Viral Fallen Clock Returns

Discussion in 'NAWCC NEWS' started by Gene Klodzen, Nov 21, 2016.

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  1. Gene Klodzen

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    Aug 24, 2000

    COLUMBIA, PA: It’s back!!! The fallen clock has returned! Earlier this year the National Watch and Clock Museum shared a surveillance video of a pair of visitors to the Museum who couldn’t resist touching a sculptural wall clock, accidentally knocking the wooden clock off the wall and severely damaging it.

    The Museum posted the video on its official YouTube channel as a reminder to our visitors about the danger of touching museum objects. Once posted, the video immediately went viral, resulting in phone calls from media around the world asking for interviews and further information about the accident.

    Fortunately, the damaged clock was not beyond repair. The clock has just been returned to the Museum after being restored by its Minnesota artist and clockmaker James Borden. The nationally award-winning clock had hung in the Museum for more than 20 years but is again on display where it belongs.

    Accompanying its return are a half-dozen more large-scale unique clocks. Together, they form the new exhibit, Time Shapes: The Artistry of James Borden, which will be exhibited through February 28.

    The Museum looks forward to sharing this collection as they welcome visitors to look but not touch!

    Kim Craven
    NAWCC Marketing and Events Coordinator

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