You are my sunshine

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. dweiss17

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    An hour ago I went into the kitchen and put some food on Johnnie IIs plate. Went back to bed. Sometime later I went back into the kitchen to take my morning two pills and down them with a glass of orange juice. Looking at her food area to see if my cat partook of the food I had plated earlier, I could see she ate about half. With her on my mind…SUDDENLY a song came into mind that was written around 1939. More than half a lifetime ago for many people.

    The song: "You are my sunshine."

    Living alone in a house filled with memories, this guy nearly ninety-nine years old, the thought came to mind, this beautiful and loving feline was the sunshine in this old guy's life. I do not think Johnnie II looks at me as an older man…she only knows to greet me when I come home from some errands I had to do. She wants my attention when she is not in the catnapping mode. And, she shares my bed all night long…with her, even though it may be dark outside…Johnnie II is the sunshine in my long life at this time.

  2. shutterbug

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    Pets are precious, and a great companion for folks in the winter of their lives. I'm glad you have her!
  3. RL

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    I agree with shutterbug!

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