Westclox M4T on a Philco Radio

Discussion in 'Electric Horology' started by the alchemist, Feb 17, 2019.

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  1. the alchemist

    the alchemist New Member

    Feb 16, 2019
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    I have a 1959 J773 Philco clock radio that has a Westclox electric clock in it. The motor is called out as an M4T. Someone had chopped one of the power wires to the clock, I think because the buzzer alarm wouldn't silence. I fixed that - turns out the bimetallic tang was incorrectly placed UNDER the alarm lever on the clock, and it should have been OVER it. All is good now and i resoldered the purple power wire to the clock. Runs a little noisy, but is ok.

    Couple questions:
    1. What oil is recommended for this unit and where are the oil points? Same question on any grease.
    2. One of the gears, it looks like its shaft is not quite centered in the steel backplate of the Westclox clock. There looks to be a tiny pressed in bushing, but on this one gear, the spindle has worn through the bushing. Do they make these bushings anymore?
    3. The clock is missing one of the front 'knobs' - the one that should be on the SLEEP function. You can take the one off of the OFF/ON/AUTO/ALARM shaft and use it there, but would there be anyone that knows where you could get one?

    The clock runs well and keeps time. Alarm works, but in the ALARM setting, i don't understand why power to radio also comes on. I suppose you could simply turn the volume down all the way in the ALARM mode. In the AUTO mode, just the radio comes on, as it should. There's a push lever at top of the radio, centered over the clock, that is called "40 winks" in a schematic manual i have.

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