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Tower Clock

le arsi

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Jul 7, 2008
This is a 3-dial tower clock of Eastwood City in Libis Quezon City, Manila. Sometime in 2003 and 2004 I was contacted by the management and seek the help to fix this clock. They imported the clock from India then after few months it stop working. I found out that there is something wrong with the system aside from stoppage. You can not set the time of the 3 dials separately. That is why they open the window near the clock and use a long metallic rod to manually move the hands to synchronize the 3 dials. This is not right I told the engineers.
I fixed the source of stoppage then I made additional circuits to separate each of the 3 motors so that they can be adjusted separately and electronically. Before they contacted me they've bought the second master control from India hoping that the problem will be corrected but it's not. So, this is another success story of Le Arsi- thank you for reading.