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NAWCC Encyclopedia provides a more developed view of each topic covered than the forums can provide. The NAWCC Educational Forums are open discussions with simple questions and answers mixed with more authoritative opinions and some well developed material. However each post is the view of the poster and not necessarily a community view.

The collaborative development environment of the NAWCC Encyclopedia provides for the development and refinement of material that may also appear in the Forums but is edited by many knowledgeable contributors and managed by editors who act to moderate the material in the articles.

The full set of communication facilities offered on the Message Board include:

NAWCC Message Board is a high volume communication facility with many flavors of communication.

Voices section is for Private views with comments and responses by others displayed in blog format. in the Voices section of the Message Board.

Forums provide on-going moderated discussions about various topics appropriate to the particular forum category.

Timely Topics contains articles that may be derived from Voices or Forum discussions with support from Encyclopedia articles when appropriate. These articles are subject to review by the Message Board administrators and moderators who also generate some of the content by monitoring the other sources. Timely Topics also contains news feeds from other horological resources.