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December 2019 NAWCC News


National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

Holiday Message from the NAWCC

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, and Happy New Year. Here's to a wonderful Holiday Season from the Board of Directors and Staff of your NAWCC.

As we look back on 2019, it has been a significantly challenging year for the NAWCC. We went from the highs of a great National Convention in Springfield, MA and a wonderful Ward Francillon Symposium in Germany to seeking a new Executive Director. Our museum has had several well-received special exhibits and renovations, but something must to be done about our aging roof and HVAC system. All things considered, progress has been made and we are ending the year on a very positive note. Below are some specific high points.

  • Our "Annual Appeal" has been going well with several donations in the 5-figure range. The Appeal lasts until the end of our fiscal year, March 31, 2020, and we need those who have been generous in the past to continue their participation and those who have not donated but to whom the NAWCC has been important to step up as well - but so far so good.
  • We anticipate finishing our fiscal year with a much smaller deficit than in the last couple of years. We still have some systemic income vs expense issues, but our staff and executive team are putting in place cuts and strategy to narrow this gap.
  • Our Oversight and Advancement Team and Staff have made great progress with strategic improvements at HQ in Columbia, including significant gains in efficiency with new computer systems and staff reorganization.
  • Our Museum staff and volunteers have made great improvements in the story we tell and have made concrete plans for future improvements, including a new and refreshed "Public Time" exhibit, centered around the recently acquired and nearly restored Ansonia "Quincy" street clock.
  • Our $250,000 matching fund drive for the For all Time Endowment campaign is progressing well, with several large donations received. This matching campaign is about halfway through its one-year run and about halfway to being totally fulfilled.

Recently, a team of your Board members has been assembled to work with headquarters staff. For a full list of accomplishments by our staff and the Oversight & Advancement Team, please read below my signature at the end of the main body of this letter.

Now, as we start to think about the New Year to come, please enjoy time with your family and friends, wind up a clock or watch - or a few - and know that things are ticking along quite nicely at your NAWCC.

John Cote
NAWCC Board of Directors/Chair, Development Committee

Oversight & Advancement Accomplishments
10/1/2019 to 12/8/2019

Upgraded working conditions
1) Replaced old computers for Jenn, Pam, and Sarah using donated funds raised for this need
2) We are now replacing three more computers for Kate, Stacey and Meghan and have a plan to update others as funds become available
3) Replaced 10-year-old library scanner that was no longer working correctly using donated funds raised for this need
4) Replaced the non-fire-rated Plexiglas in second floor window of Rotunda with fireproof glass per code

Addressed hiring needs
1) Hired Pam's replacement, Elizabeth Lund, who will start 12/30/2019
2) Promoted Stacey Strayer from part time to full time Administrator in Member Services filling vacant position; part time position then eliminated

Focused on financial controls and reduced expenditures
1) Finalized full financial audit by a new audit firm - in the closing meeting with the audit partner and manager, they were both highly complementary about people, systems, and processes currently in place
2) Financial reporting will be completely current by January, 2020
3) Bulletin pages reduced from 96 to 72 effective March/April 2020, saving approximately $12,366 a year
4) Four full-time-equivalent vacant positions have been combined, delayed or eliminated
5) Raised admission rates to the Museum
6) Christiane and Jenn are in the process of writing a renewal grant, which is an annual grant we have been receiving the past 4 years for NAWCC
7) Upgraded Pitney Bowes postage machine and bulk mail machine to newer models; cost savings of $1,300 a year.
8) Renegotiated lower cost lease for copier/printer upstairs and in library, saving $2,200 to $3,000 a year.
9) EZSolution and Kevin are working together to fix our legacy website to ensure it is easier for people to give
10) In order to eliminate the expense of single-use plates, cups and utensils, we purchased inexpensive ceramic plates ($1 ea.) and acquired donated flatware
11) Currently NAWCC has no debt - building is paid off
Addressing maintenance and infrastructure requirements

1) Purchased shelving for Museum to use to place clocks & watches waiting to be accessioned
2) Repaired lamp post base in front parking lot
3) Added security cameras for the gift shop and admissions
4) Added a security camera in the basement directly across from the elevator, for the storage door with panic bar
5) Improved landscaping in the front parking lot
6) Plan to repair rot in the top left pillar at entrance to headquarters (when Bob D. comes to install the McClintock clock; he is going to let us borrow his lift truck to repair it, date to be determined)
7) Investigating mold on some walls in the clock & watch storage area on the first floor
8) Completed detailed survey of HVAC system by Barton Associates (estimates in process)
9) Completed detailed survey to repair/replace leaking roof (estimates in process)
10) Columbia mural lawsuit resolved; all costs of settlement covered by insurance
Organized priority projects
1) Hired EZSolution to take over development of new website and assist with maintenance of legacy website
2) Simplifying membership categories, a project begun by Directors Holloway and Orr over a year ago
3) The Museum is currently accredited, having received accreditation March 12, 2013, which is good through 2023. We plan to start reaccreditation process in 2021. The Museum has already started identifying and filling gaps that will be needed for re-accreditation. This process generally takes 8-16 months
4) Improved outreach to the community and for increased Museum revenue:
  1. Completed paperwork to join newly formed Columbia Merchant's Association (soon to be finalized)
  2. Participated in the Lancaster County Best Kept Secrets Tour, two weeks during October 2019
  3. Scheduled to host a Penn Medicine Blood Drive in March 2020 (Rotunda is a perfect space for them)
  4. Attended an Explore York (Chamber of Commerce) quarterly meeting to learn about their grant program and events. We will qualify to apply for a grant for the 2022 National Convention in York.
  5. Will have a promotional table at a two-day Motorcoach Association event in March 2020; Pennsylvania Bus Association 3/24/2020; Maryland Motorcoach Association 3/25/2020 (no fee to us)
5) Volunteer activity at the Museum has increased. Frank Del Greco is overseeing funding and restoration of "Quincy" (the Ansonia street clock).
6) An active group of volunteers is looking at our watch collection and will be making suggestions as to the best way to tell the story of watchmaking using artifacts we have.
7) We are enjoying strong support from members who want to share their expertise in making our Museum state-of-the-art.
8) With the addition of Al Dodson, the Museum is making great progress in accessioning items. This is a significant challenge, but we are making progress for the first time in nearly two years. Specifically, the Gottdenker collection is completed, except for one group of clocks that will require us to consult with the donor.
9) Backlog of deaccessioned objects being addressed
10) The Museum will soon see changes in the "Stonehenge" display area as plans call for this display area to be dismantled and a new display devoted to public timekeeping installed. This will take about 1 year and the idea is for us to display as many of our tower clocks running in the area as possible. This area will be used to display "Quincy" when completed. As a show of support, a member of the Collections Committee has also donated a large English tower clock.
11) Received commitments for significant donations of clocks to the Museum including:
  1. The Ives collection from George Goolsby,
  2. The Salem Bridge collection from George and another collection of significant PA shelf clocks - look for these to start arriving early next year
  3. In addition, the Museum received and set up the Welte Orchestrion, (December 10, 2019), a gift from a first-time donor. These donations will truly set our Museum apart from other horological Museums and will be a point of attraction for serious collectors, historians and researchers.

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