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Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Nov 20, 2015.

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  1. dweiss17

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    Aug 1, 2006
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    It seems my computer address is a super magnet for all kinds of mail I do not solicit from companies trying to save me money by spending a lot more. From furniture companies, to drug stores, to save yourself from a heart attack, to face lifts, to lose weight, to tighten the skin on your face and so many more that are using this style of communication to sell their wares.

    I just go to my Outlook Express and select all…all the emails are now bunched in a blue box…click on that and delete will come up, click delete…fini.

    When it comes to the telephone, the marketers are actively going on with their spiel even as you pick up the phone cradle to answer. I never answer the phone, instead when it rings four times my recorded voice comes on telling the caller to leave their name and phone number and I will call them back. 99 percent of the calls never respond to my request.

    Recently, I received a call-back on my car they want to check the air bag system and possibly replace some parts. When finished…they will give you a list of things that should be done to your car. As the original owner, I know what my car needs done or does not need done…another way these companies try to get you to spend money that you do not need to.

    All the above forms of trying to get you to save money by spending money is part and parcel of our modern living of today. Sometimes progress takes away from your life things that were interesting and worth reading in the newspapers. Today, the TV blasts 24 hours a day repeating the same news over and over. I often turn off the sound and just let it run 24 hours a day. Living alone with a cat once in a while will make you hunger for the human voice, other your own.

    One commercial in particular (if the voice is on and not muted) will get muted instantly…the guy selling the pillows that do so much good for you…buy one and he'll send you one as a gift. I'm sure you'd have an extra charge for shipping and handling.

    In the real old days, when ordering through the mail all you did was pay for postage. We live in a world of today…reflecting to save money you have to buy. We call this progress.
  2. doug sinclair

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    Here is a definition that I find to be eminently suitable to describe these charlatans. I make it a point of checking out consumer reports as given by a lot of folks who have actually bought some of the gimmicks that are touted on TV. Comments like: "I ordered one, and later when I checked, I found a charge for six items on my charge card! When I phoned the number given, I found the phone was no longer in service! The item was useless!" My wife gets quite impatient with me when I handle telemarketer calls, rudely. Reports that I hear indicate that senior citizens are particularly vulnerable when it comes to shady characters. Like the senior that got a call from her bank indicating there had been some fraudulent activity on her bank account. She was instructed to withdraw $60,000.00 and to meet someone in a parking lot, somewhere. All in an effort to catch a "bank employee". The teller asked the lady why the large withdrawal! She was advised that banks don't fight fraud in that way. She withdrew the money anyway, and lost it all! You do well to protect yourself.

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  3. shutterbug

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    I don't click on links until I'm SURE it is linking to the bank/business in question. They can make things look so real when they are trying to separate you from your money!
  4. MartinM

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    Jun 24, 2011
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    Dan. Having spent a fair amount of time as an automotive mechanic, I can say that, on the rare occasion that I do need to take my car to someone, I'm often disappointed in their lack of knowledge and need to tell me things that aren't true. You are going to have the airbag replaced, though. Right? They should have sent you something in the mail about that as well as any phone or email communications.
  5. Kevin W.

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    I would get rid of out look express and go with G mail, way less junk mail, you will like it alot more Daniel.

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