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American Watch Co.

This page is a chapter in 'Book Waltham Watch Co.'

Appleton, Tracy & Co. became the American Watch Co. in 1859 when the watch company was merged with the Waltham Improvement Co. land holding company to form a new company with simplified management and stronger assets. The name American Watch Co. was used from 1859 to 1885.

American Watch Co. was also used as the designation of the highest grade of watch produced by the company (when fully spelled out on the movement top plate).

Horatio Adams was the president. Royal E. Robbins was the treasurer and CEO. In 1861, William Keith became president and was succeeded by Isaac W. Mulliken in 1867, Frank Stone in 1874, Horatio Moore in 1878 and Ezra C. Fitch in 1883. Fitch remained President until the 1920's when Dumaine was brought in at the demand of stock holders.

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