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Purpose of the Encyclopedia

This page is a chapter in 'Book Encyclopedia Writers Guide'


The purpose of the NAWCC Encyclopedia, an area of the NAWCC Message Board, is to be a comprehensive reference work containing articles on the subject of horology.

Such articles contain information which is not ephemeral and has long-term value.


The Encyclopedia maintains two types of information, articles and images. Images are primarily created to be embedded into articles.


The encyclopedia includes, but is not limited to, articles on:

  • non-mechanical timepieces (sun dials, etc.);
  • clocks;
  • watches; and
  • marine chronometers
It may also cover relevant aspects of :

  • time
  • timekeeping
  • tools and machinery
  • professions
  • crafts, techniques and skills (woodworking, engraving, gilding, etc.)
  • interdisciplinary subjects, including e.g. the philosophy of time, the sociolology of timekeeping (the role of timekeeping in society).
  • etc

The Encyclopedia is not a Dictionary

A dictionary is an explanatory list of words and phrases. The encyclopedia is not a dictionary and the articles within it should contain comprehensive information on subjects, not merely definitions of words.

There is a separate area within the NAWCC web site for a dictionary.

Relationship with other On-line Encyclopedias

The NAWCC Encyclopedia has the same basic philosophy and structure as Wikipedia.

However, this encyclopedia is expected to cover topics within its scope in greater detail.

Contributors to the NAWCC Encyclopedia are encouraged to make use of other on-line encyclopedias with a view improving them by providing links to this encyclopedia and in other ways.

Guidelines and Rules

The NAWCC Encyclopedia has articles which provide guidelines and rules for article writers and editors, and for image creators. There are moderators who oversee the application of these rules and guidelines.

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