Longines Private Label Watches

Longines, seemingly more than most watch companies, provided contract watches, also known as a private label watch, furnishing a large number of private label watches to dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Below is a table of private label Longines watches started with information contained in a data base of railroad standard watches, created and maintained by Ed Ueberall and Kent Singer. Others may add to it, or may have already done so. That being the case, there may be non-railroad standard grade watches as well.

How to Search for a Name

Those wishing to search for a specific name could copy all of the fields in the below table into an Excel spreadsheet and use the 'Find and Replace' function to perform the search.

Table of Private Label Longines Watches

SizeJewelsStyleSetSerial No.Marking
18'''15OFPS66011Mvt "Morck Bros. Warren, PA." Dial "Morck Bros. Warren, PA."
0196308Mvt "D. Wolff/Phila" Multi-Color Dial "D. Wolff - Phila"
18OF292519Mvt "Francis Lemon - Aledo Ill" Dial replaced with a Trenton
8375441Mvt "Tilden, Thurber Co/Providence, R.I." Dial "Tilden, Thurber Co."
8424137Mvt "SW Morgan - Winona, Minn" Dial "SW Morgan"
1817OFPS482567Mvt "Central City" Dial "Central City"
18OF537513Mvt "Adjusted - Southern R.R. Watch" Dial "Southern R.R. Watch"
1820HCLS553869Mvt "Railway Special - Adjusted" Mvt & Dial "Brown & Grant, Saginaw, Mich."
1820HCLS553897Mvt "Railway Special - Adjusted" Mvt & Dial "Brown & Grant, Saginaw, Mich."
1820OFLS553902Mvt "Special, Adjusted" Mvt & Dial "I.G.Dillon & Co. Wheeling W Va."
1820HCLS553911Mvt & Dial "Geo C Shreve, San Francisco"
1821HCLS553953Mvt "Special Adjustment" Mvt & Dial "A.H. Simon - St. Paul"
1817OF613022Mvt "Adjusted - Official Railroad Watch Inspector Grand Forks, N.D. - J.Gan'sl" Dial Unmarked
1821HCLS620526Mvt "Special Adjustment" Mvt & Dial "A.H. Simon - St. Paul"
1821HC670503Mvt "Special Adjustment" Mvt & Dial "A.H. Simon - St. Paul"
1820/21679372Mvt "Adjusted - Giles Bro & Co" Dial "GB&Co"
1821OFLS679509Mvt "Adjusted - S Janowith, Baltimore"
1820/21OF679598Mvt "Adjusted - Giles Bro & Co" Nautilus Regulator
1821OF679555Mvt "Adjusted - J.R. Reed" Dial "J.R. Reed"
1820/21OF679598Mvt "Adjusted - Giles Bro & Co" Nautilus Regulator
1821HCLS693491Mvt "Adjusted - Livingston, Buffalo, N.Y." Nautilus Regulator
1820/21OFLS706814Mvt "Adjusted - Railway" Mvt & Dial "Jenkins, Richmond, Ind"
1820/21OF706868Mvt "Adjusted - Ryland & Ruskin, Lynchberg, Va."
1820/21OFLS706940Mvt "Adjusted - Made expressly for Duhme Co, Cincinnati" Dial "Duhme Co."
1821OFPS706949Mvt "Adjusted Extra - 21 Jewels, Ernest Francillon & Co" Dial Unsigned
1821OFLS706975Cal 21/59 Mvt "Adjusted - Ryland & Rankin, Lynchberg, Va." Dial "Ryland & Rankin, Lynchberg, Va."
1820HCLS718331Mvt "Adjusted - Wm Schweigert & Co., Augusta, GA" Dial "Wm Schweigert & Co., Augusta, GA"
1816+HCLS718473Mvt "Adjusted - Henry Henzel Albany N.Y" Dial "Henry Henzel"
1821HCLS71849621/60 Mvt "Special Adjustment - 21 Ruby Jewels - A.H. Simon, St. Paul" Dial "A.H. Simon - St. Paul"
1821OFLS734538Mvt "Adjusted - Michie Bros, Cincinnatti O." Dial "Michie Bros"
1821OFLS734546Mvt "Railroad King - Geo. E. Wilkins - Syracuse, N.Y." Dial "Geo. E. Wilkins"
1821OFLS734548Mvt "Railroad King - Geo. E. Wilkins - Syracuse, N.Y." Dial "Geo. E. Wilkins"
1821HC734812Mvt "Superior Adjustment - J.R. Reed & Co Pittsburgh, PA", Dial "J.R. Reed"
1821HC734834Mvt "Adjusted - Chas. S. Stifft, Little Rock, Ark."
1821HCLS734838Mvt "Special Adjusted - Railway Monarch" Unsigned Dial
1821HC734861Mvt "Adjusted - Chas. S. Stifft, Little Rock, Ark." Dial "Chas S Stifft"
1821HCLS73489121/60 Mvt "Special Adjusted - Railway Monarch" Unsigned Dial
1821HCLS741171Mvt "Adjusted - Lundy & Taylor - Cedar Rapids, Ia."Dial "Lundy & Taylor"
1821OF741238Adj, Nautilus Reg, 21/59 Mvt "Special Railroader - James Allan & Co., Charleston, S.C."
1821OF741284Mvt "Adjusted - Railway Monarch Special" Dial "Railway Monarch Special"
1821OF741287Mvt "Adjusted - William Black Montgomery Alabama" Dial "William Black Montgomery Alabama"
8795566Mvt "Shreve, Crump & Low - Boston" Dial "Shreve, Crump & Low - Boston"
17OF810843Mvt "Tiffany & Co., New York - Longine Watch Co."
1820OFLS906902Mvt "Adjusted - 20 Jewels - A. Feldenheimer, Portland, Oregon" Dial "A. Feldenheimer, Portland, Oregon"
1820OFLS906903Mvt "Adjusted - 20 Jewels - A. Feldenheimer, Portland, Oregon" Dial "A. Feldenheimer, Portland, Oregon"
1821OFLS1017921Mvt "Special Adjusted - Longines Railway Monarch" Nautilus Reg, Unsigned Dial
1817OFLS1078217Mvt "W.M.Stone Minneapolis Minn."
81098748"Price, Kieth & Co - Iowa City" Dial "Price Kieth"
1617+OFPS1120749Mvt "Reid & Todd - Bridgeport, Conn." Dial "Longines"
1821OF1121378Mvt "Special Adjusted - Express Monarch - F.H. Linnehan - Birmingham, Ala" Dial "F.H. Linnehan - Birmingham, Ala"
1821OF1121866Mvt "Chas. E. Stifft Little Rock, Ark" Dial "Chas. E. Stifft"
1817HC1126596Mvt "Guinand Bros. Ashland"
81146290Mvt "Tiffany & Co New York" Dial 'Tiffany & Co"
1821OFLS1165626Mvt "Adjusted - Otto H. Fasoldt, Albany, N.Y. - Longines Express Monarch" Dial "Otto H. Fasoldt"
1817OF1165720Adj, Mvt "E.W. Parker LaCrosse, Wis - Longines Express Leader" Dial "E.W. Parker"
1821OF1199595Mvt "F. Courvoisier St. Louis - Railroad Watch" Dial "Longines Express Monarch"
1821OFLS1270332Adj, Nautilus Reg, Mvt "Longines Express Monarch - Otto H. Fasoldt" Dial "Otto H. Fasoldt"
1821OFLS1270363Mvt & Dial "Longines Trans-Continental Express"
1821OF1270388Mvt & Dial "Longines Transcontinental Express"
1821OFLS1270394Adj, Nautilus Reg, Mod 21/60 ZZ OF Mvt "Longines - Trans-Continental Express" Dial "Longines - Express Monarch"
1821OFLS1270404Mvt & Dial "Longines Transcontinental Express"
1621OF1307033"Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch" Dial "F M Goner, Coonville, Ind."
16210F1307052Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Guinand Bros.-Ashland, Wisc." Dial "Guinand Bros.-Ashland, Wisc."
1817HCLS1315585Mvt & Dial "D.E. Black, Calgary, Alta"
1817OFLS1325646Mvt "For Exact R.R. Service" Dial "Fred S. Johnston"
1821OF1329753Mvt "Express Monarch" Dial "A.J. Bigelow"
1821OFLS1344370Mvt "E.A. Whipple & Sons - Adjusted - Safety Pinion"
1821OFLS1344442Mvt "L.H. Doll - Calgary, N.W.T." Dial "L.H. Doll - Calgary, N.W.T. "
1621HCLS1365878Mvt, "Adjusted - Longines Express Monarch - Luzon" Dial "Luzon"
1821OFLS1385399Adj, Nautilus Reg, Cal. 21-59 Mvt "Longines Express Monarch - Guinand Bros Ashland, Wis."
1821OFLS1385444Mvt, "Guinand Bros, Ashland, Wis." Dial "Guinand Bros"
1821LS1385502Mvt, "Longines Express Monarch" Dial "R. Hemsley, Montreal"
18211385542Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Guinand Bros, Ashland, Wis."
1821OF1385595"Longines Express Monarch, E. A. Whipple & Sons - Springfield, MA" Dial "E. A. Whipple & Sons"
1617OFLS1391545Adj, Mvt "Longines Express Leader - Luzon" Dial "Luzon"
1621OFLS1396138Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Luzon Special" Dial "Luzon Special"
1617OFLS1402948Mvt "Adjusted - Longines Mail & Express" Dial "J.M. Boner"
1621OFLS1406254Mvt "Adjusted" Dial "xxx H. Fasoldt" where xxx is scratched off lettering
1816+HCLS1407319Dial "Roberto Kohlschitter - Genova"
1819OFLS1414274Mvt A5P "The Dale Reliance" Dial "The Dale Reliance"
01426834"Tiffany & Co."
1819OFLS1450335Mvt "Adjusted - Hemsley's Canadian Railway" Dial "R. Hemsley Montreal"
1819OFLS1450336Mvt "Adjusted - Hemsley's Canadian Railway" Dial "R. Hemsley Montreal"
1819OFLS1450350Mvt "Adjusted - Hemsley's Canadian Railway" Dial "R. Hemsley Montreal"
1821HCLS1455670A5P, 21/60 Mvt "Longines Express Monarch - Guinand Bros, Ashland, Wis." Dial "Longines - Express Monarch"
1817OFLS1506229A5P Dial "R.Hemsley Montreal"
1621OFLS1507458Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Made Specially For R. Hemsley - Longines Express Monarch" Dial "Longines"
1621OFLS1507468Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Made Specially For R. Hemsley - Longines Express Monarch" Dial "R. Hemsley Montreal"
211527061"Adjusted In 5 Poistions - R. H. Stearns & Co., Pine Bluff, Ark."
1821OFLS1527064Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Poistions - L.B. Moore, Denison, Tex." Dial "L.B. Moore, Denison"
1617HCLS1539195Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Poistions - Longines Mail & Express" Dial "Longines Mail & Express"
161542693Mvt "Frank Curtis Co, Decatur, Ill." Dial Frank Curtis Co."
1821OFLS1573468A5P, 21/59 Mvt "Longines Express Monarch - D.R. Dingwall, Winnipeg, " Dial "Dingwall"
1821OFLS1585250A5P, Mvt "Express Monarch - Made Specially for R. Hemsley" Dial "Keast & Brown Farnham Que"
1821OFLS1585554A5P, 21/59-ZZ Mvt "Express Monarch - C.A Clement, Springfield, Mo." Dial "C.A Clement"
1821OFLS1593637Mvt "Fred Baehr, St. Louis", Dial "Fred Baehr"
1821OF1599605Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - F.D. Day & Co - Duluth, Minn" Dial "F.D. Day & Co"
1821OFLS1599639Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Longines Exprress Monarch" Dial "E.W. Ross - North Bay, Ont."
1621OFLS1602877Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch - Luzon" Dial "Luzon"
1621OFLS1602888Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - J.A. Bernier - Lake Magantic - Official Agent" Dial "J.A. Bernier - Lake Magantic, P.Q."
1621OFLS1602894Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch - Made Specially for R. Hemsley" Dial "R. Hemsley Montreal."
1621OFLS1602897Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch - Bichsel Bros., Sedallia, MO." Dial "Bichsel Bros."
1817OFLS1605993Mvt "Adjusted in 5 Positions - Longines Express Leader - D.R. Dingwall Winnipeg, Man." Dial "Dingwall"
1817OFLS1606045A5P, Mvt "Express Leader - Made Specially for R. Hemsley"
1621OFLS1608187"Adjusted In 5 Positions - Luzon" Dial "Luzon"
1621OFLS1608188"Adjusted In 5 Positions - Luzon" Dial "Luzon"
1821OFLS1608475Mvt "Adjusted in 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch - Made Specially For R. Hemsley"
18211608503Mvt "Wilbur, Lamphear Co., Galesburg, ILL" Logo in box on Mvt & Dial " Burlington RR Special"
1821OFLS1608530Mvt "Adjusted in 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch - Made Specially For R. Hemsley"
1821OFLS1608578Mvt "Adjusted in 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch – L.B. Moore, Denison, Tex."
1821OFLS1611619A5P, Mvt & Dial "Longines Express Monarch 21 Jewels J. A Bernier, Lake Megantic, Official Agent"
1821OFLS1611641"Adjusted in 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch - Bichsel Bros, Sedelia, MO"
1821OFLS1626941A5P "Longines Express Monarch - Capo-Huhosen Jewelry Co., Tucson, Ariz." Dial "Capo-Huhosen"
1821OFLS1644206"Adjusted in 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch - Made Expressly For R. Hemsley" Dial R. Helmsley Montreal"
1617HC1665858"Adjusted - H.C. Abbott & Bro. - Birmingham, Ala." Dial "H.C. Abbott & Bro"
1821HCLS1679001A5P, 21/60 Mvt "A.Y. Boswell , Tulsa, Okla. - Longines Express Monarch" Dial "A.H. Simon- St. Paul"
1821OFLS1680681"Adjusted in 5 Positions - Longines Express Monarch" Dial "Riddel & Vinet, Point St Charles"
1821OFLS1680726"Adjusted in 5 positions - Longines Express Monarch - Chas. S. Stifft, Little Rock, Ark." Dial "Chas. S. Stifft"
1621OFLS1724595A5P, Mvt "Express Monarch - J.M. Boner, Evansville, Ind." Dial "Longines"
1621OFLS1737144A5P, Mvt "Dingwall Winnipeg, Man" Dial "Dingwall"
1617OFLS1809791A5P, Mvt "Express Leader A.H. Furstnow - Fon Du Lac Wis" Dial "A.H. Furstnow & Co"
3/01810275"Harrington & Nonnenmacher - Columbus, O." no dial
9 3/4 L1813841Mvt "D Wolff Phila " Dial "D. Wolff"
1817OFLS1818465A5P, Mvt "Longines Express Leader - Emile Jacot, Quebec" Dial "Emile Jacot - Quebec"
1821OFLS1818591A5P, Mvt "D.R. Dingwall Winnipeg, Man." Dial "Dingwall"
161864416"T.L Combs & Co - Omaha, Neb"
1823OF1864903Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions" Dial "G.M. Rioch - Kenora, Ont."
1823OF1866424A5P, Mvt "Express Monarch - Jackson Brothers Edmonton Alta"
1817OFLS1866540A5P, Mvt "Express Leader - Made Specially For R. Hemsley"
1817OFLS1866545A5P, Mvt "Express Leader - Made Specially For R. Hemsley" Dial "R. Hemsley (Block) - Montreal (Italics)"
1817OF1867663A5P, Mvt "Longines Express Leader - W.F. Tate, Cranbrook, B.C." Dial "W.F. Tate (Block) - Cranbrook, B.C. (Italics)"
1617OFLS1875342A5P, Mvt "E.A. Whipple & Sons - Springfield, Mass." Dial "E.A. Whipple & Sons"
81879383"Smith Patterson Company Boston"
1617OFLS196523919.95 Mvt "Eight (8) Adjust'ts - Adjusted In 5 Positions" Nautilus Reg, "Longines Express Leader" Dial "J. Segerstrom (above Ctr Post) - Swiss (above Secs)"
1619OFLS196537319.95 Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions" Nautilus Reg, Bbl Brg "Longines Express Leader" Dial "R. Hemsley (Block) - Montreal (Italics)"
1617OFLS1965476A5P, Mvt "Express Leader - Made Specially For R. Hemsley" 19.95
1823OFLS1965989A5P, Mvt "Longines Express Monarch - D.E. Black, Calgary, Can." Dial "D.E. Black - Calgary, Can
1823OFLS1966058A5P, Mvt & Dial "D.E. Black - Calgary, Can."
1621OF1972797Mvt "Eight Adjustments - Express Monarch - Chas H. Bard, Sedalia, MO." Dial "Chas H. Bard"
1621OF1972808"Bichsel Bros."
82041776Mvt "Smith Patterson Company, Boston" Dial "Smith Patterson"
1623OF2043651Mvt "Eight (8) Adjustments - Longines W. Co." Dial "A. N. Anderson Regulator"
1623OFLS2043673Mvt "Eight (8) Adjustments - Longines W. Co." Dial "A. N. Anderson Regulator"
1623OFLS2043691A5P, Cal 19.95 Mvt "Longines W. Co." Dial "Henry Birks & Sons - Limited"
23OF2043741A5P, Mvt "E. Black Calgary, Can", Dial "Longines Express Monarch"
1623OFLS2043742A5P, Mvt & Dial "D.E. Black Calgary, Can"
1623OF2043774Mvt & Dial "D.E. Black-Calgary, Alberta"
1621OFLS2043801Mvt "Adjusted In 5 positions -B. C. Crichton, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan" Dial "B. C. Crichton, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan"
1623OF2043831A5P, Mvt "Longines Express Monarch" Dial "Henry Birks & Sons"
1817OF2044279A5P, Mvt "L.H. Doll Calgary, Alta"
1819OFLS2044438Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - C.S. McLeod & Co'y, Amhearst N.S." Dial "C.S. McLeod & Co'y, Amhearst N.S."
1819OFLS2044450Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Thomas Lees - Hamilton, Ont"
18192044452Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Howell Bros, Windsor, Ont" Under Dial "Wittnauer Longines"
1819OFLS2044472Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - J.A. Couture, Thetford Mines, P.Q." Dial "J.A. Couture, Thetford Mines, P.Q."
1617OF2050312Mvt "Ryrie Bros, Toronto" Dial "Ryrie Bros"
1819OFLS2054097Mvt "Eight (8) Adjust'ts - Longines Express Leader - Jos. I. Schwartz Moffat R.R. Special" Dial "Moffat R.R. Special (above Ctr Post) - Swiss (below Ctr Post)"
17OF2054141Mvt & Dial "F.A. Peel, Strathcona, Alberta"
18172054159Mvt "Eight (8) Adjust'ts - Jos. I. Schwartz Moffat Special"
1619OFLS2056798A5P, Mvt "HJ Howe - Syracuse NY" "Dial "HJ Howe"
1619OFLS2056821Mvt "8 Adjustments - Express Leader - Joseph I. Schwartz - Moffats RR Special" Dial "Moffat RR Special"
015WW2182536D.E. Black
1619OFPS2266284Mvt "Adjusted - Ryrie Bros Toronto" Dial "Ryrie Bros"
16172278790"5 Adjustments - Treat & Eacret - San Francisco" Dial "Treat & Eacret"
18152279891A3P, Mvt "Galt & Bro., Washington, D.C. - Longines W. Co. Swiss"
10 (?)21HCPS2363342Mvt "5 (5) - Adjust'ts - George R. Dodson, Inc - Spokane, Wash. - Twenty One (21) Jewels" Dial "George R. Dodson, Inc."
1617OF2365977"H.H.Holmes"(Open to question)
1617OF2365993Mvt "Longines Express Leader - Adjusted In 5 Positions" Dial "M.G. Howe Regina."
9 3/4 L2366707"Berks" "Clive"
1817OFLS2371046A5P, Mvt "Longines Express Leader" Dial "Keast & Brown - Farnham, Que."
1819OF2371050A5P, Mvt "Ferguson & Page - St. John, N.B." Dial "Ferguson & Page"
1817OFLS2371082A5P, Nautilus Reg, Mvt "Longines Express Leader" Dial "A. Paquet - Quebec"
1819OFLS2378907A5P, Mvt & Dial "J.A Gibson - Woodstock N.B."
1819OF2378924A5P, Mvt "Express Leader" Dial "A.N. Anderson - Regulator"
16152501435Mvt "Jos. Schwartz - Denver Col" Dial "Jos. L Schwartz"
1619OFLS2502584A5P, Mvt "Express Leader" Mvt & Dial "J.A. Girard, Lake Megantic, P.Q."
1619OFLS2502607A5P, Mvt "Express Leader" Dial "Bichsel's - Sedalia, Mo."
1619OFLS2502997Mvt "Adjusted In 5 Positions - Longines Express Leader - J.C. Vezine, Quebec." Dial "J.C. Vezine, Quebec"
1817OF2504488D.E. Black
1817OF2509448A5P, Mvt & Dial "Express Leader" Mvt "Riddell & Vinet, Pt. St. Charles"
1616OF2510440D.E. Black
1819OFLS2513648"Adjusted In 5 Positions - Express Leader - Andrew & Co Limited, Winnipeg." Dial "Andrew & Co Limited, Winnipeg."
9 3/4 L2517434Mvt Birks "Clive"
1818/19OF2519150Dial "D Black & Co, Limited"
9 3/4 L2661333Dial "Shreve, Treat & Eacret"
1819OFLS2676712A5P, Nautilus Reg, 21.5 Mvt "Longines Express Leader - J.C. Vezina, Quebec." Dial "J.C. Vezina - Quebec"
9 3/4 L2678962Mvt & Dial "Chas. Olson & Co./Minneapolis"
1815OF2679430D.E. Black
1221OF27442513 Adjust'ts, Mvt "Made For Tiffany & Co. - By The Longines Watch Co" Radial Dial "Tiffany & Co."
122876419"Millard F. Davis Wilmington, Del"
1619OFLS2961741Mvt "Longines Express Leader" Dial "Henry Birks & Sons Limited"
1619OF2961749A5P, Mvt:"Jenry Birks & Sons Ltd-Longines Express Monarch"(Probably Henry Birks)
1621OFLS2962234A5P, Mvt "Express Monarch - Thomas Lees Hamilton, Ont" Dial "Thomas Lees"
1621OF2962250"Express Monarch, Adjusted in 5 Positions" Dial "Moose Jaw, Sask"
1916OFLS2964116A5P, Mvt & Dial "D.A Reesor, Brandon Man"
1623OF2964147Express Monarch, Mvt "Adjusted in 5 Positions - D E Black & Co.Limited, Alberta" Dial "D E Black & Co. Limited"
1621OFLS2964385A5P, Mvt "J.C. Vezina, Quebec." Dial "Longines Express Monarch"
83164144Mvt Birks "St. James"
18"'17OF3166481Mvt (courtesy of oldcodger) "Bunde & Upmeyer Co, Milwaukee - Wis - CB"
1615OF3171590D.E. Black
9 3/4 L3279602Mvt "Shreve & Co/San Francisco" Dial "Shreve & Co."
1217OF3294373Mvt "Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co. Philadelphia"
123317425"Bailey Banks & Biddle Philadelphia"
OF3345994Mvt "Extra 5 Adj. - Shreve & Co. San Francisco" Dial "Shreve & Co."
1617OF3831111Mvt "CB - Longines Watch Co." Not Marked "Adjusted” Dial "F. Pequegnat & Son - Stratford, Ont."
17”’21OF4346034Mvt "Longines Watch Co. – Extra – Superior – Adjusted To Five (5) Positions - 17.95M” Dial "Ball - Longines"
1215OF4646345Berks (Birks?)
1215OF4646347Berks (Birks?)
1215OF4646360Berks (Birks?)
1215OF4681497Berks (Birks?)
1615OFPS4773012WI, A3P, 8-Day, Mvt "Black Starr & Frost"
1821OFPS5734338WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C." Reporter stated "I contacted Longines on this one, it was made on March 10, 1939"
1821OFPS5939412WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, 21.29 Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS5939454WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, 21.29 Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS5939496WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS5939554WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6046635WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6046637WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6046724WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6061459WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6061525WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, 21.29 Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS606154024 Hr WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6073285WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6073338WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OF6077146WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, 21.29 Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6077215WI, AT5P, 21.29 Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OF6077252WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, 21.29 Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6084821WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6088850WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6088868WI, AT5P "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6096634WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, 21.29 Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6096704WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6096705WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, 21.29 Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OFPS6108784WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."
1821OF6195261WI, AT5P
1821OFPS6433976WI, AT5P, Nautilus Reg, Mvt "U.S. Army A.C."


1. Where the dial is noted as being marked differently from the movement, or unmarked, there is no certainty that it is original to the movement. However, multiple examples of the same movement-dial combinations (other than the dial being marked "Longines") increase the probability.

2. The watch descriptions consist of watches reported by individuals or organizations, or extracted from publications, mail-order dealer lists, or internet websites. The information is subject to errors in reporting or recording the data.

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