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P.W. Ellis & Co.

P.W. Ellis & Co., Toronto, Ont., Canada was a major jobber as well as a manufacturer of pocket watch cases and chains.


P.W. Ellis & Co.: A Brief History

P.W. Ellis & Co. was established in 1872 (Men of Canada, Vol. 1, Bradley, Garretson & Co.) by Philip Wm. Ellis and his twin brother, M.C. Ellis (who went on to become the president of the Canadian Association of Dealers in American Watches and Cases by 1891). The firm was located at 4 Toronto St, Toronto in 1877, moving to 31 King St East, Toronto in 1880 (History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario, Vol. 1, C. Blackett Robinson). Besides the usual lines that would be expected of a jewelry jobber, the firm carried Omega, Waltham, Hamilton, Illinois and other, lesser, lines of watches. In addition to this, Ellis was a manufacturing jeweler. The company made an assortment of jewelry and cut glass items including, of special interest here, pocket watch cases and chains, using the same trade names on all, to indicate the quality (material) of the grades (see list, below). The company was still in operation under the P.W. Ellis name in 1915, but according to Doug Sinclair's November 210 Message Board post "Ellis later merged with Ryrie, and then the firm Ellis & Ryrie was bought out by Henry Birks & Sons Jewellers, likely circa the late 1920s."

The Ellis Line of Cases

The key trade mark used on the Ellis line of solid gold (and silver) and filled cases was a maple leaf containing the letter 'E' sometimes used along with the notation that the case was made in Canada. It is not clear if these appeared on the base metal Ellis cases (nickel & gun metal).


Case Grades

The below referenced 1915-1916 P.W. Ellis & Co. catalogue lists these Ellis watch case grades (listed in order of descending quality, based upon catalog pricing):

Case GradeCase Material
18K Solid Gold - May be set with diamonds.
Regal14K Solid Gold (posted by darcykamloops) - May be set with diamonds.
Sovereign14K Gold-Filled - 25-Year (posted by orlimarko)
ReginaGold-Filled (posted by testguy)
RegalSterling Silver
Gun Metal

See the Case Material Encyclopedia article for an explanation of the terms.


P.W. Ellis 1915 - 1916 Illustrated Catalogue (found online by Gordian).

Page No.Description
3Catalogs of other P.W. Ellis product lines
4-12P.W. Ellis Cases
6Sovereign & Banner 0 & 6 Size Gold-Filled Cases
7Sovereign & Banner 12 Size Gold-Filled Cases
8Sovereign & Banner 16 Size Gold-Filled Cases
9Sovereign & Banner 18 Size Gold-Filled Cases
10Regal Gold Cases
110-Size 18K Gold Cases Set w/ Diamonds and Demi-Hunting & Mason Style Cases
12Regal Sterling Silver Cases
13-18Bracelet Watches
15-17Champ Mvt - Bracelet, Convertible, Strap & Pocket Watches
19Civic Non-Magnetic Strap Watches
20-26 & 47Omega Watches
20-21Omega Strap Watches
23Omega 0-18 Size Mvts
24Omega Desk/Traveling Watches (Clocks)
25Omega 12, 14, 16 & 18 Size Complete Watches & Motor Watches
26Omega Railroad Mvts - Louis Brandt et Frere Model
27-31Waltham Watch Co.
28Waltham 0-18 & Jewel Size Mvts
29Waltham Military & Nurses Strap Watches
30Waltham Convertible Bracelet Watches
31Waltham 16-Size Equity Complete Watches
32Ingersoll Climax 16-Siae Watch & Leather Folding Desk Watch
33-38Hamilton Watch Co.
34Hamilton 12-Size grade No. 920 Cased Watches
35Hamilton Other 12-Size & 0-Size Cased Watches
36Hamilton 16-Size Pendant & Lever-Set Mvts
37Hamilton 16-Size Pendant-Set & 18-Size Grade Nos. 946, 942 & 940 Mvts
38Hamilton 18-Size Mvts, Other Grades
39-42Illinois Watch Company
39Illinois 18-Size Mvts
40Illinois 16-Size Mvts
41Illinois 16, 0 & 3/0-Size Mvts
42Illinois 12-Size Mvts
43-45Civic Non-Magnetic Watches (also see page 19)
44Civic Non-Magnetic 0-Size & 12-Size Watches
45Civic Non-Magnetic 16-Size & 18-Size Watches
46Eagle & Patria 12-Size & 14-Size Thin Model CompleteWatches
47Omega Chronographs, Decimal Chronographs & Repeaters & Himalaya Timers
48Gold-Headed Canes
50Waterbury Kitchen Clocks
51Alarm & Gilt One-Day Clocks
52Waterbury 8-Day Striking Clocks
53Sovereign Gold-Filled Watch Chains
54Banner Gold-Filled Watch Chains
55Alpha Rolled Gold Plate Watch Chains
56Sovereign Gold-Filled Waldemar & Coat Watch Chains
57Banner & Sovereign Gold-Filled Ladies' Watch Chains
58-139Misc. Jewelry: Necklets, Pendants, Fobs, Bracelets, Rosaries, Rings, Lockets & Etc.


Online Information

Men of Canada; or, Success by Example, in Religion, Patriotism, Business, Law,
Medicine, Education and Agriculture, Vol. 1
, Publisher: Bradley, Garretson & Co.,
Brantford, Ont, Canada, 1891, Pg. 148.

History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario, Volume 1, Publisher: C. Blackett Robinson, Toronto, Ont, Canada, 1885, Pg. 386.

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