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A clockmaker -in the proper sense of the word- is a person or organization (such as a company or workshop) who makes a complete clock essentially from scratch. As a minimum that person (or organization) should make both the movement themselves and to their own design. To what extent components made by third parties are permitted is a question of judgement, typically such parts as screws, springs etc are bought in. Quite often, third party dials and hands are considered acceptable. Whole escapements are generally not. More often than not cases are made by third parties.

A person or organsation that just designs and makes cases, and fits them with third party movements should NOT properly becalled a clockmaker.

In common usage however the term 'clockmaker' is quite often used for (and claimed by) people and organizations that properly should be called clock assemblers, i.e. they buy standard off-the shelf movements (often mass produced quarz movements). have cases made by third parties to their design, and assemble these components into finished clocks.

All to often contemporary clock brands call themselves 'watchmakers' even if they have no manufacturing facilities of their own. They just design a clock model, and buy cases, movements, and assembly services from third parties.

Another frequent misuse of the word 'clockmaker' occurs when people (or organizations) whose only business is repairing and servicing clocks call themselves 'clockmakers' instead of clock repairers, even if they do not have the skills or facilities to make a clock.

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