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Harrison Articles in HJ

DateVol NoPage NoDescription of Articles
1859138Biographical Memoir of John Harrison
1859151, 65, 78, 93,106,120The Principles of Mr Harrison’s Timekeepers
18792114, 24, 51Harrison’s Tomb
18832568-69Harrison’s Latest Biography
189133107, 123Harrison’s Chronometer
18974043-44Harrison’s Clock Escapement to go without oil
1910 May52137, 141A Description of the Royal Astronomical Society’s Harrison Clock
1910 Sept537Letter to Editor Regarding Harrison family & the Lincolnshire Bell Foundry
1912 Dec5558John Harrison, his portrait
1914 April56121-126John Harrison’s Chronometer (Illustrated) part 1
1914 May56133-137John Harrison’s Chronometer part 2
1914 May56138Letter to Editor re the above article
1923 Oct6630A miniature copy of Harrison’s No. 4 by R. T. Gould
1924 Aug66240Letter to Editor regarding Harrison’s No.2 & No.3, with photo
1931 May73166-168John Harrison’s Third Timekeeper
1931 June73175Letter to Editor by R. T. Gould regarding oil.
1932 Mar74105-108The Restoration of John Harrison’s Third Timekeeper (Illustrated) Part 1
1932 April74120-127The Restoration of John Harrison’s Third Timekeeper. Part 2
1932 May74151-153The Restoration of John Harrison’s Third Timekeeper. Part 3
1932 June74166-167The Restoration of John Harrison’s Third Timekeeper. Part 4
1932 July74178-181The Restoration of John Harrison’s Third Timekeeper. Part 5
1935 Dec7812-21John Harrison & his Timekeepers, a lecture by R.T.Gould (Illustrated) part 1
1936 Jan788-12John Harrison & his Timekeepers, a lecture by R.T.Gould part 2
1950 June92358Manuscript of 1730 comes to light.
1950 July92448-450The 1730 Harrison Manuscript. Part 1
1950 Aug92504-506The 1730 Harrison Manuscript. Part 2
1951 June93376John Harrison discovery at Nostell Priory.
1951 June93377Temperature Compensation of Harrison’s 1st "Marine Timekeeper" by D.W. Fletcher
1951 Aug93517Was James the genius? And more about Harrison.
1951 Sept93593Harrison Claims. James or John?
1952 June94366-369Restoration of John Harrison’s 1st Timekeeper by D.W.Fletcher
1952 Sept94582-584More details of "H1"- letters between D.W. Fletcher & A.L. Rawlings.
1953 April95243-245First Hundred Years of the Marine Chronometer. Lecture by D.W Evans.
1954 Sept96593Plaque for site of John Harrison’s House.
1955 Feb9790-92John "Longitude" Harrison & his brother James
1955 Dec97804-809John Harrison’s last Timekeeper of 1770 a technical analysis of No.5 by R.Good
1957 Jan9928Harrison’s No.1 letter from D.W. Fletcher
1961 April103219-220John & James Harrison – letter from H. Quill.
1962 Mar104158-160Harrison Bi-centenary Exhibition
1963 June105214Harrison No.4 in Washington
1963 July105228Letter to Editor regarding above article from G. Bugggins
1963 Aug105262Reply from T. Gurney Mercer FBHI
1964 June106109Naval Observatory Exhibits No.4 in U.S. by W. Markowitz
1967 May10922"John Harrison, The Man Who Found Longitude" by Humphrey Quill. A book review
1976 Feb1185-13"John Harrison, the man who mastered the Pendulum." A lecture by W.S. Laycock
1976 April11818John Harrison’s Manuscript by Charles K. Aked. Part 1
1976 May11815Comments on John Harrison’s Manuscript by Charles K. Aked Part 2
1976 May11819John Harrison Exhibition (Bicentenary)
1976 June11815John Harrison-Copley Medallist & the £20,000 Longitude prize. Short comment.
1976 July1193John Harrison’s Paradox by Charles K. Aked
1976 July1193-5On the nature of Phenomenon of Balances, or the Solution of a seemingly Paradox Therein, by John Harrison
1976 July1197John Harrison & The Positivists
1976 Aug1194-6A Manuscript of John Harrison c.1740 article by Andrew L. King.
1976 Aug1198-9The Lost Science of John ‘Longitude’ Harrison by William Laycock, a book review.
1976 Nov1193-6How Greenwich Observatory Lost the Harrison Regulators by Martin Burgess FBHI
1977 Dec12019-20The Dent Harrison Commemorative Clock
1978 April12028Harrison: Lubrication; et al (letter to the Editor)
1978 April12028-29The Dent Harrison Commemorative Clock. Letter to the Editorby W. Cartwright, Lincs.
1979 May12126-27Harrison ignored. Letter from Mervyn Hobden
1981 April12317-20John Harrison’s Roller Gearing by P. Hastings
1981 May12324-26Famous Timepieces, Harrison’s 1st Marine Timekeeper by W.P. Roseman FBHI
1981 July12416-18John Harrison, Balthasar van der POL & the Non-Linear Oscillator by M.K. Hobden. Part 1
1981 Nov124Part 2 of above article
1982 Feb124Part 3
1982 April124Part 4
1982 June124Part 5
1982 June12429Annual Meeting of the Harrison Research Group
1985 Jan12725-28The Harrison Grasshopper Escapement by Kenneth James. Part 1
1985 Feb1279-14The Harrison Grasshopper Escapement by Kenneth James. Part 2
1985 April12720Harrison Chronometers on Exhibition.
1987 July13021The Harrison Regulator for the Gurney Clock by Martin Burgess FBHI
1988 July13119Looking forward to the Harrison Seminar by M. Burgess at Norwich 27-28 August 1988
1988 Oct1315The Harrison Seminar reported by Tim Treffry.
1989 June1317Booklet on John Harrison and the Problem of Longitude, from Heather Hobden.
1989 July1325Harrison’s Remontoire, letter from J. Betts
1989 Nov132149"To Run or Not to Run" letter from J.I. Garstin, some reference to H4.
1989 Dec132186Harrison & Airy, letter from P. Woodward.
1990 Jan132222Harrison family in Barrow. Talk given by Dora Borrill- a mine of info on the Harrison family.
1990 Mar132291Questioning Airy’s assumptions, letter from M.J Greene, Cheshire.
1990 April132327Reply to Mr Greene from Martin Burgess.
1990 May132372Harrison and his Wooden Clocks, talk by A. King.
1990 July1333Questioning Airy, another letter from Martin Burgess.
1990 Sept13374Harrison & Airy, letter from Mervyn Hobden.
1992 Oct135112U.S. Symposium for Harrison Tercentenary.
1992 Dec135184Proposed Biography: Lt. Cdr. R.T. Gould by J. Betts
1993 May135365Booklet on John Harrison & the Problem of Longitude by Heather Hobden.
1993 July13617John Harrison’s Sea Clock, H1, and regulators, by Andrew King.
1993 July13618John Harrison’s 1st Sea Clock, researched & illustrated by David Hurst.
1993 Aug13648-53A Look At The Grasshopper Escapement By P. R Hastings.
1993 Sept13688The 1st Replica of John Harrison’s Sea Clock, H1 by Derek Pratt FBHI
1993 Nov136146Harrison & H4, letter from M. Burgess.
1993 Nov136147Harrison’s Remontoire, letter from A.L. James
1993 Dec136181H3- Front Cover of the Horological Journal
1993 Dec136210John Harrison by J. Betts, review by T. Mercer
1993 Dec136210Harrison Taped. Broadcast books on audio tape.
1994 Jan136220The Longitude Symposium. NAWCC & Harvard University pay tribute to John Harrison.
1994 Mar136316Harrison’s Wooden Clock Technology, lecture given by A. King to Hampshire Branch.
1994 July136457John Harrison Talk, given by J. Betts to Bristol Branch.
1994 Oct136559Anthropology & Harrison’s Horology, by Ted Wale.
Jan 199513716-17The Mathematics is only as Good as the Model by Mervyn Hobden.
Mar 199513796History of Thomas Mercer- he did major repair work on H1 & H3. Talk by John McKenzie FBHI.
April 1995137136Talk on Marine Chronometers by John Hatt at N. London branch.
July 1995137243Talk on Marine Chronometers by John Hatt at Sussex branch.
Sept 1995137300-301The Hairspring & The Computer, Part 2 by Philip Woodward.
Nov 1995137385The Story of Rupert Gould, talk by Jonathon Betts at the Cheltenham branch.
Dec 1995137419-421The Hairspring & The Computer, Part 5 by Philip Woodward.
Feb 199613850-52The Introduction of the Marine Chronometer in the Netherlands. A Dingwall-Beloe Lecture by John Leopold.
Feb 199613862Talk on ‘The Mechanism of H4’ by Anthony Randall at the Sussex branch.
Mar 199613877Letter from GH Hoare, praising Randall’s talk at Sussex.
May 1996138156-157Book review by Andrew King, ‘Longitude’ by Dava Sobel, it’s the story of John Harrison’s life.
May 1996138161Talk on ‘Chronometers and their Manufactures’ by John Griffiths at the Sussex branch.
June 1996138207Talk on ‘Harrison and a paper he prepared on Sea Clocks in 1730’ by Andrew King at a branch meeting.
July 1996138220-221Letter about Harrison’s H1 from Alan W Heldman.
Sept 1996138298Special book offer- ‘Longitude Symposium’ it’s all about Harrison.
Nov 1996138364Letter on ‘Longitude’ by Dava Sobel, from Derek Pratt.
Dec 1996138412-413‘Another Look at the Grasshopper Escapement’ by Peter R Hastings.
Feb 199713939Editorial on Harrison and the idea of a Hollywood film.
Feb 199713942‘Only Fools & Horses’ & Harrison’s lesser watch.
Mar 199713989-93Book review by Derek Pratt on ‘The Quest for Longitude’ & its launch at Christie’s.
April 1997139112Letter on ‘Quest for Longitude’ from Martin Burgess.
April 1997139114Letter on H4 and Q from Anthony Randall.
April 1997139134Correction to problem Derek Pratt found in March 1997.
June 1997139196-197‘Harrison’s Weighted Escapement Torque’ by Philip Woodward. Illustrated.
June 1997139207Talk on ‘The Mechanism of H4’ by Anthony Randall, at the Oxford branch.
July 1997139246Talk on ‘Harrison the carpenter & joiner, who also made clocks’ by Andrew King, at Oxford branch.
Aug 1997139278-280‘Grasshopper Escapement Model’ by Norman Jacklin GradBHI & Archie Pollard FBHI.
Oct 1997139329Letter on the ‘Circular Deviation article (p262) & relate it to Harrison buy Martin Burgess.
Oct 1997139331Letter on ‘Grasshoppers Don’t Run-On’ based on article in Aug ’97, from Ted Wale.
Dec 1997139Front coverScene from TV Programme- ‘Longitude’, the story of Harrison.
Dec 1997139409-411‘The Old Escapement Models’ by Martin Burgess. (Large Grasshoppers & Harrison)
Dec 1997139412-414"The Making of ‘Longitude’" by Adam Clarke, the TV programme about Harrison.
Dec 1997139420Discussion on Harrison’s work on a marine timekeeper at the North East branch.
Feb 199814040Letters from Ted Wale & P. Hastings mentioning Harrison.
Feb 199814064Book review by Philip Woodward ‘Greenwich Time & the Longitude.’
Mar 199814098Talk on Harrison’s H2 Chronometer by Malcolm Leach at North East branch.
Aug 1998140282Talk on ‘Harrison’s wooden clocks’ by Andrew King at Milton Keynes branch.
Sept 1998140298‘Harrison Stories’- TV programme & books on Harrison & Longitude.
Jan 19991417Longitude Exhibition in New York by J.D Ware
Mar 199914197"John Harrison’s ‘Journal’ 1761-1766" by Andrew King
May 1999141147Editorial- ‘A Good Time For Time’
May 1999141170A talk on ‘Reconstruction of the Mechanism of Harrison’s H4’ by Anthony Randall FBHI at the Sussex branch.
Nov 1999141Front & back coversScenes from ‘Longitude’ the TV science-docu-drama.
Nov 1999141375-377‘The Technology of John Harrison’ by Malcolm Leach
Dec 1999141414-415Video review by Tim Treffry of ‘John Harrison; the Movie’.
Jan 200014230Talk on ‘The Wooden Clocks of John Harrison’ by Andrew King, at Ipswich branch.
Feb 200014264Book review by Paul Shrouder on ‘The Illustrated Longitude.’
Feb 200014266Talk on ‘The Wooden Clocks of John Harrison’ by Andrew King at the Sussex branch.
Mar 200014277Letter from FA Mercer- ‘More on Longitude.’ It also has a picture by Gould.
April 2000142111‘Harrison Corner’ will be at the Annual Clock & Watch Show by Edmund Slicer.
May 2000142151Letter from Jonathon Betts- ‘The Restoration of H1.’
May 2000142169Talk on Harrison’s H1-H5 & problems they displayed by Mervyn Hobden at the Lincolnshire branch.
June 2000142214Talk on ‘The Wooden Clocks of John Harrison’ by Andrew King at the South London branch.
Aug 2000142269-270‘Millenium Milestones’ by Richard Good.
Jan 200114329Talk on ‘Harrison’s H2’ by Malcolm Leach at the Notts & Derby branch.
Jan 200114329Talk on ‘The Making of the Longitude film’ by Andrew King at the Wessex branch.
Feb 200114346-50‘Temperature Compensation in Harrison’s No.2 Machine’ by Malcolm Leach. Illustrated.
April 2001143134-137‘Ball Races in Clockmaking’ by Martin Burgess.
July 2001143254Talk on ‘Harrison’s H2’ by Malcolm Leach at the Oxford branch.
Sept 2001143316-317‘National Time Museum Opens in Chicago’ by Michael Friedberg.
Sept 2001143326Video review by Timothy Treffry on ‘John Harrison & His Timepieces’.
Nov 2001143405Talk on ‘The Other John Harrison’ by Mervyn Hobden at the Midlands branch.
Nov 2001143405Talk on ‘The H2 Replica’ by Malcolm Leach at the North East branch.
Nov 2001143405Talk on ‘The H2 Replica’ by Malcolm Leach at the South London branch.
Jan 200214416-19‘An Analysis & Reconstruction of the Mechanism of H4’ by Anthony G Randall. Illustrated. Part 1.
Jan 200214420Talk on ‘Development on H4’ by Anthony Randall at the Wessex branch.
Feb 200214446-49‘On the Problem of Anisochronism in John Harrison’s First Sea Clock’ by MA Vandyck. Illustrated. Part 1
Feb 200214459-61‘An Analysis & Reconstruction of the Mechanism of H4’by Anthony G Randall. Illustrated. Part 2.
Mar 200214480‘John Harrison’s Timekeepers’- National Science Week.
Mar 200214482-84‘On the Problem of Anisochronism in John Harrison’s First Sea Clock. Illustrated. Part 2.
Mar 200214486-88‘An Analysis & Reconstruction of the Mechanism of H4’ by AG Randall. Illustrated. Part 3.
April 2002144117Letter from Jonathon Betts- ‘H1 at Sea.’
April 2002144117-118Letter from Mervyn Hobden- ‘Harrison & Mathematical History.’
May 2002144156 + 158Talk on ‘Unknown Harrison’ by Mervyn & Heather Hobden at the Bristol branch.
June 2002144217Talk on ‘Replica of Harrison’s H2’ by Malcolm Leach at the North London branch.
June 2002144220Talk on ‘Replica of Harrison’s H2’ by Malcolm Leach at the Wessex branch.
Sept 2002144329-331‘A Replica of John ‘Longitude’ Harrison’s Sea Clock H3’ by Don Unwin. Illustrated. Part 1.
Oct 2002144Front coverPicture of H5, (actual size shown)
Oct 2002144346Letter from M Vandyck – ‘H4 at Sea.’
Oct 2002144367-369‘A Replica of John ‘Longitude’ Harrison’s Sea Clock H3’ by Don Unwin. Illustrated. Part 2.
Nov 2002144397-399‘A Replica of John ‘Longitude’ Harrison’s Sea Clock H3’ by Don Unwin. Illustrated. Part 3.
Dec 2002144423Worshipful Company of Clockmakers awarded the First Harrison Medal to Jonathon Betts.
Dec 2002144443-445‘A Replica of John ‘Longitude’ Harrison’s Sea Clock H3’ by Don Unwin. Illustrated. Part 4.

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