Weekly News 6/3/18

Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.”

· Stephen Covey

Good morning to all our NAWCC friends!

Only 43 days until we reach the week of July 16, the week that the NAWCC hosts many events in the celebration of our 75th Anniversary and in holding of the 74th NAWCC Annual Convention in York, PA. Before us lies much important work to be completed. However, there were significant accomplishments in our past.

On July, 18, 2018, we will begin our week to recognize, remember, and commemorate a rich and meaningful heritage starting in 1943 with a group of people that wanted to meet together to discuss, share, collect, trade, and learn about clocks and watches and build a current and future society on this theme. Membership grew by sustaining an enjoyment and participation in this fantastic preoccupation with horology. Participants generously shared and invested their time, talents, treasures, and resources to perpetuate this organization devoted to timepieces.

Our association was built and grown by volunteer organizers and horological leaders from around the globe sharing a common passion and interest. Over seven decades later, in 2018, we still enjoy and pursue the same things.

Along the way, our pioneering members built a museum dedicated to conserving and sharing with the public their wonderful information, possessions, and artifacts. They preserved and passed along a practice of kind and generous behavior towards others who desired to join them in the same preoccupation and become a part of this horological hamlet in sharing the stories of TIME.

This has been the tradition and reputation of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. We share the stories of TIME! But what has passed has passed. While some of our stories will remain the same, many of our stories will change. What will we continue to perpetuate and what will we look to change and improve in order for us to build a stronger future still lies ahead.

Watch this…. from MIKE DAYTON, San Diego NAWCC member, reporting on the week the NAWCC was represented at the Worn and Wound Windup II independent wristwatch maker show in San Francisco. (Below, our members do us proud, carrying the NAWCC banner high among the San Franciscan wriistwatch collectors community.)

I contacted Worn and Wound last year in hopes they would interview me on one of their POD casts regarding our San Diego Southwest Regional. When they replied and we spoke I quickly realized that their company had a far greater ability to connect with young mechanical watch people. Because W&W is based out of NYC, NY. I put them in contact with Tom Wilcox our [Ex. Dir. & CEO] and they have partnered with NAWCC promoting us on their site and at events.

If you don’t already know there is a Huge resurgence in mechanical wrist watches. At least a hundred micro watch companies are starting up all over the world many in the US. These watch companies are owned and operated by 20, & 30 year olds. Many of the youth following this trend do not possess the historical knowledge surrounding watches and they are very thirsty.

These micro companies are filling the void in the lower price range. Mechanical watches below $2,000. Many are refurbishing vintage watches and selling them at $1,000 and below. All of these micro companies sell online only.

I am finding that most of these young people are also interested in vintage watches even pocket watches, but they don’t want to buy them off of eBay because they are old and they don’t know if they will run and they can’t find any info online about where to get them repaired or how to fix them themselves.
This is where NAWCC can make the connection, our opportunity to bridge that generational gap and bring new members into our chapters.
This weekend David Walters brought several watches and a clock movement He made with him people don’t believe him when he explains that he made them from scratch.
John Kirk brought several complicated wrist watches from his private collection including a coaxial tourbillion. (Mike Dayton below engaging with our next generation of NAWCC members).

I brought several dozen wristwatches and pocket watches to the Windup II Fair and engaged with over 150 young people with a passion for timekeeping, asking all those same questions we asked when we first started. Many took information to signup for NAWCC and info for Ch 5.
Most were just blown away when I placed a railroad grade pocket watch in a salesman case in their hands or a 1960’s chronograph. I could have sold every last one of them if I wanted.
I ran out of NAWCC brochures most just take pictures of the business card anyway. They can’t function without a phone.

One last comment on this ramble, they all were wearing watches!!!!

Hamilton Project Updates: We will be scheduling a GoToMeeting conference call thjis coming week among many of our Hamilton Watch Co. experts, blog owners, discussion moderators, and general all around fans and collectors to discuss the final touches in architecture and content and administration of our Hamilton brand specific on-line community site. If you are in this group, keep your eyes open for an email from me. If you want to join in, please let me know with your contact info. and background in Hamilton matters. And by the way, Hamilton Watch Co. CEO Sylvain Dolla, will be visiting the NAWCC Museum in June and Brand President Hamilton US Murielle Raveloson, will be joining us on July 18 in Columbia that night.

75th Sneak peaks…
We have just sent out and will be posting on our website a dedicated page for all the Speakers and Lectures to be given during the all day gala on the Museum grounds on Thursday, July 19 and at the convention grounds in York, PA on July 20 and 21. Many tours, exhibits, and presentations will take place on Thursday throughout the day. Richard Ketchen will exhibit and discuss his Charles Fasoldt inspired clocks, hand made tools, artist inclined day books, creations, inventions, and more in the Museum Rotunda. Stu Gottdenker will be on hand to host a tour of his donated Stu Gottdenker Collection on display in the special gallery room. Banjo Clocks, Carriage Clocks, and Chronograph wristwatches will round out the special tour/lecture/exhibit offerings comprised of museum and private collector items, many never seen in public before. Brigadier General James Price, Retired, USA will preside over a special ceremony to recognize and honor our veteran members and members currently in service to our country. Jay Dutton, member of the Development Committee, will recognize and honor Stu Gottdenker, assisted by a long time friend of Stu's.

We will recognize and honor Seiko Watch Corporation and thank in person Seiko executive and Seiko Watch Museum curator Hiroaki Kobari for partnering with the NAWCC and sponsoring a virtual reality watch movement designing software experience for children and visitors to our museum and ensuring our connection to the future. This project has also been funded by a grant from the Dart Foundation and a generous in-kind donation from Grand Seiko to unite Grand Seiko-designed software with zSpace STEM hardware technology in a NAWCC-sponsored program to introduce students and future watchmakers to the next generation of watchmaking design technology .For a demonstration, check it out at: https://museum.seiko.co.jp/en/collections/clock_watch/category6/grandseiko.html

Roland Murphy will honor Ken Hogwood for being the winner bidder on the special, 40th Museum Anniversary Commemorative RGM Watch and present him with the watch. Roland and RGM Watches will not stop there, though. Roland's generosity and support of the NAWCC will include his announcing and beginning the silent auction for another, special, one-of-a-kind chronograph watch he is creating especially for the NAWCC's 75th Celebration with the Tommy Ticker logo on the reverse. More details to follow.

Chapter from the NAWCC History Book

Where did our Tommy Ticker logo come from?

Member/Museum Mysteries: Solved: On the evening of July 19, 2018, the NAWCC Library Research Center will be recognizing the generous and faithful contributions Fortunat Mueller-Maerki has made to the NAWCC, its Library, and its Museum by naming the NAWCC Library in his honor. We are hosting a unique reception at our Columbia, PA headquarter facilities in the grand rotunda to commemorate this event.

Checking in at Columbia

In 2017 the National Watch and Clock Museum received a generous donation of many beautiful American and other high quality int’l clocks from Stu Gottdenker. Beginning May 17, 2018 the museum is showcasing some of the fine specimens from this clock collection in the exhibit, "American Treasures: The Stuart Gottdenker Collection". Here, examples of many prominent American clockmakers will be displayed alongside one another to showcase a lifetime of collecting. American Treasures runs from May 17th through December 31st, 2018.

Countdown on the For All Time Campaign

We will be making some exciting announcements about our campaign at the For All Time July 18th event. Invitations are going out his week by mail, but it is still not too late to participate in the campaign, donate or pledge at least $100 and get an invitation. All donors to all campaigns or just general donations to the NAWCC at any amount will be invited to our regular Donor Reception at the York Convention Center on Friday night at 6:30 pm.

Just a repeat update on our challenge to 75 members to donate or bequest at least $10,000.00 each and reach a mini-goal of $750,000. So far we have a current board member and spouse, a former board member and spouse, and a former convention chair and spouse who have heard and taken on that challenge.

They have gone back and added or changed their wills and estate planning, giving a pledge in their wills to the NAWCC For All Time Campaign that now totals more than $500,000! Just $250,000 away from reaching our mini goal by July 1st.

Have a great week!

You can now view this Sunday message, with all the pictures, on the NAWCC website under the Message Board. This new area for Executive Director postings will also allow for communicating NAWCC specific updates, timely notices, and messages to the membership on the Message Board and opening a little more space for horological informative and educational matters on the Sunday morning posts.

For current and past postings, please go to: https://mb.nawcc.org/ and scroll down to the right hand side and click on current or previous:

Executive Director's Weekly News

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All the best of TIME to you.....
Tom Wilcox, Esq. - Executive Director
National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors,Inc.
We share the stories of TIME.....

p: 717.684.8261 Ext.209
If outside the US you can call or text me for free internationally on WhatsApp or WeChat at 610 213 1489.

We are the world's largest museum, research library, educational institution, and international community dedicated to clocks, watches, time, and timekeeping.

We are committed to being the premier educator and advocate for horology and everyone interested in the stories of time.

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