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Creating and editing books

What are books?

Books are special articles created in the book namespace.

The book article consists of some introductory text followed by an automatically generated Table of Contents which lists the chapters in the book. Each chapter is a separate encyclopedia article.

Creating a book

To create a book just create an article in the book namespace and add some introductory text describing the book (this is effectively a preface). There must be some introductory text.

Adding chapters

To add a chapter to a book:
  • Navigate to an article which you want to include in the book.
  • Select the book tab and you will be shown a list of books. Select the book into which you want to put the article and click Add Chapter.

Note: You cannot put a book inside another book. Also, do not put a redirect article within a book; it upsets the book navigation features.

Editing a book

To edit a book, go to the book namespace and open the edit tab for the book. Books can be edited in three ways:
  1. Delete chapter Select one or more chapters using the tick boxes on the left side of the chapter list, and click Delete Chapters.
    This will remove the chapters from the book, but it will not delete the articles.
  2. Reorder chapters Each chapter is numbered and the chapters appear in the book in order of these numbers.
    The chapter order can be changed by typing different numbers in the chapter number boxes on the right side of the chapter list and then clicking Update Order.
    By clicking Sort Alphabetically the chapters will be ordered by the article titles.
  3. Edit introductory text This uses the normal article editing window.
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