What About This 14k USA Movado Case?


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Feb 24, 2009
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Who cased this watch and what do the numbers inside the case back mean?

The watch is a mid-60s 14k Movado Kingmatic Sub Sea 28 jewels. The case is a 14k front-loader.
Dial 1.JPG

The movement is a Movado caliber 395, 28 jewels, adjusted 2 positions (BTW very dirty). Movement 1.JPG Movement 2.JPG

I believe that Movado shipped the uncased movement to the US to avoid US tariffs. I also believe that the movement was cased by a US case manufacturer. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

The case back has the initials engraved "KT."
Case Back 1.JPG

I believe that the case manufacturer stamped his logo on the case back. The logo is the letter L inside a circle with a couple of horizontal lines. Can anyone identify this case manufacturer?
Sub Sea 4.JPG

Inside the case back the manufacturer stamped USA Movado along with the Movado Hand logo, also the numbers 4195 and 616. Do these numbers mean anything?
Inside Case Back.JPG

Unlike Swiss-cased Movado watches these numbers don't comport with the examples found at the Movado Lookup site: movadolookup.files.wordpress.com/

Thanks for any info.

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Feb 24, 2009
South Carolina

TL;DR version: The watch case was manufactured by the Lapwell Watch Case Company of Greenvale, NY.

To both readers still interested in this thread:

The trademark questioned in post 1 belonged to the Lapwell Watch Case Company of Greenvale, NY. Further research found that Movado. Longines, Omega and LeCoultre all used cases manufactured by Lapwell in the 1960s.

According to the Canadian Trademark Office Lapwell filed for registration of their trademark on 28 July 1956 and the Office registered it on 28 June 1957. Before registering the trademark Lapwell simply signed the inside of their cases with their full company name.

Canadian Lapwell Trademark Registration.pdf

Notice from the above that current owner of the trademark is listed as Regency Creations but the registrant is Lapwell Watch Case Company. Both Regency and Lapwell share the same street address. Hmmm. Interesting

The late Roman Kriegstein was the co-founder of Regency Creations. His obituary is shown HERE. The obit states that "he established Regency Creations in Greenvale, Long Island and became a successful manufacturer of fine watch cases and bands." I think that he just bought Lapwell and bingo, he automatically became a successful manufacturer of watch cases and bands.

Regency stated that they started using the Lapwell trademark in the US on 15 July 1961.

Regency Creations US Trademark Registration Cert.pdf

Regency Creations US Trademark Status.pdf

The above trademark status shows that the US trademark expired on 4 November 1992.

At least we now know who made the watch case. Add the Lapwell name to the list of US 14k wristwatch case manufacturers for the Swiss. We will probably never know what the numbers inside the case mean. But at least I can now sleep at night.

Dennis Lockwood


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