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"Frankie Weiss and Her Magic"

Chapter twelve, the Final One

Page Sixty-five

Before starting to write this final chapter, I must relate one incident concerning Frankie that happened at 5:23 AM this morning. At that time, as usual, I was asleep on the right side of my body. Frankie jumps to the bed and with a paw pokes me in the left rib cage awakening me, I look at the digital clock with its red numerals atop the TV, knowing what Frankie wants (food), this cat knows I’m sleeping but that is no concern of hers, being hungry is. Slowly, I get out of bed, Frankie on the far end of the bed watching my every move, as soon as my feet touch the carpeted floor Frankie jumps off and runs to the kitchen where her food dish is kept.

Upon entering the kitchen, I notice her most precious toy, the bear, is lying next to her dish, Mr. Mom’s mind starts racing; is she bringing me a gift to thank me for feeding her, or is she trying to bribe me into doing her bidding? It is one of the mysteries in the cat world that never to be solved. No matter if you spent a lifetime studying cat behavior and all its implications, as I said in a previous chapter of this story, “Let the mystery be; it’s better that way.” Cats are loving, beautiful animals, they were also created to be an enigma; you will never fully understand their motives and thoughts.

Needless to say, “Frankie got her food.”


Seven years in the life of an eighty-eight year old may not seem like a long time. Especially when the adoption of two felines, made six and one-half years of that time so short, it seems like yesterday, that Frankie’s eyes met mine as she was in her cage waiting to be adopted, “Love at first sight” prevailed; the “Magic” had started.

Reading the first page of this “Magic”, you know the world I lived in at that time suffered the loss of my wife, Evelyn, two weeks short of thirty-nine years of marriage. This world, the one of true love, mutual contentment, care, happiness and all its inherent benefits suddenly changed into a long six-seven months of despair, loneliness, and sadly, many self–inflicted tears of pity in regards to my loss.

If you read further, you know adopting Frankie and Johnnie were the second best things I ever did, my marrying Evelyn was the first. After emerging from a self-imposed loneliness, I now had two beautiful feline “children” to take care of and give them a home filled with all the good things they deserved and needed.

Page Sixty-six

Today, I can honestly say from the first time I opened the pet carrier door and let these two half-grown cats into sharing my new world, and me in sharing theirs, I never spent another lonely day or night. I always had unadulterated feline love to come home to; they, in turn, had my human love. Still, they could never replace Evelyn and her presence in our home. However, my heart was big enough to give them a love that was constant and pure in an effort to raise them as children worthy of my surname.

Frankie the Calico and Johnnie the Tabby never let the name of Weiss down.

Thinking about and writing the final chapter involves feelings and emotions that make me wish I had the education and the words to express all the thoughts that come to this novice writer in putting together a story concerning the love affair between two beautiful felines and a now 88-year-old man. Never, in my wildest dreams, did it ever cross my mind that a human could obsess about two cats. And, in a manner that would cause him to devote untold hours in learning how to use a computer, scanner and printer in an effort by putting down on paper the words and pictures relating to the beauty, trust and the unexplainable comfort these cats endowed upon me in living our lives together during the past six and one-half years.

You already know their entrance into the Weiss home resurrected the camera. They were too beautiful not to endlessly photograph. Besides, they were the perfect subjects for photography, no direction needed. I must admit many other photos were not deemed presentable in showing off my long delayed photographic skills.

While Frankie and Johnnie could care less about having their pictures taken for posterity, caring about their Mr. Mom was another subject closer to their feline hearts. Their presence in wanting to be near me when awake and/or not getting into mischief when the mood struck them at other times were unalterable proof of the bond between animal and human. It would be impossible to count the overwhelming number days and times Frankie would bring me her bear, upon hearing her utter that special vocal sound, I’d swivel in my computer chair, and sure enough the bear was on the carpeted floor near the chair. She was not hungry, she had Johnnie as a companion, yet the bond of love was

Page Sixty-seven

so important to her that she wanted to sit my lap and have me fondle her. The bear, accordingly, was a constant reminder of her devotion to me, and her need for my love. I was not too set in my ways to learn about love from a cat and to give back all she wanted or needed at that time or, at any other time when I initiated the want and need for her closeness.

Johnnie in her love for me is not as showing or demanding as Frankie. Having a reserved personality she is less inclined than Frankie to be as aggressive in her needs. Although I would feel her paw touching my arm quite often when at the computer, she’d be happy if I acknowledged her touch by fondling and letting her fall asleep or catnap on my lap. So often at night, I will be in bed watching television and the cats may be elsewhere, I yell out, “Johnnie come in here”…it does not take ten seconds, Johnnie jumps to my bed and facing me is ready for my touch. This little scene will not work with Frankie. But when away from home and I pull up on my driveway and beep my horn twice no matter where Frankie may be at that moment, if I wait for a short time, she will jump to the picture windowsill and presents her pretty self at the window, making sure it’s me, she will run down to the ground floor. Coming into the house after garaging the car, Frankie will be on the carpet in front of the washbasin on the ground floor lying belly up, waiting for my fondling and touching her beautiful face and body.

It is not for nothing that this little Calico feline has stolen my heart and making me feel life is good and fruitful. In showing her love for me the lesson comes through so strong and vivid, we humans can learn so much in giving our love to those close to us. By doing so we not only play a part in making the recipient of that love feel wanted and needed, we also benefit in a manner that without any doubt will improve our self-worth and importantly, our self-esteem and health.

Never did any thought cross my mind that I would be writing a letter to my Frankie in thanks for all her love and for all the heart-felt lessons, she taught me in how to be a loving parent these past six and one-half years. The adoption of Frankie and Johnnie was more than a blessing; it was salvation for this person now in the twilight of his long years on this earth, the years that in so many ways, has been good to me. In deciding to finalize this “Magic” story with a letter expressing my thoughts and thanks to my feline “children” Frankie and Johnnie; during our time together, some of which was not with the best of happiness, nor with the worst of times.

Page Sixty-eight

We all know Frankie went to Cat College where she graduated Magna cum Laude and learned to speak in many tongues, including her own. Being fluent in English, she will read this letter to Johnnie, whom, I’m sorry to say never, went to any school of higher learning. Even so, Johnnie is more of a lady than Frankie is. Her approach to things necessary to her leading a fruitful life is less demanding and more lady-like than Frankie’s rough and tumble attitude. Johnnie brings to our arrangement the calmness so necessary when three share the same premises and tries to never get into anyone’s hair, the case is not so with Frankie. She knows she is the boss cat and in that respect, she comes first in all things pertaining to our lives together.

Before closing this page and writing the letter, I present another picture of my two adorable and cats, shortly after we came into each others lives.


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