Two types of pivoting tools

Discussion in 'Watch Repair' started by RJSoftware, Jan 20, 2015.

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  1. RJSoftware

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    Apr 15, 2005
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    Hello all.

    Just noting these two types of pivoting tools I have. One is possibly not a pivoting drill at all. I suspect it's for pivot inspection and perhaps pivot straightening. Wondering about converting it to a pivot drilling tool.

    Not only is it strange because of it's little slit on back end for seeing the pivot it also has a strange assortment of cups. 6 inverted and 6 pointed. So it makes little sense to me having cups that protrude as that only puts the end of the pivot deeper in the cup and gives even less ability to see.

    The slit is so shallow that there is no way to insert even the smallest of mascot pivot drill bits except at an unacceptable angle.

    I had half imagined that the object pivots might land on the slit edge and it might serve as a pivot straightener. But pivots are so short, hard to imagine that would work. The cups of the wheel are longer than that.

    I guess the only use the tool is for is to see if the pivots are bent.

    The other tool is a drill for sure. It's more like the standard type, no rolling wheel selection but has 5 dedicated bushings (I lack the proper term) with holes to hold the dedicated arbor to be drilled.

    But it also has an additional Jacot like wheel disc for finishing up pivot tips once they get installed. I think once the drilling is done the arbor is swapped sides and the disc adjusted outward a bit to provide room for a pivot file and/or burnisher.

    I keep putting this project aside as I get busy doing other things but really want to conquer this thing of drilling with the pivoting tool.

    But I need to make the quill (term ?) to hold the drill bit to fit into the bushing. I finally also have a good set of Mascot pivot bits. If I have to I will shellac them into the stock that I cut on the lathe for a quill.

    This thread is designed to help someone who is considering purchasing this kind of tool in the future and also is open for discussion.

    Comments, advise, correct terminology appreciated.


  2. gmorse

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    Jan 7, 2011
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    Hi RJ,

    Neither of your tools appear to have the drill holder, (quill is as good a word as any I guess), which holds the drills purely by friction, as the drill shanks usually have a slight taper. Drills were usually made for the job in hand.

    The runner at the back has a safety centre which bears on the shoulder, protecting the pivot itself from pressure.

    A close up of the drum with the cone centres would be useful, but looking at the one I have, some of the very smallest cones do look superficially as though they're just pointed.

    The rounding up plate on the other tool is unusual, but a useful feature, especially if you don't have a Jacot tool.

    There's an old thread here which covers some of this.



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