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Passing Time Rhyme


Ding me a dong you young striking clock

Tic me a toc that is wrong

I really don’t care to know of the time

I love only your works and that dong

Give me your chime and forget about time

I’m sick of the all knowing world

What I want to see is that barrel & spring

Gradually becoming untwirled

Yes I want to see teeth, pinions and leaves

Your pivots escapement and rack

When I turn you round what I want to see

Is the pinwheel and hammers at back

Your pallets & springs that bring forth the dings

The strange little groans that you make

The sound of your charm when you sound your alarm

The tic-toc when your frame I shake

The cut of your dial that just makes me smile

The filigree hands called your finger

The smell of your wood, handles & hood

Attractions that in my mind, - linger

The last thing I want is a bleeper timekeeper

Stuck in my gaze and my thoughts

A plastic gear train inductor spring main

Electronic and timed by a quartz

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