Jacques/Elite 11 tube Hall clock restoration thread

For whatever reason, no one seems to document their work on this forum. I would love to see the restoration progress of some of the amazing clocks all you members have out there. As a result, with this thread, I hope to start a new trend here as well as keep a record of what has been done to this clock.

The back story:

Back in February, I was in Orlando perusing craigslist in my hotel room when i happened upon this clock. doing some research, i saw that the owner had been trying to sell it for over 2 years. I gave the seller a call and agreed to rent a car and make the 2 hour drive down to Stewart, Florida to have a look at it the next day.

Here she is in all her glory. Sitting in the seller's garage. The clock is complete, suffering from years of simple neglect. In this condition it needs a full restoration. We didn't agree on a price on this date and I made the drive back to Orlando empty handed. I did agree to think about it and I kept in touch with the owner for the next couple months. I did tons of research, looked at what seemed like hundreds of other clocks. I kept coming back to this one. I made friends with a few Herschede experts, collected lots of advice. In spite of my wife's misgivings, I contacted the seller in June to finally negotiate a deal. I ended up paying more than I wanted and the seller(who is an awesome guy, by the way) took less than he wanted. I promptly sent him a deposit and made plans to rent a car-this time from Miami. i was planning to be there the next month for work.

Another 2 hours driving, about 5 hours packing up the clock for shipping, and the 2 hour drive back to Miami made for a long day to be sure. here are the results of my labor.

Cabinet shown here emptied of all mechanical parts.

Everything all packed up and ready for the shipper to come load on his truck

It took about 3 weeks to find the right insured shipper that was willing to do the job at a price i could live with. For your future reference, i used 2 methods to make the transport happen. 1st, i called around to all the antique furniture shops and asked for leads. second, i used the web site Uship. i made sure to only choose an individual with his own truck and not a big company with some random driver that doesn't give a crap. both methods produced results but i ended up using a guy that found my ad on Uship. Miami to Houston cost around 400.00 with insurance. the clock arrived perfectly with no damage.

here is a pic of the cabinet once it arrived at my home and i have started to disassemble it.

more to come......

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