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wyler watch

Dave Haynes

Registered User
Sep 12, 2000
Ken: Wyler S.A., Bienne, Switzerland
I haven't found a date for the company.
I do know that they have been making
fine quality watches and precision tools
since before WWII.

Their claim to fame is the "Incaflex"
balance, a system that features a flexable
curved balance arm that absorbs shocks and prevents staff breakage. The salesmen for
Wyler used to come into a jewelry store,
take off their watch, throw it against
the wall and ask the owner to pick it up and see if was still running. Of course it was, and in an age of fragile watches, it was very innovative.
I like Wyler watches because they were always
well cased, usually in stainless steel. They
used primarily ETA ebauches for their movements, another plus, and most of their watches were quite waterproof and rugged.

I'm wearing a 14k Wyler "Superior"right now.
From 1948, The manual wind movement has a gold plated cover on the pallet fork assembly
engine turning on the case..inside..and even the dial ring is gold.

Wylers are a great bargain for collectors.
Hope this helps.

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