

If you create a story here you will have the right to edit the contents for as long as you like. It is your choice to respond to others comments on your story or to edit the story to make it more clear or interesting.

When others view your story they will have the opportunity to view the history of your edits to the story or read any previous version.

Once the stories are published here, the Message Board has the right to display them in perpetuity. You have all other rights to your story. If others quote your story, they are obliged to give credit to you and not use your material commercially.

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Discussions for Watch Blogs

  1. A watch repair...68 years in the making

    Tracing the roots of my grandfather, a watchmaker in the 1930s, and sharing the story of a recent repair to one of his custom-designed timepieces (with the help of Mahlon Shetler)

    Gregory Allison, Sep 14, 2019
  2. Using Watch Blogs

    This area may be used for posting blogs about your favorite watches or watch topics. You will be able to edit and correct what you post here and others will be able to comment on the contents.

    Tom McIntyre, Jul 15, 2018

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    The area "Blog Files ha been created to store picture and other files that are used in the blogs. The objective is to provide a place where blog pictures are easier to find for browsing the pictures.