When Ingersoll Put a Bomb Under the Christmas Tree

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Aug 24, 2000
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When Ingersoll Put a Bomb Under the Christmas Tree

Columbia, PA: Advertising does more than just sell products—it tells the stories of our time. Join us on Saturday, March 16, from 11:00 AM to noon for the TimeTalk, Does the Watch Date the Fashion: Vintage Watch and Clock Advertisements, led by Sara Butler-Tongate, Library & Archives Supervisor at the NAWCC National Watch & Clock Museum Fortunat Mueller-Maerki Library & Research Center. This free event will take place in the theater of the Museum, 514 Poplar Street, Columbia, PA.

Join us to learn what Elgin advised as the only appropriate gift for a man to present to his fiancé while maintaining good form and avoiding scandal. See, too, how that company and others promoted the legacy of the wristwatch as the coming-of-age gift to a son or daughter on their graduation. Want to make sure your watch isn’t making you look old and stodgy? Visit your local jeweler for the latest styles (at least that’s what the ads tell you to do).

“This is about more than just watches and clocks,” said Butler-Tongate. “It’s about how advertising reflects and influences our culture.”

The morning presentation will also touch on War World II advertising. During that time, nearly all U.S. industries were converted to war service, and watch and clock makers were no exception. But that doesn’t mean they stopped advertising. See how companies, including Lancaster’s Hamilton Watch Co., urged their customers to be patient and wait for the peacetime opportunity to purchase that long-desired watch. In the meantime, consumers were urged to buy bonds as the perfect Christmas gift. Ingersoll communicated this idea while creating an ad with a bomb under a Christmas tree.


The NAWCC National Watch & Clock Museum offers TimeTalk programs on Saturdays throughout the year in addition to its Wednesday LunchTime presentations. These two events occur in alternating months. Both are free and open to the public. For more information, contact us at 717-684-8261, ext. 211; giftshop@nawcc.org. For directions, hours, and general Museum information, visit our website at www.museumoftime.org.

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