Please ID this Clock Wuba Warmink clock identification

Discussion in 'General Clock Discussions' started by Davide, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Davide

    Davide New Member

    May 16, 2018
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    I bought a cabinet clock Wuba Wamink but I don't know many things about it.
    I am very happy, it was love at first sight! but now I need to know more about the clock, with your help.

    It is a small clock: 9,45 inches height, 7,08 inches width and 3,94 inches depth. Dutch, and with a movement Dutch or German.

    I don't know if Warmink is the manufacturer and Wuba the movement type or mechanism...

    The case is walnut wood, elegant and classic, restrained.

    The clock has two windows, at each side, that allow to see the mecanism and another curved window to see the pendulum.

    Theorically is from fifties or beginning of sixties... What do you think about this date? Is it possible to date it with more precision?

    Talking about the mecanism, Can you tell me the name of the movement? Is it good or not...? I would like to know your opinion seeing the photos...

    All the pieces, and the key, seems originals.

    As you see, the clock have two holes, to wind-up. I am embarassed but I don't kown how it works. The clock strikes the bells every half and full hour.

    It's the first time I have a clock like this.
    You can see the photos. All opinions, details or information will be wellcome!
    Many thanks!!

    113f3684-23e2-4b7b-8105-dc46594090d4.jpg 0c661654-5902-4cb6-9ae2-82f4db7b1899.jpg 4f71c29b-b07e-4370-8172-9383dc85d540.jpg 5e1ec124-f600-4b7d-b502-cbcf30bd671b.jpg 8fa68d0b-1e06-4fe1-b034-f607e33bdc15.jpg 76c93429-6908-42fe-8190-5d5ecc0e2cde.jpg a1638947-44cc-42c5-a9ec-b994683c6c23.jpg b458fed0-053b-41c3-b027-83ddad8d3ba7.jpg ba674ff8-67fe-4cde-8e44-5ec9488ed65a.jpg c3a66c51-2a4b-4545-8e56-cc50ee9bb6f6.jpg
  2. JTD

    JTD Registered User
    NAWCC Member

    Sep 27, 2005
    Welcome to the board.

    First of all, WUBA is a trade mark for the company John Warmink, founded in Holland in 1929. At the beginning, Warmink made his own movements (mechanisms) but later he used movements made by several of the big German manufacturers. Warmink went out of business in the early 1990s. I think you are right about the approximate date of your clock and that it has a German movement, somebody else may be able to identify the actual maker. As for the quality, well, it is a mass produced movement, but not bad quality. Warmink was well-known for making reproductions of earlier style clocks.

    You asked about winding the clock: the right hand winding arbor is for the time part of the mechanism and the left hand one is for the strike. You wind them with the key firmly until they will wind no further. Then give the pendulum a little push to start it swinging and it should run for about a week. I don't know how recently the clock has been serviced, or how long it has been running, but you should consider taking it to a good clockmaker and let him at least look at the clock and do any cleaning and oiling that may be needed.

    I am glad you like your clock and if you look after it, it should give you many years of pleasure.

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  3. Davide

    Davide New Member

    May 16, 2018
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    Thanks for the helpful, JTD!

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