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Agassiz & Cie. dates back to 1832 and is known for having made high grades watches, a large number of which have been imported into the U.S.

Agassiz: A Brief History

A brief description of the origin of Agassiz & Cie. is available online thanks to the Official Longines Website and Manley Horlogerie. Briefly, Auguste Agassiz started making watches in St Imier in Switzerland in 1832, shortly thereafter establishing the firm Agassiz & compagnie. The watches were made in in the cottage industry method, with the workers operating out of their homes. Ernest Francillon, Agassiz's nephew became the manager of the firm in the 1850s, shifting to the factory method during the third quarter of the nineteenth century. Watches were produced under the Agassiz and Longines names, with Longines becoming prominent. The company eventually became a member of the Swatch Group.

Agassiz Watches Imported into the U.S.

Agassiz movements were imported into the U.S. by J. Eugene Robert in the 1880s. Three grades of movements were available, the highest of which was "... adjusted to heat cold and positions." These movements fit American cases. By 1895, A. Wittnauer became the "Sole Agent For Agassiz Watch Co." (along with Longines and others) in the U.S. and Canada. It is believed that all of the Longines watches supplied through Wittnauer (and perhaps the others, as well) bear the Wittnauer name on the pillar plate, under the dial.



Official Longines Website

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