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Who is the maker of the American octagon short drop?

Rockin Ronnie

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Nov 18, 2012
Greenfield, Nova Scotia
I picked up this time-only calendar wall clock today. The maker's name on the clock face has been painted over, there is no label on the case and the movement is unmarked although it does have "CD" stamped on the front plate, lower left. It looks like a Gilbert to me. Could also be a Sessions. Can anyone confirm? And the year?

It looks like the movement is original to the case but I am not sure (no additional screw holes though).

It is non-working and has some issues but mostly the minute hand does not advance because of a detached wheel on the motion works.


RS wall clock.JPG RS movement.JPG RS movement2.JPG

Steven Thornberry

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Jan 15, 2004
Here and there
My guess is the Gilbert, Admiral model. Early 20th century?
I agree that this is the Gilbert Admiral. It is shown in Tran in this style from the 1901 catalogue (with calendar) and the 1910 catalogue (without calendar); both have Standard Time on the bottom door glass. The Admiral is also shown from the 1925 catalogue but with a plain, unadorned oak case.
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