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Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Mike Kearney, Feb 17, 2001.

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  1. Mike Kearney

    Mike Kearney Guest

    Sometimes the name on the dial of a Swiss watch is a brand name of the company that produced the watch. For example, the Swiss manufacturer Alpina used the brand names Albina, Aleph, Allianz, Allweather as well as many others.

    But quite often the name on the dial is the name of the company that imported or distributed the watch. If you open the watch and know where to look, you will probably determine that the watch (the movement at least) was made by a large company called ETA.

    Except for a few well-known Swiss watchmakers that advertise in magazines and on billboards, the Swiss watchmaking industry has never seemed to care at all about brand recognition. That, I think, is why there are so many names we can't find information about.


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