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Hess, Jeffrey

Jeffrey P. Hess, an NAWCC member for over thirty years, is an experienced researcher of watches, having provided material and data for others' works as well as authoring his own. Additionally, he successfully runs several watch businesses.


Jeff has provided a lot of original information to Roy Ehrhardt over the years, who utilized it in a number of his books. He has also been a contributor to "The Railroaders' Corner" column in the NAWCC Bulletin. Jeff has served at the Mid-South Regional convention in Chattanooga, TN, lending his expertise to identify and evaluate watches brought in by the public in a Clock & Watch "Road Show" style program. More recently, having the access to the Ball family papers, Jeff has been a regular poster on the NAWCC Message Board, detailing the activities of the Webb C. Ball and his son Sidney Ball, and their companies.

Successful Horological Business Owner

Jeff Hess, with his wife Katrina, owns and operates Hess Fine Arts, a retail watch and jewelry store in St. Petersburg, FL and also one of the largest antique pocket watch sales operations on the internet. He also is the owner and CEO of BALL Watch USA, a firm that traces its history back to Webb C. Ball's original companies. As such, Jeff has extensively researched Webb C. Ball and Sidney Ball and their various companies, having the access to the Ball family papers and he is authoring a book entitled On the Ball: The Story of Webb C. Ball.


The Best of Time: The Unauthorized History of Rolex, 2nd Edition, Jeffrey P. Hess & James M. Dowling, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, December 2001

On the Ball: The Story of Webb C. Ball, Jeffrey P. Hess, Due to be released late 2009

Richard Arbib & the Beginnings of the Hamilton Electric Watch, Jeffrey P. Hess, Due to be released late 2009

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    Jul 12, 2002
    I am a recently retired research physicist
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    Jeff is another mostly unsung hero in our organization, and the watch collecting community needs to rectify this.