Waltham Model 1908


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Apr 12, 2010
I purchased a Waltham model 1908 wind indicator watch from ebay some weeks ago because I finally decided
I wanted a nice railroad watch. Well as luck would have it and typical of ebay sellers a very important part was missing.
The wind indicator wheel. That started the quest for information to id the parts, nomenclature and then the part number.
I posed two requests for the missing information that with the help of two members helped me locate the missing information .
With all the digging I ran across this book "Waltham Watch and clock Material" 1940 from the Waltham Watch Company.
Not only does this book show all the parts but the also cover the details on springs, timing screws, screws and tap sizes jewels
in other words more information than I have ever been able to locate on he components that make a watch run.
If you are a beginner and just doing the works for yourself this is the book to have in your library. This book is a reprint, also another book recommended is "Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements" by Swgart Company. Thanks Chris Radek for that lead.

So thank you members Chris Radek, Jerry Treiman and Chris Carey for giving me your knowledge and clues for my research.

One last piece of information, those who repair Chelsea clocks, the platform escapement till the mid fifties was Waltham, I don't have all the details yet, but I'm still looking. Please remember that the Chelsea information is unverified but looking at the balance spring pin is a Waltham part 16 size.

I also found looking under events on line lectures on several topics including the model 1908 and tomorrow on Elgin.
Just for back ground I have been a member of the NAWCC since 1977 and working on watches and clocks since well before that.
I just wanted to share so others can benefit.

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