Top shipping/packing block-George Mitchell

Discussion in 'Wood Movement Clocks' started by dlb1052, Oct 9, 2019.

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    I answered a post in newest acquisitions, questioning what the dowels were for in the base of some wood works clocks. Sometimes they are still present in clocks with paw feet. I have a couple. Most know they were for shipping/packing the clocks in crates for transport. My response seemed to draw some interest, so I am posting the same photos in the wood movement forum section.
    When I first saw this clock for sale, I liked the carvings and was interested in the label because it was from George Mitchell only. Most of the George Mitchell labels I have seen are George Mitchell BY "others" such as Atkins and Downs. I obviously did not purchase it for it's original, but poor tablet. But, I didn't NEED another clock. When I looked at the back of the clock it became a must have. Now, who buys a clock for the back...right ? Well the reason is, because I had never seen a clock that retained a top mounted shipping/packing block which I assume protected the splat. I have seen a clock with the shadow of something but did not know what it was, until I found this clock. It probably was supposed to be removed and returned with the packing crate. So happy this one was missed. Hope you find this interesting. Diane

    IMG_20191009_111516846.jpg IMG_20191009_110808329.jpg IMG_20191009_110905350.jpg

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