Frauenhoff, Greg

Greg Frauenhoff, Ph.D., is an NAWCC member of long standing. He has authored a number of books and has authored or co-authored articles appearing in the NAWCC Bulletin (listed in the table below). His lecture entitled "What Is a Railroad Watch" at the 1996 NAWCC Seminar on Railroad Timekeeping was well received.

His major collecting interests are Aurora watches, watch movement shipping tins for the smaller American makers, horological ephemera, better grade Rockford watches, and whatever else happens to catch his fancy. You can see Greg's public profile on the message board here.

Books and Booklets

Aurora Watch Company - Grades and Production, Greg Frauenhoff, 1st Ed. 1995, 2nd Ed. 2001.

History and Products of the Columbus Watch Company, Greg Frauenhoff, 2003.

History and Products of the United States Watch Company Waltham, Mass., Greg Frauenhoff, 2003.

An Outline History of the Aurora Watch Company, Greg Frauenhoff, Riverside, IL, 1993.

Serial Numbers and Descriptions of Fredonia and Peoria Watch Co. Movements, Greg Frauenhoff, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008.

American Non-Magnetic Watches in the 19th Century, Greg Frauenhoff, 2004.

100 Plus Years of Railroad Watches and Railroad Watch Standards in North America, Greg Frauenhoff, 1999.

Railroad Watch Inspectors, Greg Frauenhoff, Sedalia, CO, 2000, 2003.

A Rockford Watch Company Primer, Greg Frauenhoff, 2004.

Pictorial Guide to Aurora Watches, Greg Frauenhoff, 1999.

A Reconstruction of the Aurora Watch Company's Watch Movement Production Runs, Greg Frauenhoff, 1990.


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