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UNIVERSUM CLOCK: Is anyone familiar with a Universum clock. I found a reference to the Universum Clock Co of Boston but can find no pictures or additional information on the web. The clock that sparked my interest appears to have a SethThomas, possibly Waterbury, balance type movement like the ones used in ST gallery clocks. Two springs, time only and winds from the back. I only briefly looked at the clok so cannot give a great deal of detail but it is intended to set on a table or shelf and is approx 2' x 2'. Two dials on top of oneanother affixed to center shaft and cannon pinnion. I really think the movement is Seth Thomas. Any way, if anyone is aware of any articles on these clocks or the company "Universum Clock Co" or has any other knowledge I would appreciate your input. I do not get on the NAWCC site often but will regularly for the next few days or you can contace me at clocdoc@aol.com.

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