We need our true written history

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Dec 6, 2014.

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    I often wonder why no one has really written the full history of our National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. Certainly, we have the men whom left their imprint on our beginnings and those that followed in their footsteps.

    We can start with our founders…52 men whose names are on the Founders Plaque dated November 7, 1943; presented in 2010, and now hanging on the wall to the elevator entrance to our second floor of the our world-famous National Horologic Museum, situated in Columbia, PA.

    I also wonder how many Americans know during the Revolutionary War that while the British invaded Philadelphia and New York, the Assembly failed by two votes to move our Capitol to Columbia, PA.

    I am sorry that I do not have a clear copy of the names on that plaque
    that features our first president, secretary, and treasurer, along with the other officers and members of that time. Some 176,000 [or more] names later who were NAWCC members prove this was no small venture by some men who dreamed a dream of creating a Horologic Association that would 71 years later be a repository of clocks, watches, books and ephemera and become a world-famous Horologic Museum.

    In our midst we have wonderful and learned researchers and writers who have published articles about clocks and watches and brought their historical nature to our Bulletin readers. These people, I am sure, could do justice to such a project as writing about our history that involved so many NAWCC members across (at latest count) 50 countries scattered across our globe. Our Library contains all the necessary material to enable such a project.

    The thought being that a true written history of our National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, now more than 14,000 members and for all the future members…such a history would be beneficial and preserve our proud heritage as one of the world's foremost and leading horologic museums.

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