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    Here is a list of parts sources at Jim's request:

    Disclaimer: The NAWCC has no commercial affiliation with any of these parts sources or service persons, and the listings herein do not represent any recommendation or warranty. This list is made available as a public service to assist our users to obtain uncommon and highly specialized chronometer parts and services. All transactions must be conducted privately and are at your own risk. Should any problems be encountered please report the to the forum Moderator.

    For American Pocket Watch Parts I usually start with these suppliers:

    Bob McKnight - used PW parts (jewels, setting parts, wheels, hands, etc)
    Brian Cavanaugh - used PW parts (jewels, setting parts, wheels, hands, etc)

    Cas-ker - new jewels in settings, new staffs, reproduction hands
    Dashto - many used parts, NOS staffs, hands, other NOS parts
    Dave's Watch Parts - used parts, hands
    McCaw's - new staffs, some jewels in settings, reproduction hands
    Jules Borel - jewels in settings, new staffs, reproductions hands
    In a pinch you may want to try: Mechanical Watch Supply LLC: Look elsewhere 1st, because he admits he charges more, but he has rare and hard to find wrist and pocket watch parts.

    Watch Parts Suppliers

    Watch Parts Suppliers - They're in Sweden and the site is in Swedish, but you should be able to right click and translate. I've been told they carry a large stock of Swiss pocket watch parts.

    Barton and Chase Supply house- (800) 333-1961 Swiss wristwatch and some American Pocket watch parts.

    Brian Cavanaugh- good source for American Pocket watch parts:

    Cas-ker large selection of new wristwatch parts, new tools, American pocket watch parts email contact To order individual Watch Parts please Call 1.800.487.0408 or Fax 1.800.487.5848

    Dashto large selection of used movements, tools, and nos and used parts. American Pocket watch parts (you usually must know the part number). Large selection of glass crystals. If you need a part for a wristwatch, you may want to just order the entire movement from Dashto and then save the movement for your own parts supply.GREAT DEALS ON AMERICAN POCKET WATCH STAFFS email contact-
    TOLL FREE FAX Number (888) 869-1293

    Dave's Watch Parts- mainsprings, crystals (including hard to find bullseye crystals), parts for American pocket watches, parts movements, hands, watchmaker's tools. or e-mail to:

    Eckcells -Supply house with website: some hard to find parts for vintage watches.
    email contact

    Esslingers-Supply house with website some hard to find parts for vintage watches. email contact
    Tel (651) 452-7180
    Fax (651) 452-4298

    Hamilton Military Parts (4992b, etc) Larry Crutsinger at (757)650-9470.

    Jules Borel- Some American pocket watch parts-Many American PW staffs and mainsprings. large selection of American PW staffs $10 each (you must know original part number) large selection of new wristwatch parts, new tools, etc. email contact Order Desk: 800.776.6858 • Order Fax: 800.776.6862 • Office: 816.421.6110 Low shipping costs- excellent website- many white alloy mainsprings for American pocket watches only $15 WEBSITE IS AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE FOR PARTS INTERCHANGABILITY!
    Their catalog is available online, but you'll have to call and set up an account before they will ship your order.

    Lancaster Horological Supply

    19 S. State St, Ephrata, PA 17522-2410
    Lancaster PA
    p: 717 721 6138

    Larry Crutsinger has a large supply of Hamilton military parts.

    McCaw's Many American Pocket Watch parts, staffs, mainsprings, many hard to find American Pocket Watch parts
    They will usually ship the same day - low shipping costs.
    email contact

    Mechanical Watch Supply LLC: Look elsewhere 1st, because he admits he charges more, but he has rare and hard to find wrist and pocket watch parts.

    Movado Group: Ebel, Concord, ESQ, Coach, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste. 1-800-810-2311

    Otto Frei- many hard to find Omega parts. Some kits to build your own watch, new parts, movements, etc.
    email contact

    Otto Frei sells HAIRSPRINGS for many watches. Swiss wristwatch, American Pocket watches, etc. They're searchable by size and/or brand.

    800.900.3734 (fax)

    Barry Hanstein's site, HourMinSec: (NAWCC member #0158051), as he has a great selection of PW parts:

    Primrose Supplies Inc.
    2529 S. State St. - Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
    Tel: 1-877-296-1025
    Fax: 1-801-365-3874

    Pocket and Wrist Watch Case Repair Wuischpard & Son

    Pocket Watch Case Repair William Fassler & Co.

    Ray Tyulty - Howard pocket watch parts. Also advertises case repair and casemaking.
    BOX 5233
    AKRON,OH 44334
    330-285-5652 EVE AFTER 7 PM EASTERN

    Rolex parts: Bill Ward (859)236-3435 cell (859)338-3184

    Scotch Watch Parts: Rolex, Omega, Longines, etc. Many parts for Swiss pocket watches. Bob McKnight - American Pocket Watch Parts (bought out Uncle Larry's in Canada) some hard to find parts.

    Twin City supply house some hard to find parts.
    email contact

    Pocket Watch Serial Number Lookup

    American Pocket Watch Serial Number Lookup

    Elgin Watches:

    Hamilton (you must be a NAWCC member and be logged in for this resource)

    Hampden (click on Hampden on the page that pops up)

    Rockford (click on Rockford on the page that pops up)

    South Bend (click on South Bend on the page that pops up)

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