The Blogs are a special case of our Encyclopedia articles based on the VaultWiki software.

They differ from the standard Encyclopedia articles in two ways. First the articles belong to a single author, the blogger. They are not developed collaboratively like the Encyclopedia articles are. Second the blogs do not have the policy that they provide "settled knowledge" where little or nothing may be in dispute. That is a valid criterion for an Encyclopedia, but for this area controversial opinions or new insights are welcomed.

The difference between the blogs and the forum discussions is that the blogs are controlled and led by a single individual. When you comment on his or her blog, you are sitting in their parlor and they own the house.

The blogger is also free to edit the original article as the discussion may provide motive to do so. To provide a means to keep the blogger's power in check, the history of the main article is available for all participants to review and all versions of the story are available for review.

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Sub-areas in 'Blogs'

Clock Blogs

This area is for your clock stories. If you want to publish a formal article on clocks, please consider using the Clock Articles where we support collaborative wiki style development.

Watch Blogs

This area is for your watch stories. These are your stories not intended for collaborative publishing like the articles in the main Encyclopedia area. Try to keep the main thrust of your topic about watches so that other users will find it easier to lo

Horology Blogs

This area is for your stories about horology. They need not be about watches or clocks since those topics have their own story area. Feel free to discuss history, technology, philosophy, literature or any other topic that strikes your fancy. If you wan

Personal Blogs

This area is for your personal stories. They need not be related to horology at all if you believe they will be of interest to the other members.

Blog Files

Blog files is an area provided as common storage for images and other file structures that may be included in blogs. Having a specific place for images makes the blog index itself less cluttered.
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