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Identifying My Father's Watch

My father left me this beautiful watch which I would like to give as a gift to my eldest grandchild as a graduation gift next year. I am just looking for the maker and the age of this piece. I have researched for quite some time and have come up empty handed. The only marks on the inside movement are an "M" and the numbers 83. Another part reads "Ancre Double Plateau Balancier Coupe' " I have fund similiar names but nothing like my father's and it still did not list a maker. The open face has a beautiful white to pink enamel face and reads "Regulateur". There are tiny gold enameled stars between the numbers a well as a small clock face at the bottom that has a sweeping seconds hand. If someone can guide me as to where I might search to find more information I would be most appreciative. Thank You.

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