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Touchon Serial Numbers

Ethan Lipsig

NAWCC Gold Member
Jan 8, 2006
Pasadena, CA
Do any of you have information on Touchon serial numbers, e.g., were the strictly chronological, etc.? Based on my collection, all that I can infer, is that:

(1) Numbering likely did not start much below 13,000.

(2) Numbers 40,000-46,000 were assigned to the most common Touchon time-only design.

(3) There seems to be a numbering gap between around 46,000 and 200,000.

(4) “Bosun’s Whistle” movements have high serial numbers.

(5) Unusual models only have high or low serial numbers.

These inferences may be incorrect, since they are based solely on watches I have collected. Including culls, these watches are as follows; except as noted, all movements are signed Touchon movements:

Unusual Movements
13,780 Grogan PL uncommon 21j/8adj. movement
13,816 Tiffany PL ultra thin 16j/6adj. movement (identical to one in Audemars Piguet 16,744B)
25,634 minute repeater
27,325 very rare Tiffany PL 19j/6adj. movement (26mm watch)
28,028 very rare 21j/6adj. movement

Uusal 17j or 19j Movements
40,631 19j/8adj. movement
40,794 19j/8adj. “extra” movement
42,966 19j/8adj. “extra” movement
43,814 Tiffany PL 19j/8adj. “extra” movement
43,819 Tiffany PL 19j/8adj. “extra” movement
44,169 19j/8adj. “extra” movement
44,344 Gubelin PL 19j/8adj. “extra” movement (unsigned, but 95% likely to be by Touchon
45,013 Tiffany PL 17j/adj. movement
45,595 19j/8adj. “extra” movement

Other Movements
226,394 17/6adj. “Bosun Whistle” movment
232,735 Bigelow Kennard PL 19j movement marked “adjusted” with 1908 ded. (unsigned, but 95% likely to be by Touchon)
254,988 Birks PL rattrapante with 1912 dedication (unsigned, but very likely by Touchon)
327,251 Tiffany PL 19j/8adj. “extra” “Bosun Whistle” movement

I invite all of you to send me similar information about your Touchons (ethanlipsig@paulhastings.com). If I get significant new information, I will revise and repost this message.

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