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Thomas Tompion, London, b.1639 d. 1713
One of England's greatest clock and watchmakers. He made some of the first watches with balance-springs. In 1701 he was in partnership with Edward Banger and in 1711, in partnership with George Graham. There are several one year clocks (two in Buckingham Palace). His watches and clocks are seen in most of the worlds museums.

See- "Thomas Tompion his life and Work" by R.W. Symonds & Thomas
"Tompion at the Dial and Three Crowns" by Jeremy Evans.

Thomas Tompion - 300 Years - A celebration of the life and work of Thomas Tompion. By Jeremy Evans, Jonathan Carter and Ben Wright; with a foreword by David Thompson; Photography primarily by Andy Green. Published 2013 by Water Lane Publishing (Stroud, Glouchestershire, UK, in a limited edition of 750 copies, plus a luxury edition limited to 100 signed copies). ISBN 978-0-9927561-0-9. 664 pages; 31cm x 25 cm; hardcover, cloth, dust jacket. Countless illustrations, mostly large format and in color. Includes a ‘catalog’ section of 281 pages, describing 121 items in detail, plus an exhaustive table of all known pieces [revised and corrected list based on Evans’ 2006 publication], a 46-item Bibliography and a substantial Index of 11 pages. Available from the publisher at http://www.waterlanepublishing.co.uk/ for UKP 175 (ca. 300 US$) plus shipping (Luxury edition is UKP 500). NAWCC members may borrow a copy from the NAWCC lending library.

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