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Tools for the Horologists!



Sam Kirk has built some of the greatest tools for the Horologist. These include a Dictionary, a Bibliography, and a Pictoral Tools Catalogue. They are open for all Horologists to submit their items to a Form entry that can be approved prior to display. An edited Wikipedia style programming that is really a boon for Public Education.

Bill Ward

NAWCC Member
Jan 8, 2003
I should hasten to add that the NAWCC, which pays for this Board, also provides a great on-line bibliographic service in the form of its Library catalog. Arguably the greatest horological library in the world, the catalog is available in two formats from this page:


The lending library catalog is available as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. This includes almost all recently printed books on horology, as well as many rarer items. What's more, members can check out all these items by mail for a small postage fee.
The whole collection (with the exception of the vertical file contents, the archives of private collections, the patent collection, and certain unpublished materials) are accessable through a card catalog search.


Bill: You are correct. It is one of the greatest resourses of the NAWCC.

I would like to bring to your attention the NAWCC Chapter 168 Torsion Times Index that Sam made available on line from a worddoc. Now you can still download the original DOC format, but you can read it a page at a time on your computer without downloading it. Quick, easy, and upgrades are easy to add.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the NAWCC members working together to provide Horological Resourses on the INTERNET? That is what is great about Wiki but Sam's Programming is designed to allow Editors to pervue the information before it is placed on the INTERNET. Fewer errors that way. The Search Engines like GOOGLE have completely indexed all those pages. Every page of the SAUNIER's Hand book, every tool on the Tool Picture Catalgue.

Only a handful of members have even tried to help. Any one of you could set down and pull out some books and study certain terms. Type them into a Form input along with the definitions. The Whole WORLD benefits along with the NAWCC.

One of the plusses is that the Members of NAWCC are getting to use Beta Versions of the Programs that are being developed. There are glitches and the more you use them the easier it will be to find the glitches to repair them. The Torsion Times Index was almost bug free, but there is still the need to add the ability to do Batch Uploads.

Jon Hanson

Golden Circle
Aug 24, 2000
Boston, Ma.

Add, FYI, I have hundreds of works in my library lacking in the nawcc library!

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