We are family!


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We are family!

A group of lions may be called a pride. A lot of geese may be called a gaggle. A crowd of elephants may be called a herd. We as a group of NAWCC Chapters are called the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. We are an organization of men and women dedicated to the many aspects of horology. We can be called an organization. In fact, on the computer you may type in the name (NAWCC.org) and you are immediately welcomed to our site. Type in NAWCC or use our full name and you are connected to the world of horology.

Would it surprise anyone if I said we are a “family”... a family of men and women interested in horology? However, we may be thousands of miles apart. From many different strati of life and we may converse in tongues not familiar to one another. We may have different interests in our common bond of horology. Some are interested only in watches, others in another branch called clocks. Still others are drawn to horologic history and to the very essence what is time. We have men and women who are leaders, we have many who are followers and we have writers and we have collectors of these horologic wonders in all its phases.

Ask a question about something, a clock or watch, or you may have inherited, or just bought a timepiece you may want to know more about and its age or history, or where to get it repaired. On our many Forums, men and women…are people who extend the helping hand and will try to answer your question or need.

To me, that is family. A group of humans who somehow became enamored of this hobby thing we call horology. It gave them a living passion. Perhaps, even a new lift on life. It gave them a great learning experience…an experience helping them to form and to keep on adding to that qualitative experience of this hobby we call horology. Their learning experience and knowledge has rubbed off on so many of our NAWCC membership that has carried on through generations.
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