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w.f. quencer men's pocket watch

Dr. Jon

NAWCC Member
Dec 14, 2001
New Hampshire
WF Quencer was a Jeweler. The first pocket watch I bought had his name on it. The watch could be made by anyone. These were called contract watches. Both American and Swiss makers sold such watches and put the name of the Jeweler on the dial. Sometimes they also put the jeweler's name on the movement (the works)

My Quencer is a Hamilton 940. This is a 21 jewel railrod watch. It started my collection and I still have it.

There is a small chance that yours too is a Hamilton 940. If so it will be engraved and filled in gold lettering on the movement. It will NOT have the serial number you gave. Different numbers on case and movement are common because they were often sold separtely.

The number you gave, if it is from the movement and if the movement is by Hamilton would be a 914 model. The 914 is a 12 size about 2inches across.

Making an ID from a Jewelers name and a number that may be a case number is long shot in the dark. I woudl not normally even try but for teh connection to W.F. Quencer. If you look at the movement you may be able to ID the maker. If you can do this and get a serial number teh rest of this organization will be able to tell you a lot more, and with a lot more certainty.

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