Watch Inspectors

Watch Inspectors

One group of people who made Railroad Time Service work were the watch inspectors. They were the ones who had to look at each and every watch presented by the railroaders and determine whether or not it was acceptable for service.

There were two basic methods with which railroads could have time service departments carrying out watch inspections. First, the railroads could have their own time service departments. These were created by railroads such as the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (AT&SF), the Baltimore & Ohio, the Canadian Pacific, and many others. The second way was to let the service out to a contractor. The best known of which was the Ball Railroad Time Service (which operated under a number of different names over the years). Other contractors included John C. Adams, Giles, Bro. & Co., J.W. Forsinger, American Railroad Time Service Co., National Railway Time Service Co. and J.H. Mace Co.

One interesting aspect of being the General Watch Inspector, Chief Inspector of Watches, Superintendent of Time Service, General Time Inspector, or some similarly titled official, if the time service department was contracted out, was the opportunity make profits as a supplier of watches to the jewelers who served as local watch inspectors. The situation is explained in this 1899 news blurb which points out that "... local inspectors always obtain their watches from the general inspector." However, this supply arrangement order may not have been universal, merely reflecting the local conditions reported by the correspondent covering the St. Louis beat.

A large number of roads contracted out their time service functions, such as the Wabash Western (Giles); the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western (Forsinger); the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific (Forsinger, and later, Ball); the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul (National); the New York Central (Ball); just to name a few. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy split the overall task between two contractors (Ball & Mace). Or, a combination of the two might have been used wherein the railroads' time inspection department contracted the work out for some areas. The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe did this (Mace).

Whether the program was in-house or contracted out, the actual watch inspectors were watchmakers at various locations along the railroad's right-of-way. These were mostly local jewelers, appointed by the railway's time service authority (be it in-house or contracted). They received a nominal fee for certifying standard watches and performing regular inspections (usually twice monthly). The main advantages of being a watch inspector were the opportunities to sell high grade (expensive) watches to the railroaders (which sometimes didn't work out and watches were sold at a loss); the (relatively frequent) cleaning and repair work; and the constant traffic of those railroaders who might conduct their other jewelry business with the watch inspector while they were there for the regular watch inspections and comparisons. A number of locations lacked a suitable watchmaker who could serve as a local inspector. These were serviced by a company-designated traveling inspector who would visit these locations on a regular basis (and be compensated for doing so). However, traveling for a railroad's time service department could be hazardous for the inspectors, as noted in this 1894 report.

Watch Inspectors Table

Inspector's NameAddressCityStateRRYear
Akin of Edholm & AkinMontpelierIDUnion Pacific1912
Alden, H.F.Sauk CentreMNGreat Northern1893
Allan, James & Co.285 King St.CharlestonSCAtlantic Coast Lines1915
Alston & Raiford.TuscaloosaAL1898
American JewelryBakersfieldCAAT&SF1919
Anderson, C.H.104 So. 6[SUP]th[/SUP] St.WacoTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Anderson Bros..WillmarMNGreat Northern1906
Andrews1130 Pacific Ave.TacomaWAChicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railway1911
Andrews1130 Pacific Ave.TacomaWATacoma Eastern Railroad1911
Andrews1130 Pacific Ave.TacomaWATacoma Railway & Power Co.1911
Andrews1130 Pacific Ave.TacomaWAPuget Sound Electric Railway1911
Armstrong, W.D.BrownwoodTXAT&SF1919
Arnold, Frank W.Erie1905
Applegate. Ed. H.LamarCOAT&SF1919
Baehr, Fred & Wiggins, Robt. P.1403 Market St.St. LouisMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Banta, C.E.PittsburgKSAT&SF1919
Barnard, J,S,WhitbyGrand Trunk1898
Barr, D.SarniaGrand Trunk1898
Bayles, F.E.ChillicotheILAT&SF1919
Beatte, B.H. & SonWoodwardOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Bell of Cook & Bell's138 West Washington St.PhoenixAZSanta Fe, Prescott and Phoenix1896
Belt Bros.ChicagoILAT&SF1919
Benelli, D.P.FrontenacKSAT&SF1919
Bichsel Bros.SedaltaMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Birchfield, Jno. P.HutchinsonKSAT&SF1919
Birkenbusch, HenryPekinILAT&SF1919
Bixby & HamiltonDanvilleILChicago & Eastern Illinois1894
Bixby, F.E.RochesterNYNYLE&W1893
Bixby, F.E.RochesterNYReading1893
Black, Elmer H.WinslowAZAT&SF1919
Blanchat, George F.SyracuseKSAT&SF1919
Boasem Bros.Oklahoma CityOKAT&SF1919
Boasem Bros.Oklahoma CityOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Bond, T.B.HillsboroTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Bosch of Krenkel & BoschWinnemuccaNVSouthern Pacific1909
Bradley Bros.WindsorGrand Trunk1898
Bradshaw, F.W.GreenvilleTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Britton Bros,LindsayGrand Trunk1898
Brockett, C.D.AnthonyKSAT&SF1919
Broghammer, GAntiochCAAT&SF1919
Bromberg, H.A.Battle CreekGrand Trunk1898
Brown, D.A.HannibalMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Brown, D.A.HannibalMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Burks. G.W.MokaneMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Burwell, J.A.La JuntaCOAT&SF1919
Butler, J.F.PotsdamNYNew York Central1906
Butner & ClowerCleburneTXAT&SF1919
Buttner, J.CleburneTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Caldwell, G.S.ParisTXAT&SF1919
Campbell Jly. Co.Kansas CityMOAT&SF1919
Campbell Jly. Co.108. 12[SUP]th[/SUP] St.Kansas CityMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Carhart, GeorgePontiacMIChicago & Grand Trunk1898
Carhart, GeorgePontiacMIGrand Trunk1898
Carlquist, F.E.LeavenworthWAGreat Northern1909
Chamberlain, W.E.Great FallsMTGreat Northern1893
Chamberlain, W.E.Great FallsMTMontana Central1893
Church, Charles H.LogansportINPennaylvanna Railroad1894
Churchill, Frank B.Hotel Havre Bldg.HavreMTGreat Northern1906
Clark & GibsobPeterboroGrand Trunk1898
Clark & LindskogEast ElyNVNevada Northern1910
Clark, E,J.CedarvaleKSAT&SF1919
Clower of Butner & ClowerCleburneTXAT&SF1919
Collier, C.B.SilsbeeTXAT&SF1919
Conrad, A.B.NewtonKSAT&SF1919
Cook & Bell's138 West Washington St.PhoenixAZSanta Fe, Prescott and Phoenix1896
Cooley. P.TulsaOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Cox, CarrolMonettMOSt. Louis–San Francisco1913
Cox, J.R.SweetwaterTXAT&SF1919
Croft, J.H.ArmarilloTXAT&SF1919
Crosby of Greenleaf & CrosbyJacksonvilleFLFlorida East Coast1901
Culbertson, Joseph W.Capitol City JewelryIndianapolisINNew York Central1917
Curtis, W.A.CherryvaleKSAT&SF1919
Custer, George W.DuBoisPABuffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh1894
Darling, G.L.SimcoeGrand Trunk1898
Darling, A.C.PetroliaGrand Trunk1898
Davis, H.M.PurcellOKAT&SF1919
Davis, J.H.WiartonGrand Trunk1898
Dean, W.C. Jly. Co.137 W. Main St.Oklahoma CityOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Denhof, J.R.ClovisNMAT&SF1919
Dickinson, C.E.Garden CityKSAT&SF1919
Dittmare, C.C.Niagara FallsGrand Trunk1898
Dobyns, R.H.StamfordTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Dodge, O.J.BarreVTCentral Vermont1903
Doll, P.H.Sexth St.East Las VegasNMAT&SF1898
Dorrah, Thos. J.ArdmoreOKAT&SF1919
Dougherty of Wall & DoughertyHonoluluTerratory of HIOahu Railway & Land Co.1913
Douglas, E.A.GuthrieOKChicago, Rock Island & Pacific1901
Drake, John F..LarnedKSAT&SF1919
Dunlap, W.T.SomervilleTXAT&SF1919
Edholm, Albert115 North 16th St.OmahaNEUnion Pacific1900
Edholm & AkinMontpelierIDUnion Pacific1912
Eisfelder, J.C.ChickashaIndian Territory (OK)Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific1900
Everitt, ArtherAlbuquerqueNMAT&SF1919
Ewing, J.L.MangumOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Fasoldt, Otto H.AlbanyNY1896
Fasoldt, Otto H.AlbanyNY1902
Feagle, BslfourLomgviewTXAT&SF1919
Fenzel, Robt.StanfordKYLouisville & Nashville1891
Flowers, F.A.ConroeTXAT&SF1919
Folsom, L.W.SumterSCAtlantic Coast Lines1918
Fox, H.E.AT&SF1898
Fraser, EdwardLeavenworthKSAT&SF1919
Fredeking Will L.HintonWVC&O1906
Freeman, P.D.221 BroadwayAshlandKYC&O1906
Friedly of Haltom & FriedlyWichita FallsTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Frimel, FredSealyTXAT&SF1919
Froebel, W.H.BellvilleTXAT&SF1919
Fry, J.H. & SonRonceverteWVC&O1906
Fulford, R.S.HanfordCAAT&SF1919
Furlong, M/A/ReedleyCAAT&SF1919
Gallett, D,G,MobridgeSDChicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound1912
Gallett, D,G,MobridgeSDChicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul1912
Ganter, B. & SonGalvestonTXAT&SF1919
Ganter, B. & SonGalvestonTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Gaston, E.A.ConcordiaKSAT&SF1919
Geery, C.E.ColumbiaMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
George of Keller & GeorgeCharlottesvilleVAC&O1906
George of Keller & GeorgeCharlottesvilleVASouthern1906
Gibbs Jewelry Co.FlorenceCODenver & Rio Grande1900
Gilger, W.G.SeattleWASeattle, Lake Shore & Eastern1893
Glick, W.C.Junction CityKSMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Gildemeister. Chas.San AntonioTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Glines, C.L. & Co.HarrisonAKSt Louis & North Arkansas1902
Glines, C.L. & Co.HarrisonAKMissouri & North Arkansas1910
Goodnough of York & GoodnoughGouverneurNYRome, Watertown and Ogdensburg1903
Gordon, A.E.ShreveportLAMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Greenleaf & CrosbyJacksonvilleFLFlorida East Coast1901
Grossen-Maltby Co.Telephone Bldg.OswegoNYNew York Central1916
Grossen-Maltby Co.Telephone Bldg.OswegoNYNew York, Ontario and Western1916
Grubb, J.H.ThurmondWVC&O1906
Gussfield, W.M.BeaumontTXAT&SF1919
Hafner, F.DallasTXAT&SF1919
Hafner, Fred201 Andrews Bldg.DallasTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Halbhat, Chas.F.WatertownSDChicago & North Western1910
Halbhat, Chas.F.WatertownSDChicago, Rock Island & Pacific1910
Halbhat, Chas.F.WatertownSDGreat Northern1910
Halbhat, Chas.F.WatertownSDMinneapolis & St. Louis1910
Haltom, G.W.Fort WorthTXAT&SF1919
Haltom, G.W.Fort WorthTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Haltom, T.H.ShawneeOKAT&SF1919
Haltom, T.H.ShawneeOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Haltom & FriedlyWichita FallsTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Hamilton, D.E.MolineKSAT&SF1919
Hamilton, L.A.WaynokaOKAT&SF1919
Haney of Knowles & HaneyBismarckNDSoo Line1908
Hanf, Charles M.San BernardinoCAAT&SF1919
Hanson, Guy E..MadisonSDChicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul1913
Hartbridge of Rhoaden-Hartbridge Co.TrinidadCOAT&SF1919
Hardwick, R.C.HopkinsvilleKYIllinois Central1916
Hardwick, R.C.HopkinsvilleKYTennessee Central1916
Harmon, George A.PortlandMEGrand Trunk1898
Helgeson, A.H.ConronaCAAT&SF1919
Hempels J.H.TempleTXAT&SF1919
Hempels, J.H. & Co.TempleTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Hemsley, RichardMontrealQueGrand Trunk1898
Hemsley, RichardPoint St. CharlesGrand Trunk1898
Herkner, J.C.Grand RapidsGrand Trunk1898
Hesse, Con W.BoiseIDOregon Short Line1912
Hewitt, G.W.GreenvillePABessemer1898
Hickox, Geo. W. Co.115 S. Second St.AlbuquerqueNMSanta Fe & Coast Lines1911
Hoenshell, R.F.CollinsvilleOKAT&SF1919
HoffmanPhillipsburgKSChicago, Rock Island & Pacific1895
Hoiaholt, B.OakdaleCAAT&SF1919
House, A.M.GrangerTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Houston Watch Co.HoustonTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Howe, C.D.OttawaKSAT&SF1919
Howells, T.M.FlorenceCODenver & Rio Grande1909
Hubler, R.A.PotervilleCAAT&SF1919
Huggins, G.W.RalighNCACL1899
Hughes, J.R.Strong CityKSAT&SF1919
Huginin, F.U.St. LouisMOMoPac1902
Hutchins, B.L.Opera House BlockNorwayMEGrand Trunk1920
Hutzman, IraWinfieldKSAT&SF1919
Jackson, W.E.St, ThomasGrand Trunk1898
Jacquemin, CB. & Co.No. 27 Main St.Council BluffsIAChicago & Northwestern1889
Jacquemin, CB. & Co.No. 27 Main St.Council BluffsIAChicago, Burlington & Quincy1889
Jacquemin, CB. & Co.No. 27 Main St.Council BluffsIAChicago, Rock Island & Pacific1889
Jacquemin, CB. & Co.No. 27 Main St.Council BluffsIAKansas City & St. Joe1889
Jacquemin, CB. & Co.No. 27 Main St.Council BluffsIAUnion Pacific1889
Jeasop, J. & SonsSan DiegoCAAT&SF1919
Jernigan, E.T. & Co.ClovisNMAT&SF1919
Jetter, N.B.West Side Sq.ButlerMOMoPac1912
Johnson, C.B.KingmanAZAT&SF1919
Jones, Jno C.TucumcariNMSan Antonio & Aransas Pass1907
Joseph Jewelry Co.MarshalltownIAMinneapolis and St. Louis1912
Kates, G.W.NewtonKSAT&SF1909
Kay, C.E.DavisOKAT&SF1919
Keller & GeorgeC&OCharlottesvilleVA1906
Keller & GeorgeCharlottesvilleVASouthern1906
Kent, Ambrose & SonsTorontoOntGrand Trunk1898
Kent, Ambrose & SonsGrand Trunk1898
Kimble, WilsonFloydadaTXAT&SF1919
Kimbrough, W.H.San SabaTXAT&SF1919
King, J.J.Paula ValleyOKAT&SF1919
Kinne, W.B.GainesvilleTXAT&SF1919
Kinne, W.B.GainesvilleTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Kittle, Harl S.Masonic TempleBoulderCOChicago & North Western1898
Knowles & HaneyBismarckNDSoo Line1908
Knudson, JohnSmith St.Perth AmboyNJLehigh Valley1914
Kohler, M.F.ParsonsKSMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Kohler, MiltomHagerstownMDWestern Maryland1893
Krautheim, A.MuskegonGrand Trunk1898
Krenkel & BoschWinnemuccaNVSouthern Pacific1909
Kueschler, H.J.StocktonCAAT&SF1919
Kuhn, Gustave851 Lake St.ElmiraNYDelaware, Lackawanna & Western1904
Lambert Bros.3d Ave., cor. 58[SUP]th[/SUP] St.New YorkNYLong Island1902
Lambert Bros.3d Ave., cor. 58[SUP]th[/SUP] St.New YorkNYNew York Central & Hudson River1902
Lang, C.A.CoffeyvilleKSAT&SF1919
Lathrop, S. & Co.RedlandsCASouthern Pacific1898
Lees, ThomasHamiltonGrand Trunk1898
Leffel, H.D.San AngeloTXAT&SF1919
Leonard Jewelry Co.KinsleyKSAT&SF1919
Levin, E.L.TolsaOKAT&SF1919
Lewis, J.S. & Co.OgdenUTDenver & Rio Grande1909
Lewis, J.S. & Co.OgdenUTOregon Short Line1909
Lewis, J.S. & Co.OgdenUTSouthern Pacific1909
Lewis, J.S. & Co.OgdenUTUnion Pacific1909
Lindskog of Clark & LindskogEast ElyNVNevada Northern1910
Loehr of Scribner & LoehrCleveland, Lorain & Wheeling1902
Lombard, W.WIsland PondVTGrand Trunk1898
Lovell, C.H.AlvinTXAT&SF1919
Lubman, B.W.ChickashaOKAT&SF1919
Lytle, W.G.AtchisonKSAT&SF1919
Mahan, J.W.Colorado SpringsCOAT&SF1919
Maltby of Grossen-Maltby Co.Telephone Bldg.OswegoNYNew York Central1916
Maltby of Grossen-Maltby Co.Telephone Bldg.OswegoNYNew York, Ontario and Western1916
Manning, J.M.Atlantic HighlandsNJCentral Railroad of New Jersey1902
Manson, Will A.San BernardinoCAAT&SF1919
Marcy, Wm. T.IndianapolisINCCC&StL (Big Four)1894
Marcy, Wm. T.IndianapolisINMonon1894
Martin, E.W.OaklandCAAT&SF1919
House, A.M.Mashaw, W.A. & Co.
LAChicago, Rock Island & Pacific1907
Mathers, SethPalmerstonGrand Trunk1898
Maynard, T.Y.AlbuquerqueNMNew Mexico & Rio Grande Div AT&SF1898
McCabe Bros.1720 Second Ave.Rock IslandILChicago, Rock Island & Pacific1897
McCabe Bros.1720 Second Ave.Rock IslandILChicago, Burlington & Quincy1897
McCabe Bros.1720 Second Ave.Rock IslandILChicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul1897
McCarthy, D.L.FresnoCAAT&SF1919
McDowell, E.L.ArkansasKSAT&SF1919
McFee, AllanBellevilleGrand Trunk1898
McRoberts, W.B.Louisville & Nashville1890
Mercer, E.W.KiowaKSAT&SF1919
Methvin, W.A.TempleTXAT&SF1919
Merchant, J.V.IolaKSAT&SF1919
Merchant, J.V.IolaKSMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Meyer, Geo. W., Jewelry Co.ChattanoogaTNSouthern1902
Meyers, HarryPaducahKYIllinois Central1904
Michael, A.Green BayWIChicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul1897
Miller, Fred J.CanadianTXAT&SF1919
Miller, PeterEnglewoodKSAT&SF1919
Mitchell, S.N.E. Corner of 9[SUP]th[/SUP] & G Sts, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] FloorWashingtonDCWilmington & Western1916
Moffat, AlexBrantfordGrand Trunk1898
Moore, NewtonLos AngelesCAAT&SF1919
Morehouse, R.H.Fourth St.TopekaKSAT&SF1909
Morehouse, R.H.TopekaKSAT&SF1919
MorehouseOpposite the Santa Fe DepotTopekaKSAT&SF1916
Moring, F.P.LadoniaTXAT&SF1919
Mornhinveg, R. & Son111 Main St.OpelousasLASt. Louis - San Francisco1912
Morphy, A. & Co.LondonGrand Trunk1898
Morrow, J.D.OceansideCAAT&SF1919
Morse, R.D.OsageKSAT&SF1919
Moser, J.A.BurlingtonKSMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Moses, E.R.Great BendKSAT&SF1919
Muck, S.C.New FranklinMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Munson, H.SaleaburgILChicago, Burlington & Quincy1892
Near, E.B.Port CorlborneGrand Trunk1898
Neff, C.DBox 231Elk CityOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Nettleton, W.H.CollingwoodGrand Trunk1898
Newhouse Bros.Red CloudNEChicago, Burlington & Quincy1907
Newton, G.H.McAlesterOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Nichols, H.GMitchellSDChicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha1903
Northup, L.P.WoodwardOKAT&SF1919
Northup, S.W.ShattuckOKAT&SF1919
Nutz, Chas.H.AltusOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Overstreet, R.E.Medicine LodgeKSAT&SF1919
Owens, PaulSlatonTXAT&SF1919
Parker, EugeneDurandGrand Trunk1898
Parker, J.E.Parker BldgMorristownNJDelaware, Lackawanna & Western1900
Parshill of Tuttle & Parshill Co.PlattsburghNYDelaware & Hudson1912
Parsons, E.W.LawrenceKSAT&SF1919
Patterson, E.S. & J.D.Port HuronGrand Trunk1898
Patton, C.C.Canon CityCOAT&SF1919
Peterson, P.C.Yates CenterKSAT&SF1919
Peterson, WiebertPlainviewTXAT&SF1919
Pfeiffer, Jas. S.ParsonsKSMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Phillips, J.W. & SonChanuteKSAT&SF1919
Pieper, F.CovingtonKYC&O1891
Pieper, F.CovingtonKYKC1891
Pilgrim, JamesRichmondGrand Trunk1898
Plain of Trask & PlainGalesburgILAT&SF1919
Plambeck. W.F.DenverCOAT&SF1919
Poole, E.E.926 Tremont St.BostonMANew York, New Haven & Hartford1902
Poulson, Otto A.RichmondCAAT&SF1919
Priebe, W.R.Twin FallsIDOregon Short Line1912
Ragsdale, C.E.SmithvilleTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Raiford of Alston & Raiford.TuscaloosaAL1898
Raiford, W.H.ColumbusMSMobile & Ohio1920
Rambo, J.P.ArgentineKSAT&SF1919
Reichow, P.F.LehighOKAT&SF1919
Reid, Hal G.LiberalKSChicago, Rock Island & Pacific1912
Reinel, EdwardStreatorILAT&SF1919
Reisz of Van Cleave & Reisz421 Central Ave.Great FallsMTChicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul1919
Reisz of Van Cleave & Reisz421 Central Ave.Great FallsMTGreat Northern1919
Rhoaden-Hartbridge Co.TrinidadCOAT&SF1919
Rhomberg, F.M.AlamogordoNMAlamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway1900
Rhomberg, F.M.AlamogordoNMEl Paso and Northeastern Railway1900
Ricker, S.F. & SonEmporiaKSAT&SF1909
Ricker, S.F. & SonEmporiaKSAT&SF1919
Rigsby, S.V.CushingOKAT&SF1919
Rigsby, S.V.CushingOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Riles, R.J.JacksonvilleFLFlorida East Coast1901
Ragsdale, C.E.SmithvilleTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Riley, ClaudeTrinityTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Riley, OzaisChampaignILIC1892
Robertson, A.F.St. CloudMNGreat Northern1893
Robetson, F.H.BlackwellOKAT&SF1919
Robinson, OsmonNewarkNYNew York Central & Hudson River1905
Robinson, Willard F.Los AngelesCAAT&SF1919
Rockwell, J.B.DenisonTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Rombach, A.ColumbusMSColumbus & Greenville1920
Roser, E.B.WellingtonKSAT&SF1919
Routelsdge, T.J.cor. Main & WaterElmiraNYErie1902
Ruff, JoaephChicagoGrand Trunk1898
Ruff, JoaephElsdonGrand Trunk1898
Rushner Jewelry Co.PuebloCOAT&SF1919
Russell, E.E.AltusOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Ryland, D.B. & Co.809 Main St,LynchburgVAC&O1906
Ryland, D.B. & Co.809 Main St,LynchburgVANorfolk & Western1906
Ryland, D.B. & Co.809 Main St,LynchburgVASouthern1906
Scarborough, W7 Jackson AveLong Island CityNYLIRR1898
Schaffer, F.E.Traveling InspectorNM-CAAT&SF1916
Schoene, F.P.Patterson St. near Valette St.New OrleansLASouthern Pacific1913
Schoene, F.P.Patterson St. near Valette St.New OrleansLATexas & Pacific1913
Scribner & LoehrCleveland, Lorain & Wheeling1902
Searey, J.V.AtokaOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Sears, V.L.YaleOKAT&SF1919
Sellard, E. ParkeGallupNMAT&SF1919
Sellars, W.C.CarlsbadNMAT&SF1919
Sellers, W.C.Medicine LodgeKSAT&SF1891
Sentz, Chas. F.ColumbiaSCC&O1906
Sentz, Chas. F.ColumbiaSCSeaboard Air Line1906
Sentz, Chas. F.ColumbiaSCSouthern1906
Sentz, Chas. F.Clifton ForgeVAC&O1906
Sentz, Chas. F.Clifton ForgeVASeaboard Air Lint1906
Sentz, Chas. F.Clifton ForgeVASouthern1906
Setbak, AndrewAntiochCAAT&SF1919
Shallow, OliverRoundup Drug Co,RoundupMTChicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railway1909
Sheaffer, W.A.Fort MadisonIAAT&SF1919
Simmins, Fank8106 BroadwaySt. LouisMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Skarry, Jas. H.HopkinsvilleKYLouisville & Nashville1914
Smith, E.P.MenaARKansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf1899
Sprauge, J.R.28[SUP]th[/SUP] & Washington Ave.Newport NewsVAC&O1906
Stanley, M.O.Ponca CityOKAT&SF1919
Stauffacher, FMineralKSMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Steacey, T.B.BrockvilleGrand Trunk1898
Stern, H.L.MuskogeeOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Stevens, H.C.LakelandFLAtlantic Coast Lines1915
Stocking, B.R.BeltonTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Strang, C.D.GorhamNHGrand Trunk1898
Strathearn, GeorgeMidlandGrand Trunk1898
Strickler, B.A.SalinaKSAT&SF1919
Striker, G.H.BuffaloGrand Trunk1898
Striker, G.H.Fort ErieGrand Trunk1898
Stripling, R.N.San AugustineTXAT&SF1919
Strock, C.G.Santa AnaCAAT&SF1919
Swayze, F.C.BarnardKSAT&SF1919
SweetMontpelierIDOregon Short Line1905
Sweeney, J.J. Jewelry Co.HoustonTXAT&SF1919
Talbot, J.M.NevadaMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Tarrant, OliverAugustaKSAT&SF1919
Tarrant, OliverFlorenceKSAT&SF1919
Taupert, Robt. J.Las VegasNMAT&SF1919
Taylor, James A.De RidderLAAT&SF1919
Teague, A.P.WayneARMoPac1926
Terry, T.S.BartlesvilleOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Teske, CharlesHartfordCTPhiladelphia, Reading & New England1894
Thompson Bros.EldoradoKSAT&SF1919
Thompson, J. ElvinDe LeonTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Tiefenbach, V.J.Dodgr CityKSAT&SF1919
Trask & PlainGalesburgILAT&SF1919
Trudy, Marvin L.IndependenceKSAT&SF1919
Tuttle & Parshill Co.PlattsburghNYDelaware & Hudson1912
Tymon of Williams & TymonSt. JosephMOAT&SF1919
Upp, Frank M.511 Main St.Klamath FallsORSouthern Pacific1917
Vail, EdwardWichitaKSAT&SF1919
Van Cleave & Reisz421 Central Ave.Great FallsMTChicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul1919
Van Cleave & Reisz421 Central Ave.Great FallsMTGreat Northern1919
Vann, S.AlbuquerqueNMAT&SF1902
Vann, S.T.AlbuquerqueNMAT&SF1919
VoedischAberdeenSDChicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul1903
Vredenburgh, W.D.Office at Keefer's StoreShoshoneIDOregon Short Line1902
Walcott, Wm.ToledoOHLS1891
Wall & DoughertyHonoluluTerratory of HIOahu Railway & Land Co.1913
Wallace, C.M.923 Third Ave.HuntingtonWVB&O1906
Wallace, C.M.923 Third Ave.HuntingtonWVC&O1906
Watkins, G.E.LubbockTXAT&SF1919
Watson. A.L.KirbyvilleTXAT&SF1919
Webb, W.S.AllandaleGrand Trunk1898
Welsh, John & SonStratfordGrand Trunk1898
Wendell, Jules & SonOswegoNYDelaware, Lackawanna & Western1907
Wendell, Jules & SonOswegoNYNew York Central & Hudson River1907
Wendell, Jules & SonOswegoNYOntario and Western1907
Wendell, Jules & SonOswegoNYRome, Watertown and Ogdensburg1907
Wendell, Jules & SonsOswegoNYNew York Central1916
Wendell, Jules & SonsOswegoNYNew York, Ontario and Western1916
Wetterstrom, Henry R.ChicagoILAT&SF1919
WhiteNo. 116 Okla. Ave.GuthrieOKAT&SF1902
White, C.W.GuthrieOKAT&SF1919
White, C.M.GuthrieOKMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Whited, C.A.RatonNMAT&SF1919
Wiggins, Robt. P. of Baehr, Fred & Wiggins, Robt. P.1403 Market St.St. LouisMOMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Wilkins, Geo. E.SyracuseNYNew York Central & Hudson River1896
Wilkins, Geo. E.SyracuseNYRome, Watertown and Ogdensburg1896
Wilkins, N.B.GaltGrand Trunk1898
Williams & TymonSt. JosephMOAT&SF1919
Williams, AlfredNeedlesCAAT&SF1919
Williams, D.D. & Co.EmporiaKSAT&SF1919
Wilson Bros.BostonMAOld Colony1893
Withey, Grant R.DetroitMIMichigan Central1900
Woods, M.L.NewtonKSAT&SF1919
Wrede, A.C.SmithvilleTXMissouri, Kansas & Texas1917
Wright, Kay & Co.DetroitGrand Trunk1898
Wroten, Wiley H.CenterTXAT&SF1919
Wurm, F.W.GallupNMAT&SF1919
Yahn, Henry G.JolietILAT&SF1919
Yontz, H.C..Santa FeNMAT&SF1919
York & GoodnoughGouverneurNYRome, Watertown and Ogdensburg1903
Yost, HenryVicksburgMSIllinois Central1893
Young, P.H.Zimmermann Block Chestnut StDodge CityKSAT&SF1890
Young, P.H.Dodge CityKSAT&SF1903
Young, P.H.Dodge CityKSChicago, Rock Island & Pacific1903
Ziuk, George W.RoswellNMAT&SF1919
Zurcher, AlbertMarceluneMOAT&SF1919

Table Notes:

1. Clicking on an entry's 'Year' will call up the documentation for that entry.
2. The Table is organized alphabetically by the 'Inspector's Name'. However, the cells (as a complete block) may be copied and pasted into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and sorted as desired.


Railroad Watch Inspectors, Greg Frauenhoff, Sedalia, CO, 2000

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