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Dennison Watch Case Co.

The Dennison Watch Case Co., an English company based in Birmingham, was founded by [main=Dennison, Aaron Lufkin]A.L. Dennison[/main]. It produced a variety of cases which, although probably not distributed in North American, occasionally show up there.

Dennison Watch Case Co.: A Brief Description

Referring to the Dennison Watch Case Co.,
"This was the most successful and best known of the English watch case manufacturers ..."
Watch Case Makers of England, Philip T. Priestley, NAWCC Bulletin Supplement 20, Spring, 1994, on page 69.
It was founded in Birmingham in 1874 by Aaron Lufkin Dennison (ALD), a person instrumental in the development of the American watch industry. Mr. Priestley says on page 70, "Over the years, Dennisons made cases for Dreyfus, Newmark, Omega, Smiths, Rotary, Avia, Vertex, Rolex, Rone, Rotherham, Thormens, Perrin, Benson, Dimier, Hirst, British Watchcase Co. Ltd., March & Lobin, Huber, Zenith, Gibson, Longines, Marvin, Cortebert, Marc Fauvre, Baume, Marchand & Tobin, Medana and Roamer."

Dennison was very closely associated with Waltham - England. As a result, a high percentage of Waltham watches imported in England are cased in Dennison cases.

Case Grades

Mr. Priestley's book reproduces a 1906 Dennison Watch Case Co. ad detailing four different registered marks:

Case GradeCase Material
ALD9 ct. and 18 ct. Gold, or Silver as marked in back of case (there are no periods between the letters)
Trade Mark
Gold-Filled, guaranteed for 25 years (may also be marked with "A.L.D.")
Trade Mark
Gold-Filled, guaranteed for 20 years (may also be marked with "A.L.D.")
Trade Mark
Gold-Filled, guaranteed for 10 years (may also be marked with "A.L.D.")

See the Case Material Encyclopedia article for an explanation of the terms.


David Botcher has an informative blog entitled "Aaron Dennison and the Dennison Watch Case Co."

For more information on Aaron Dennison refer to his biography in the Encyclopedia article: Dennison, Aaron Lufkin.

The following book is available to members on loan by mail from the NAWCC Lending Library, using the Lending Library Form.

Watch Case Makers of England, Philip T. Priestley, NAWCC Bulletin Supplement 20, Spring, 1994
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  1. soulboy

    soulboy Registered User

    Oct 2, 2011
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    Sydney, Australia
    Does anyone know when they ceased manufacturing?
  2. gmorse

    gmorse Registered User
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    Jan 7, 2011
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    Breamore, Hampshire, UK

    According to Philip Priestley, the company finally ceased case manufacture in 1967, a run of 93 years.