Waltham presentation wrist watch

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by richiec, Aug 10, 2020.

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    Just got a watch from Ebay, a 3/0 Waltham with a Chevrolet emblem on the dial and a presentation on the rear cover, almost worn off from use-Awarded For October 1931 Sales Record-H J Klingler. I looked up Mr. Klingler-Harry John Klingler, b:1889, d:1966. In the 20's he was a manager for Chevrolet and by the mid 1930's he was the President and GM of the Pontiac Division until at least 1950. He must have done all right as his worth in 1930 was $125000. He lived in tony Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I'll put a running movement into it so it can be worn. It has a broken staff and mainspring, in the 27 million range. The back of the case, a Star Watch Case Co, nickel case with chrome plating is badly worn away so the presentation is barely legible. The dial is presentable, maybe just a minor clean, don't want the Chevrolet emblem to fall off. When I get is going I will post photos.
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