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What goes around, comes around.

doug sinclair

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Aug 27, 2000
Calgary, Alberta
I do watch work for a number of retail jewellers, here. I was in one store last week, and the jeweller showed me two garden variety Walthams that his goldsmith brought to him. This goldsmith also works for a number of jewellers. He was in the store of one of his customers recently. The very same two watches had been presented to that jeweller by someone who wanted to sell them. The goldsmith brought the watches to my customer for advice. My customer recognized the name on the case of the one as a customer of his. He checked inside the case back, and noted that his late father had repaired the watches about 30 years ago. My customer went to the watch repair record book, looked up the owner's particulars, and phoned the family. He told them he had their watches in his store! They had been STOLEN! The police went to the store where they had been offered for sale, and there was a RING in the jeweller's showcase that had also been stolen! Poetic justice, or what! The guy who did the B & E is in the slammer. The jeweller who bought the stuff is out his money!

Years ago, I was running a jewellery store. A guy brings in a strand of pearls he wants to sell. He expects we'll just give him cash! But we had to send them to our estate department in Toronto for an offer. So we took his particulars, and sent the pearls away. Two weeks later comes a police officer. He is showing us the customer copy of the estate take in form, and asks if we have the pearls! They are in Toronto, we tell him. The police want them sent back. They had been stolen!

On the day the pearls and an entire wardrobe of gold jewellery had been stolen, there had been a light snow fall. The home owner arrived home only minutes after the break in, and noticed the forced entry. The police showed up, assessed the situation, and followed the guy's footprints right to his HOUSE! Poetic justice!

I am certain many of us have similar tales we could tell.
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May 14, 2014
Very cool Doug! Hopefully they will get what they deserve.


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